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  1. Tuco

    [Suggestion] Lords Shouldn't Form Armies of Recruits

    I'm really enjoying the game but am putting it down because I'm a bit tired of fighting the same group of lords who form an army of mostly recruits and get slaughtered in about the same way. The below video is a typical fight of my 155 elite soldiers vs over a thousand riff-raff. These troops...
  2. Tuco

    Video of a 155 v 1117 Battle

    I've been enjoying watching other people's videos of them fighting so I figured I'd post my own before putting the game down for a while. It's not super impressive or anything, just me doing my thing. I've put some 100 hours into it and really look forward to continuing when it's fleshed out a...
  3. Tuco

    BL Coding Anyone working on implementing the perks?

    TaleWorlds.CampaignSytstem.DefaultPerks appears to be what generates these perks, but as far as I can tell they don't do anything and aren't tied to any other systems in the game. I tested a few of them (BowMarksman, for example, I changed the 0.1f AddFactor to 30f...) and didn't notice a...
  4. Tuco

    Companions and Shields

    I'm looking to properly equip my companions with shields. My goals are the following: 1. On horseback my companions wield a huscarl shield with a board shield on their back. 2. On foot my companions wield a board shield with a second board shield on their back. 3. When shield #1 breaks the...
  5. Tuco

    Single Unit Morale Problem

    So I stationed my 60 knights in a castle and went a' raping with my new huscarls. A few castles later I go back to get my knights and they are all at terrible morale. Fine, I'll just go win a few battles with them. Still terrible morale. And if any time passes they abandon me. Here's a screencap...
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