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  1. loppolh

    Menavlion Spears need a huge nerf!!! It was 6 months already.

    I think they need slow the swing attacks. Most people I've fought against who've used the menavlion will swing and keep swinging using the broken movement speed to spin around and get acceleration and more damage to the swing attacks. I think as a community we need to focus our attention and campaign into the changing of FUNDAMENTAL aspects of the game we do not like. For example perhaps the weapons won't need nerfing if they change movement speed and modifiers associated with it. Just conjecture but that's my perspective. (The menavlion is the new war spear imo).
  2. loppolh

    Everything wrong with throwing weapons in 60 seconds

    Throwing an axe is like trying to throw an A4 piece of paper.
  3. loppolh

    Multiplayer is dying a slow death

    I guess in general it is a new game with new systems that we all have to get used to until we can all form a general consensus on how we feel as a community right now, because that the minute this community is split down the middle like a Cold War Berlin.
  4. loppolh

    Multiplayer is dying a slow death

    I don't think Warband's movement speed is slow .In Warband, I could fight like on a step when I was fighting. But now they fight while running. Compare this with reality, running during fighting? No way.
    I agree, most fights in Warband would take place face to face within the same general area with some amount of footwork or movement. But this movement is minute compared to what I have experienced in Bannerlord.
  5. loppolh

    Multiplayer is dying a slow death

    What? I spent >3k in warband MP and what you are saying is just... You sound like a New_Player. The characters in Warband's MP were very slow and the game couldn't be as dynamic as it gets in BL. And there will always be cowards running away from melee, if you limit them - you will limit all the players. And a solution to all those guys attacking 5v1 is to enable teamkill, that would make it 2v1 very quickly with all those New_Players🤡. Do not lower the athletics of MP's classes, at least not as much as in warband MP. Also I miss the equipment selection in MP, that was replaced by the class selection with 2 equipment options - the Devs could do a hybrid system, like in Full Invasion - choose class and equipment.
    I don't think your playtime on Warband disproves his argument. I can agree with some aspects of his argument, more often or not I find that players can rotate around another player while swinging, making it very hard to face them, let alone block their constant swings, maybe a slight decrease in sideways speed would help this issue.
  6. loppolh

    48th Yeomanry (recruiting)

    ca i join thanx
  7. loppolh

    [WB] [M] Roma Oritur - Persistent Mod - Downloads [WIP] [Beta v1.01]

    I had so much fun in that shipbattle, cant wait for the mod to be actually be released so we can, if you pardon the pun, (ship) rekt more people.

    :smile: Cant wait.
  8. loppolh

    [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    Der Einzige said:
    loppolh said:
    No one saw my post?

    It's been delayed
    People saw your post but you should give some reason why you're correct.

    Will told me after Will told him.
  9. loppolh

    [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    No one saw my post?

    It's been delayed
  10. loppolh

    [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    I heard that it's been delayed to about 12ish :sad:
  11. loppolh

    [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    Will there be a chance of a sniper?
  12. loppolh

    Any ancestors who served in the Napoleonic wars?

    Honestly, I've tried ancestry no luck. Not sure how to use it.
    Any help please?
  13. loppolh

    Russo Japanese War Mod

    Ye, I could write nad stuff like that for you.
  14. loppolh

    Custom Signatures (always accepting)

    Type of Background: Cavalry charge
    Do you want your name on it? (Y/N): No.
    Do you want something regiment related on it?: Yes, 11th Light Dragoons.
    Any Specific Picture on it?: No.
    Any other requests: Please.
  15. loppolh

    No servers appearing

    Basically, In NW I have the incorrect cd key error (Tried everything) and in other modules I get no servers coming up. My game is up to date and all. Help.
  16. loppolh

    Common problems and Solutions! (READ BEFORE POSTING!)

    I got the "Invalid cd key" error. Even after I have restarted steam. Help?
  17. loppolh

    LION Servers

    Is it charged per month?
  18. loppolh

    Have A Ts and Looking to Help small to Medium regs

    I am a major of the 11th Light Dragoons, we have 4 members and we are growing. We would like to have a spot in your team speak because we need one and it would make us look cool.
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