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  1. Plasquar

    Want to create Let's Plays? You might wanna...

    ... remove the copyrighted music from Perisno then? Perisno does use some music from talented groups like Two Steps From Hell. If you create videos and post them on Youtube you won't be able to monetize some (if not all) of those videos. This is why I went through the whole music and checked...
  2. Plasquar

    [April Fools 2019] Lol who made this #2

    Off topic but what the hell happened (again) ...
  3. Plasquar

    Let's Play - Prophesy of Pendor 3.9.3 - this time in English from the beginning!

    With the release of the final PoP version 3.9.3 I decided to do another playthrough with some restrictions again to make it even harder. I'm neither a PoP expert nor do I play it with maximum profit in mind. That being sad, maybe I'll spent some gems for Noldor troops which is considered a waste...
  4. Plasquar

    Ideas how to make Pendor harder

    I'm curious if there are any methods you use in order to make Pendor (or any other Warband mod) harder. Is there anything you do other than: - playing on max. difficulty settings - locking yourself to certain troops (infantry, females etc.) With the new PoP version incoming I'm thinking about...
  5. Plasquar

    Showing people's post count

    Sorry if I missed it in the settings somewhere but can you see how many post people have (without going to their profile)? Just saw that in the PMs and I'm wondering if that's possible for the regular forum as well.
  6. Plasquar

    Let's Play: Perisno v0.9 - Another hard journey awaits

    (Updated March 2019) And now that my favorite Warband mod finally got an update, it is time to celebrate that with a new playthrough. I already finished Perisno 0.8 once on Youtube (but in German) and this time we'll do it in English. And we'll conquer Perisno for Geldar while we're at it...
  7. Plasquar

    Disappearing chat

    In very big battles (Viking Conquest) there are over 700 people on the battlefield. At some point the chat can't keep up anymore. Sometimes I wait for more than 5 minutes after a fight and the chat is still gone. Do you have to wait even longer or is it possible that the chat actually "died"...
  8. Plasquar

    Let's Test - The Bones of Ragnvald (Early Access)

    (Logo made by BoR devs) cwr was kind enough to send me an early version of the upcoming Warband mod "The Bones of Ragnvald" for testing. This is the first video of BoR. If you're interested, watch it here: The mod may get released soon. You can talk about the game here...
  9. Plasquar

    Which M&B mods got ported to Warband?

    Is there a list somewhere which M&B mods made it to Warband? I usually browse the Warband section but I'm curious if any mods still in the M&B section actually got ported to Warband. One example would be TLD. I know there exists a non Warband version (and this is probably the reason why the...
  10. Plasquar

    Why was my thread deleted?

    I posted a thread in the Bannerlord discussion a week ago. It was about being able to hide the players helmet. It got deleted I guess since I can't find it anymore. If it violated the forum rules the deletion is fine but I would like to know the reason.
  11. Plasquar

    Please allow us to hide helmets :(

    Please do so.
  12. Plasquar

    Let's Play - Blood & Gold: Caribbean! v2.080

    While browsing the Taleworlds forum I stumbled upon this game and after looking at it for some time I decided to get it and to play it. I love the Caribbean and I love Warband. Perfect match. So here's my Let's Play of it: (Link to the playlist) Many people claim this is a "paid mod". Can't...
  13. Plasquar

    Personal messages question

    All my personal messages are shown as a conversation. Is it possible to include what I wrote as well? Currently the conversation only shows what the other person wrote.
  14. Plasquar

    Let's Play - Nova Aetas v5.0 (Realistic saving/Hardest settings)

    With the recent completion of my Prophesy of Pendor LP I decided to start another mod. After taking a look at the screenshots and the features of Nova Aetas the decision was quite easy. You can join me here: (Link to the playlist) A few hours into the game I can already tell this will be...
  15. Plasquar

    Let's Play - The Last Days v3.5 (Gondor/Realistic saving/Hardest settings)

    (Updated March 2019) For some reason I've only discovered that mod a few weeks ago. A few hours into the game and I realized it's amazing. After my Let's Play of Prophesy of Pendor v3.9 I decided to play TLD now as well. Here is what I think of TLD (honesty = best). You can join me here...
  16. Plasquar

    More smilies

    Would it be possible to add more smilies? One I need from time to time is this handsome guy right here: If it's possible I'd collect a few which are used quite a lot in other forums.
  17. Plasquar

    Warband mods with firearms?

    Is there a list of all Warband modifications which feature firearms of any sort? I found L'Aigle and Warsword Conquest so far. Are there any other mods? Mods with a playable (and without gamebreaking bugs) release version prefered.
  18. Plasquar


    Just look around in the forum. Isn't that the best April Fools' Day ever?
  19. Plasquar

    Let's Play - Prophesy of Pendor 3.9 - Only ladies allowed! - Now in English!

    Those shieldmaidens swore an oath to never be seen as objects and used to the great benefit of others again - Valkyries With the release of PoP 3.9 I decided to do a Play-through with only female troops in my army (well, except for a few companions  :|). I'm neither a PoP expert nor do I play...
  20. Plasquar

    Is it possible to edit the appearance of NPCs?

    A while ago I browsed through the forum and found a female face I instantly fell in love with: Is it possible to edit NPCs to have that face? I remember that I saw a value for facecodes in Morgh's editor so I thought maybe its possible to edit that face into Perisno with the editor.
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