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  1. HoJu

    Diplomacy code being used in Blood & Gold: Caribbean

    While working on the files to translate Blood & Gold: Caribbean, I've noticed quite a few lines of code belonging to the Diplomacy Mod, particularly in the game_menus.txt file. Did Snwbird Games have permission form the mod creators to use this code or did they nick it without permission? I...
  2. HoJu

    L'Aigle traducido al español (actualizado a 1.4)

    Finalmente, aquí está la traducción al español del mod napoleónico por excelencia para Warband, creado por Docm30 L'AIGLE Traductor: HoJu Versión: Versión 1.4 y 1.41 de L'Aigle. Es posible que en su mayor parte funcione también con las versiones anteriores. Contenido: La traducción debería...
  3. HoJu

    L'Aigle Spanish translation (Updated to 1.41!)

    Finally, after quite a few months in the works, I release to the world a Spanish translation for L'Aigle. Current version is made for version 1.41 but it probably will mostly work with earlier versions, INSTALLATION First of all, I recommend you make a backup of menus.txt which you'll find in...
  4. HoJu


    http://www.apotheongame.com/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/208750/ This is a nice "metroidvania" sidescrolling action-adventure based on Greek mythology. The atmosphere achieved with the beautiful art-style based on ancient Greek pottery and the music is captivating. Even the effect when...
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