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  1. Lilly112

    Siege Offence Useless

    The enemy gets to build defences while you are setting up, so they have one or two engines to pot shot all your **** and make it impossible to get any out. Plus, the towers and rams move so slowly that by the time they get to the walls, the fight is over.
  2. Lilly112


    This **** is pretty consistent. Why even bother with a vote if the Ruler just gets them all anyway?
  3. Lilly112


    Having maxed out charm and high traits relevant to the person you are talking to still only gives like 40% chance to succeed. And one fail out of 3-4 conversations kills the whole thing, and a fail is a fail forever it seems. It's making getting married and talking to mercenaries nearly impossible.
  4. Lilly112

    Need More Info Crash while loading save

    So I am running 1.0.9 and everything is fine. Got some mods, new game goes well, everything is hunky dory. I play for a few hours, then I save it. Come the next time, I try to load it, and it crashes immediately. I am thinking, if it was any of the mods, wouldn't the game crash on first go...
  5. Lilly112

    Unresolved Oops

  6. Lilly112

    Is this dead?

    A question that must be asked every few years to keep a modder on their toes.
  7. Lilly112

    Small, minor gripe-that-isn't-really-a-bug

    The 'Command from the thick of it' button on ship combat is exactly where Surrender is on the next pannel. So, if for whatever reason you do a double-click on that, mouse click, finger twitch, whathaveya, then you automatically lose your ship. As the title says, it's not a huge problem, but it...
  8. Lilly112

    Text Issue

    So, hi. Playing this mod, and I think it is brilliant, unique, wonderful and practically every other word of praise in this and every other language created (Yes, even ancient Sumerian). But, there is a small problem with the white text on white background making it impossible to read. I know it...
  9. Lilly112

    CD-Key bug

    I recently redownloaded Mount and Blade and entered my CD-Key. It then said 'CD-Key accepted' and immediately after asks for my CD-key. I have entered the key about tweleve times and it says it is accepted each time, then kicks me back to the trial screen.
  10. Lilly112

    Secret Man, Secret ammo.

    So, just fighting some sea-raiders when I saw some arrows laying on the ground titled 'Armour-Piercing arrows' and I knew none of my companions had them - because if they did then I'd have a set as well - so that left only the Secret Man (who has girly eyes). One more secret that is no longer...
  11. Lilly112

    Story thread (Moved from Screenshots)

    So, decided to make a new thread for the story, since the Screenshots where kinda being dried up and threw to the side. So, I shall add a catchup in the first post, and then the posts shall be added by me and Smurf. If anyone else has a cool idea and wants to join, you are welcome to IM me or...
  12. Lilly112

    Sword of Dispair

    Feels as if the Boar Clan was mentioning this for a reason, so is it obtainable?
  13. Lilly112

    Fireball was Invented for Seiges

    Never had much luck with the Fireball spell in open battles. Sometimes I can get a few kills with it, but usually I prefer my Missile Storm, or White Bolt. But, having just started a war with the Sarraid, I besieged one of their castles, and saw it's might. The opening ramp was clean in seconds...
  14. Lilly112

    Quire about the Butcher's Blade model.

    So, playing the Featured mod Perisno, and I come across a very familiar item, Butcher's Blade. It is even called the same, so I thought, 'is that open source, or did they nick it from Phantasy?'. And so I thought I'd ask.
  15. Lilly112

    Re: Darkness crash

    So, I have done the darkness side, taken over Zendar and killed Rolf, but then it crashed on me. Which, is fair enough. But every time I go to load that save back up, it crashes before launching. My light save is fine, loads up nicely, but my darkness doesn't let me back in, which really sucks D:
  16. Lilly112

    Re:Nirdamese Longbowmen

    So, Im part of the Grand Duchy because they have the awesome Longbowmen as their troop tree, but I can't seem to find any in the towns. Are they special spawns from villages?
  17. Lilly112

    Show-off thread.

    So you have just finished an epic battle and thought 'dam, I need to share that with people' and that is what this thread if for. To show off your screen shot of the best battles you have done. Only rule is, No Alpehs. They are so overpowered that they make even the most epic of battles forgone...
  18. Lilly112

    Plague of the Red Death.

    Now this item set is possibly 'the' most OP set in the game. However it took me nearly three months of straight up grave-robbing to get it, so I have a suggestion. Make it easier to get, the chance of finding it a lot higher, but make the getting the actual items harder, like you have to fight...
  19. Lilly112

    Re: Second Gem

    For everyone who can't get it around Emer, camp around Shapeshte, it worked for me.
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