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  1. Need More Info Game crashes while in Village menu

    So I have had this problem since the day the game came out. I decided to let the game be for a few weeks and see if some patch would fix it. It hasn't been fixed. My problem is that the game crashes at random points when im in a village menu and try to select one of the option, wether its to...
  2. #nobattlenobks

    If TaleWorlds never supported that mode.
    And the community build it and maintained it.
    Why not do it again?
    We will get better and more powerfull modding tools then warband has. Are people really upset that they have to wait s bit before some modder has made this mode avaiable again?

    I don’t play multiplayer and never touched the Battle mode. So I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

    But I do know if TaleWorlds supported that mode and made their own variant, people would still be upset because in some detail or balancing it is different from the old one and therefor TaleWorlds ruined everything...
    I can see why TaleWorlds wouldn’t get involved.
  3. [Serious] Here is why Bannerlord is not going to be released in the near future.

    DeusPuppy said:
    The german Journalist from the Gaming Press " Gamestar " was in Ankara and played M&B Bannerlord (This lucky man :shock:) and already the Journalist was saying, in the current state of the game should 2018 have highst chance that the game will be release (because there was a exception that the release date could be 2017 at this moment).


    Sorry for my grammatical mistakes.  :oops:

    Best Regards


    From how the journalist tells us, he got the chance to play 3 big parts of the game. Battles, overworld map and walking through Town/cities. Saying that it was a playable version makes it sound like they game him control of the game, probably still directing him towards certain parts and avoiding other parts of the game.

    All in all the journalist saw as much as we have in the past few years. Battle, overworld and city scenes. Probably updated since we last saw then. At the very least we know they have the overworld map working and in a presentable state, since they revamped it.

    Still I wont expect the game this year.
  4. No Appearance at PC Gamer 2018

    On track can mean alot of things. The game might be on track to released in 2019.

    At least it is positive news that they aren't experiencing any major issues at the moment.
  5. About TW communication on release date

    Dest45 said:
    Eh. Its not really typical. They are already pushing on the Side of a long development. Bannerlord is pushing the boundaries of a videogame, people have high expectations for it and they are a new and a less experienced company. We know the development has not always been easy for them. Given all this I would say they are on track.

    The Witcher 2 took 5 years, The Witcher 3 took 3 years. Draw your own conclusions from that and keep in mind this is TaleWorld’s first game as a Company, before it was a small indie team.

    The witcher 3 took 3 years to make when CDPR also had alot more Manpower than TaleWorlds has.
  6. About TW communication on release date

    I hear people complain about bannerlord being in development for a lot of years.

    Isn’t it normal for a game to be in development for 5-6 years? I mean, I know that The Witcher 2 spend about 5 years in development if i recall correctly. And that game got a new engine aswell.
    And bannerlord has a lot of systems working in the background so 6 years isn’t that abnormal, its long, true. But my guess its ‘normal’. Also considering they had to redo almost everything when redeveloping the engine mid development. I think we are lucky its just 6 years.
  7. Say goodbye to Mount & Blade: Warband + poll what kind of publication you have

    These days it probably will be a digital release (steam) but a disk would be nice.

    I surprised to so someone still hopefull for a “Soon” release date
  8. Hostile City Proximity

    The devs mentioned chokepoints, so maybe there is a new feature in place to actually make chokepoints viable.
  9. About weapons on the back...

    The Japanese examples you posted, the Y example shows the sword is tied to the back with some cloth that can move so yes that could have been possible because that way you can also move the scabbard. The other example might just be a depiction of a weapon carried on the hip, so a ‘normal’ position.
    Weapons on your back, long weapons, are very hard to draw quickly. Shorter weapons can be drawn quite fast because of the reach of your arm. Now if you can move the scabbard down the drawing of a sword can be possible decently fast.
    But arent the two handed katana’s quite long? As in very long? I doubt moving the scabbard down would help. (I forgot the name)

    In mount and blade games I don’t mind weapons on the back of my character, even long polearms I don’t mind but it does look weird, it is still a game and not a historically accurate one.
  10. About TW communication on release date

    FBohler said:
    TW needs to release the game at 2018, if they postpone it longer than 1 year from now, it's going to be seriously dated at launch, graphics wise, and I think the company wouldn't want this to happen.

