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  1. Deer

    Unresolved Enemy caught inside gatehouse in siege

    Hi. Twice I have encountered an enemy soldier (defender) , probably falling through the murderhole, stuck between the two gates. My allies cannot track him so it's either bash down the gate or snipe him through said murderhole. If the player is downed this could possibly halt the victory...
  2. Deer

    Becoming a merchant prince(ss)

    Ideas for expanding the trade/business aspect of the game. I would like to see some renown or skill/feat gain from being a successful trader and owner of workshops. Even if I'm not a renowned general and warrior, being a merchant prince(ss) should make one quite influential. Maybe you could...
  3. Deer

    Got a bit over eager with the horsetrade

    Not a complaint or bug. Just my little story from my first attempt as a savvy merchant. So, I had dabbled a bit. Figured out that midland palfreys could sell for a good prise if I got them for around 150. I then read that desert horses were fetching a much bigger profit. So I went south and...
  4. Deer

    Fired companion sticks around

    A little issue. When I fired a companion to make space for a healer, he is still to be found in the inventory menu (and possibly also the party screen). I haven't seen if he also turns up on the field yet. But he does not appear in the clan list.
  5. Deer

    Summer = war time. WINTER = socializing

    Just a little suggestion regarding lords running around fighting all the time. You could introduce seasonal behavior so war is mostly waged in the summer (perhaps supported by moral penalties and increase the food consumption in the winter to emulate attrition - I don't think loosing troops to...
  6. Deer

    Two suggestions (okay, wishes)

    Hey, first off, i want to congratulate with the very impressive mod. somehow a western theme works very well with the M&B engine, and you guys/gals really got it right. Two things though: 1) Please reconsider/rebalance your money system. Its a war to keep a group of just 20 mercs going. One...
  7. Deer

    Kaverra >< Sir. Rayne

    Hey, I have tried to keep them both in several games now, but thouse two just can't stand each other. They both have a friend, Sir Roland and Ansen, but for some reason they still end up unhappy... Aren't this supposed to be balanced when they have one good friend and one "enemy"? I tend to...
  8. Deer

    Prices on rare stuff

    Hey everybody, Got my hands on some Tattered Demonskin when i was beating up a band of heretics. I can't really use it, because it requiers str. 30, but it sure looks nice. The problem is that it only is worth 82 denars in selling price. I mean, sure... nobody can use it, but isn't it quite...
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