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  1. Tuco

    Bannerlord Click Simulator Is What I Dedicate 80% of My Playtime To

    I use the macro feature of my Logitech G600 to spam click a lot of stuff. Hardwood->Coal and selling equipment to towns especially.
  2. Tuco

    Impossible Lord Recruiting

    The Lords in my game most certainly don't remember previous efforts. Then again, I can't claim I remember the amount of succesful circles with a Lord two weeks of in-game time ago. But no, the Lords I encountered this mechanic with I was definitely convincing for the first time.

    The higher my relationship with them was, the more circles were added in. While correlation does not equal causation, I've yet to identify another variable that could influence this lower threshold.
    just tested it, they definitely remember previous efforts.
  3. Tuco

    Impossible Lord Recruiting

    Increasing your relationship with the Lord also helps a great deal as it lowers the persuasion threshold: you get filled in circles off the bat, lowering the number of succesful phrases. At one point I tried persuading a Lord I had 50 relationship with and I already had 3/4 circles before the conversation.
    Are you sure that's true? I thought that lords remembered previous efforts you made, so if you get to two circles and fail, in a few weeks when you try again they are at 2 circles again.
  4. Tuco

    Impossible Lord Recruiting

    Level up your charm. Once you do, it's a lot easier and cheaper. Also if you get one ineffective outcome, stop the conversation as if you keep going, you will never be able to recruit them again in the future.
    Wait what? Is that true??
  5. Tuco

    Why not add penalty to TAB - retreat tactics

    I'm sure it'll be added. It was a key feature in Warband.
  6. Tuco

    Poll Warband vs Bannerlord

    Bannerlord and it's not even close.
  7. Tuco

    Do u like random companion generation?

    It's OK, but I'm hoping it just serves as a backboard for hand-crafted companions that will be added later.
  8. Tuco

    Which skills should I level at the beginning?

    Depends on what you want to do of course. I think getting a hold of a bow and a horse should be the #1 thing for just about any general approach, so investing focus/attribute points in those stats is important.
  9. Tuco

    Im curious as to when it started becoming an industry standard to let unpaid people(modders) fixing their games for you?

    1. It's not an industry standard. - No it isn't, but it's a trend.
    2. But I wish it was. - Are you serious? That's borderline slave work if you look into it at certain perspectives.
    3. As far as a timeline for when developers started integrating modability into their games as a central feature, that stretches faaaaar back into the 80s. - That doesn't have anything to do with the topic, but okay
  10. Tuco

    Become King of an existing faction?

    Would be interesting, but I think for now making a new faction and taking over the existing one is the closest you'll get. The problem is the diplomacy system in Bannerlord is almost entirely unimplemented.
  11. Tuco

    Im curious as to when it started becoming an industry standard to let unpaid people(modders) fixing their games for you?

    It's not an industry standard.

    But I wish it was.

    As far as a timeline for when developers started integrating modability into their games as a central feature, that stretches faaaaar back into the 80s.
  12. Tuco

    A development road map would make a big difference in the MBII:BL community

    I don't really care either way
    Same. Devs should be focused on developing, not generating blogs for needy customers.
  13. Tuco

    Vland troops are extremely good.

    Part of this is because crossbows just seem to be straight up worse than bows overall right now.
    Crossbows serve their purpose of being accurate, low rate of fire ranged weapons. The reason they're generally worse is because most fights are blob vs blob, and accuracy matters less than rate of fire.
  14. Tuco

    Vland troops are extremely good.

    One problem I have with today's Bannerlord is that most of the troops in the different factions are fairly similar. There are some differences in that Khuzait has more horse archers, Vlandia has more crossbowmen/lancers, Sturgia has more footmen+shields etc. This effect is exacerbated by the fact that 50%+ of armies are typically of tier1/2 units that are almost identical to each other. As a player you can ruck up 100+ Fian Champions and have a very different army composition than if you had 100+ Vanguard Faris, but the Aserai and Battania armies are still pretty similar.

    In my opinion the game would be more interesting if they got rid of a lot of the generic units.

  15. Tuco

    In Progress [Beta1.3.0]Battle Performece become worse after update to 1.3.0

    Getting random spikes in stutter. Happens mostly in large battles. Persists until i end the battle
  16. Tuco

    I think Devs confused Hardwood for Methamphetamines

    Hardwood is easy to get. Just hit up these villages and their nearby towns.

  17. Tuco

    Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    I am surprised a hotfix has been put out but it doesn't touch what is making the game unplayable.

    Let me rephrase it. I wasn't expecting anything to come out on a saturday. But since they did work on a hotfix, I wonder why their priority is on balancing stuff when there's a huge bug like that ruining completely the whole experience. I am perplexed.
    Probably because it was easy where as the FPS fix might be more involved. Or different people are working on it. On the outside we really have no idea given the pace of patching we've every reason to give TW the benefit of the doubt.
  18. Tuco

    Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Matchmaker now prioritises pairing parties of 6 players with other parties of 6 players. If a party of 6 people cannot be placed in a match for 3 minutes, they are paired with other parties.
  19. Tuco

    southern empire has taken over the entire world

    You've lost the game. Restart. If you'd like, use the character import mod to import your character and companions' stats.

    If you think the game is currently unfair, that's because it is! It'll get more fair in the next few months, probably.
  20. Tuco

    [Dev responds] No patch for 2 days


    not quite there, Garios is rucking up with an army and going to start **** while composed of at least 70% T1/T2 recruits. This is in 1.3.0 and I've defeated him since patching, so he's got a clean slate. Also his last fief in his empire is being sieged and he's running around looking for a village to pillage.
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