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  1. kurczak

    Skyrim modding advice

    I am once again playing Skyrim and I have an idea for a mod. Most of it I can do in the SSEEdit tool, but it would be pretty cool if I could a sort of crafting mechanism that doesn't utilize any of the default skills and crating stations. Instead it would function similarly (identically) to the...
  2. kurczak

    Don't cry for me, cry because of me - Victoria 2/ Argentina AAR

    Argentina - It's written in big, bold letters and aligned to center Ah, Argentina! Land of silver! To know you is to love you, let me rest my eyes on your shapely and bountiful lodes of the shiny metal! Oh, right, but what's in a name? Rose, smells, sweet etc. Who needs silver when you have...
  3. kurczak

    What if.... Revolutionary France/Napoleon edition

    The year is 1830. You can set the point of divergence anywhere after the execution of Louis XVI. Can you think of a plausible scenario where: 1. Napoleon remains in power at least in France proper and his rule is accepted as a permanent fait accompli by all major powers including Britain? 1.1...
  4. kurczak

    Immigration and other things to get banned over

    So, the recent EU migrant "crisis" got me in a couple of debates where it turned out nobody had any idea what should be done or if anything should be done at all. Including yours truly What's the Taleworld's take? In your ideal world, where you get to decide make all relevant national and...
  5. kurczak

    EU elections May 2014

    Sharing is caring. The test My results Quelle surprise. Since there are no ALDE candidates here, I'm stuck with the Christian Democrats. Yaaaaayy :?
  6. kurczak

    Bundestag elections 2013

    Interesting results so far. Any insight from German forums members?
  7. kurczak

    Post-Roman history of Italy literature

    Any tips? No wiki links etc, please :) I mean regular literature on a let's say "PhD for dummies" level. Not as academic as in "500 ages dedicated to a history of a random Florentine wine cellar" but not as dumbed down as in "from Odoacer to Mussolini in three evenings tops". Not as much the...
  8. kurczak

    Politics, young people, image and good looks

    As most of you probably don't know and don't care there are general elections in my country this weekend. I was discussing political prefrences of people who are about to vote for the first, second or third time in their lives with my friends. There was a general consensus that this group tends...
  9. kurczak

    The EU Presidency

    As you may or may not know, the Czech republic is currently presiding the Council of the EU and our parliament voted no confidence to our government. Of course, the government and the media began to whine that it ruins our reputation etc. I had an argument about this interpretation with my...
  10. kurczak

    Swords, axes, spears - (dis)advantages

    So, I had some, though not excessive, fun with the search button and didn't find anything that would fully satisfy my curiosity. Say I am a hypothetical warlike man in any era prior to the gunpowder and I visit a wise man asking him what weapon should I choose if I want to be an infantryman and...
  11. kurczak

    Relationships between Lords

    Is there a way to find out Lords being fond or not being fond of each other before I start a rebellion and they tell me that they refuse to join the rebellion because of Lord XY, who in their opinion is a coward/thief/redneck/whatever, and has already joined the rebellion? Or if there is no way...
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