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  1. Deer

    Companions look different every playthrough and i dont like it :(

    Companions are already there in the game files. I guess they'll just enable them in the future. I'm sure we won't have to wait long since they already exist.
    Thats good to know. Hope you are right.
  2. Deer

    Seasonal Economic Changes

    The problem is other things changes too fast compared to agriculture production, a village can be raided dozens of times in half a season along with territorial changes, if production cycle is seasonal then there will be serious balancing problems, i.e. players could buy a lot of grains and raid all grain producing villages and besiege the city as a mercenary during winter, and leave the kingdom after besieging it like 30 days, the price in the city would be very high at that time and you will suddenly be super rich.
    Sounds like a good business plan to me.
  3. Deer

    Companions look different every playthrough and i dont like it :(

    I also remember reading something about voice acting for companions hope thats true.
    Agreed. Makes sense though. The grand mechanics needs to be finished before working on something so relatively stand-alone as fleshing out companions. For a roleplaying guy like me, I miss them though
  4. Deer

    Companions look different every playthrough and i dont like it :(

    I'm pretty sure the companions are generic and generated for the playthrough at this point. Read something about the devs wanting to add written companions with unique stories and personalities at a later point
  5. Deer

    Becoming a merchant prince(ss)

    Both renown and influence can be earned through the trade perks already. Renown through either caravans or workshops. Influence from both caravans and workshops.
    I was not aware. Good to know. Maybe I'll look into it now that I chose horribly wrong when I pledged myself to the Vladians shortly before the got steamrolled by all 3 neighbors at the same time. I'm seriously considering just abandoning the cause at find a new king after the inevitable collapse.
  6. Deer

    How to fight huge battles without getting all my men killed?

    Beware, a lot of people are playing with reduced damage and com to the forum acting like they're very good in the game.
    Nah, got it all on realistic. But spend most of my MnB time playing Prophecy of Pendor. That mod is like vanilla on steroids, so you have to consider tactics. Simply steamrolling with hvy cav is not an option.
  7. Deer

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    people can want more than one thing. some peopel may want either 1 less empire faction or failing that different imperial faction troop trees, though i see your point
    Ok, but as statistics go, its still not good, as you can mud up the results. You need more seperate questions.
  8. Deer

    Recruiting Troops

    There was no such thing as private property in the middle ages. The ruler had absolute control over the whole country. Selling any kind of goods to the Lord was considered honorable action. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    "But I think they should join the defending team if the city get under siege again."
    In that case, the default value must exist. It might be interesting but I prefer the option I stated already.

    The only valid reason to reject my proposal might be game-breaking itself. But I highly doubt that would be the issue.
    I think you are thinking of Serfs. But IIRC cities often had a different status, with burgers who had certain rights and the city's right to have markets and such. Thus recruiting from a city would be recruiting volunteers, and getting troops from from your own fief would be conscription. BUT, it would mean you could only recruit from your own fief or cities, unless you made an enemy of every lord who owned a village you recruited from, as well as making your men serfs who illegally ran away.
    So I think the current volunteer system based on relation makes fine sense.
  9. Deer

    How to fight huge battles without getting all my men killed?

    Have you gotten a good healer on your team? They (should?) increase the survival rate of your men. Haven't actually tested it VS not having a healer, but most of my men survive with miss Willowbark in the party.

    Other than that, don't let your men charge an enemy in formation. The archers will decimate you and when your men arrive their loose charge gets hacked into pieces by the enemy holding a more tight line.
    Set up your own infantry and archers, at best on a hill, and try to bait the enemy with horse archers and cavalry. If you shoot enough at them, or get into a skirmish with their cav, they usually charge.
  10. Deer

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    So you are the only one i guess. Becouse i heard so many players who cant play hiscorical Total War any more, becouse fighting against the same units is just a boring.
    Thats a rather far conclusion to jump to, and an incorrect one. A lot of people are saying they are fine with them being the same in this thread. Please note I accidentally pressed post too early, so there is more to my input now
  11. Deer

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    a simple yes and no is too broad. Some people only want a small change like an extra unit in each empire faction. Some people may want drastic changes to the empire. others may incline towards replacing one empire faction (like myself) How should the person who wants only 1 extra unit in each empire faction vote? if he says yes he wants a rework he could be voting for a big change when really only a minor change is what he wanted. so he should vote no? but he does want to see a small change.

    Allowing people to vote on various degrees of yes and no lets us see how much of a change if any people think is neccessary
    You misunderstood me. You should just only let them answer once. And not add ekstra sub questions.
  12. Deer

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    And this is booooring.
    I disagree :smile:
    For one thing, you have to counter strengths and weaknesses that are the same as your own. You can't rely on your own strong infantry to do the hard work alone, as the enemy is just as strong. I think that's an interesting problem.
  13. Deer

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    I was always dreaming that Western Empire would be based on Western Roman Empire
    Depending on the period, you might end up with a rather germanized army.
  14. Deer

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    The worst thing about empire is that you are fighting with your own troops. And it is just boring.
    Thats civil war for you. There is an Asterix comic dealing with that problem :wink:
  15. Deer

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    ALSO: you can chose more than one option in the POLL if you chose to as long as the two or three options dont obviously contradict. (incase you didnt see my edit of my Original post) also you can change your vote if you want to do this and didnt the first time.
    If you want your statistics to be able to tell you anything, you should keep it one answer only. Let's assume no one is answering yes and no, but maybe more yes options at the same time. You end up with data where you potentially triple the yes answers (as a sum of all three) if everybody who said yes, check off all three answers. It's not a realistic worst case scenario, but it illustrates how multiple options in this case can bloat the numbers.
  16. Deer

    Battle strats

    If you are on a horse yourself i can recommend pressing 3, F1, F2, 4, F1, F2.
    This will make both cavalry types follow you and you can use it to flank and harass the enemy advance, as well as engage enemy cavalry.

    The good thing about the follow command is, that it allows you to gain some distance after your charge and regroup before next charge.
  17. Deer

    I'll do myself a favor and shelve the game until it goes out of EA

    Ah, that's one problem. There's nothing much around that interests me game wise so I'm kinda stuck myself with a game I just decided not to play for a while...
    If you have Warband get Prophecy of Pendor. It's a very big and good mod, with a ton of new features and a strong story. Should keep you occupied :wink:
  18. Deer

    Naval Battles?

    I'm guessing it's on the to do list. But I figure it's low priority as it doesn't add much gameplaywise compared to fleshing out fief control, marriage and npc interactions, as well as bughunt and so on
  19. Deer

    Unresolved Enemy caught inside gatehouse in siege

    Hi. Twice I have encountered an enemy soldier (defender) , probably falling through the murderhole, stuck between the two gates. My allies cannot track him so it's either bash down the gate or snipe him through said murderhole. If the player is downed this could possibly halt the victory...
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