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  1. loppolh

    No servers appearing

    Basically, In NW I have the incorrect cd key error (Tried everything) and in other modules I get no servers coming up. My game is up to date and all. Help.
  2. loppolh

    Recruitment tips.

    Never mind, can the mods delete this.
  3. loppolh

    Mount and Blade Collection pack problem

    Recently I have bought the collection pack on disc. I put the disc in and it just gives me the warband setup. How to fix? [Note I only bought it so I could have the first Mount And Blade.]
  4. loppolh

    Looking to merge..

    I'm looking to merge with a EU regiment, post your offers here :).
  5. loppolh

    Stefiboy death threats.

    Stefiboy said he was going to come to my house to shoot me. He pulls out this : "Military immunity." Im like, you cant murder people just because you are in cadets. And he goes : "Military Immunity." Your thoughts?
  6. loppolh

    Your favorite poems

    Mine is Tavalera. What is your favorite poem?
  7. loppolh

    Why do the big regiments steal our recruits?

    Why do the big regiments steal our recruits?
  8. loppolh

    Tips for recruiting

    Recently I have made a Rifle regiment (13th rifles) I have only one person (Major Werton) and we need some tips on recruiting.
  9. loppolh

    13th Rifles, The stereotypical lads [EU/NA & RECRUITING]

    13Th Rifles of South Wales History The regiment was part of the "experimental legion." During the war in India, they saw first action in Assaye.It was very successful. They went to America for a year or two until they were redeployed in Spain.They fought in the Battle of Talavera. They were...
  10. loppolh

    Favorite Napoleonic music

    I was wondering what are your favorite songs of the Napoleonic era. Mine is Dan les Hussards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnKSAEdITzs&feature=fvwrel
  11. loppolh

    Searching for a Welsh Regiment

    Some Welsh regiment with Welsh People in.
  12. loppolh

    Any people who play Nationstates?

    Any one who does play Nation states here.
  13. loppolh

    The music titled Mm_intro

    Can anyone upload that music to you-tube?
  14. loppolh

    My NW crashes and takes the computer with it.

    I can play about 30-60 mins but then my computer crashes. Any idea whats wrong?
  15. loppolh

    Error upon opening game.

    After the game loads and the menu screen is about to open the game crashes and gives me this error thing: "Mesh names should have at least 2 characters:rename "",in file "Modules/Napoleonic Wars/Resource/mm_french_uniforms.brf" How do I fix this?
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