    Why do people keep saying that? The game doesn’t feel dated. The armor and enviroments look amazing. The characters look odd sometimes, but that is it. There have been worse looking games released this year.
    Any multiplayer survival game
    Mass effect Andromeda had some questionable graphics.

    And it is not as if we need to have the best graphics, because we also want battles that contain 100s of characters.
    Besides, aren‘t we used to ****ty graphics from warband? But we accepted it because of the gameplay.
  11. About TW communication on release date

    Well on in the latest blog they were saying that they can't wait for 2018 to come and show us more and that 2018 will become a 'even' more exciting year then 2017 already has been.

    But before that the blog talks about still needing to work on 1v1 ai and even army tactics aren't complete yet (unique tactics, does that mean faction specific tactics?).
    I just doubt that they finish army ai and 1v1 ai within a year. I don't know how much work it is to create a ai, but I doubt it is something they just finish in a month.
  12. Total Conversion mods ideas for Bannerlord

    I just hope the kingdoms of Arda mod continue’s development and stays alive. A good lord of the rings mod would be amazing in a mount and blade enviroment.

  13. How will NPC lords recruit men ?

    It's actually a good question.

    Since the feature that we can just recruit soldiers directly from villages has been taken out? (right???)
    And now we must recruit through important people in cities and possibly villages.

    If other lords also need a middleman in a city to gain recruits, I am curious how the whole raiding of villages will decrease troop quality feature will work like. If villages provide less goods and men to their trade city. Then no matter your reputation with the recruiter. Everyone will get lesser recruits, no matter their standing.
  14. Sturgians Design?

    Which would give them around 6 weeks to complete the factions. (10 weeks if we have every empire separate.)
    What will they talk about then? Keeping in mind every other week they have a dev interview.

  15. Is it safe to assume Bannerlord will not be coming out this year?

    I doubt they get the entire salaries or game funded by the government. It will most likely be only a small percent of the actual costs, to encourage game development. Not, Lets say, make people who just started a game dev company toch for doing nothing.

    And they do take in interns, from the college campus they are located on. With cut costs but could increase development time. (Perhaps lesser quality and having to redo alot of things)
  16. Is it safe to assume Bannerlord will not be coming out this year?

    They are overhauling the map again? I thought they just did that. Ofcourse it is in development and everything can change, but I doubt the recent map (the one with oxhal) would need much improvement. Atleast improvements warranting a complete overhaul.

    Things like the Town names in the coloured banners and textures improvemend would be done as tweaks and fixes not an entire overhaul. Unless we have taken the overhaul out of porportion and it was loosly translated. I don’t want to insult a forum member for saying he did a **** job at translating, I think we all appreciate it. But sometimes words get mixed up.
  17. Sturgians Design?

    Harld V said:
    lolbash said:
    Harld V said:
    Wait so are the sturgians vaegirs or nords?

    The Sturgians are the ancestor to the vikings. The Nords are invaders from a different country so its pretty much impossible for the sturgians to be nords.

    No I ask if the sturgians are nords or vaegir not if they are a viking or knight

    If they are neither Nord or Vaegir, which would mean that assumption is wrong. Then usually you will get a response with a more correct awnser, vikings.

    I don’t believe we really know from which ancestor the vaegirs descended from. Nords were indeed a invading force, and until we get the sturgian blogpost with info telling us that they are invading, we just don’t know. (Or other members might know and I don’t)
  18. Is it safe to assume Bannerlord will not be coming out this year?

    do we even know if TaleWorlds has finalized their feature list? Not the list on their website, just TaleWorlds knowing what they want in the game and what will end up in the game.

    Laat year they still weren’t sure, are they now? If not we still have a ways to go.
    2019 might just be the year.
  19. Is it safe to assume Bannerlord will not be coming out this year?

    Looter said:
    They might announce a release date of the release date announcement so stay tuned.

    Most of us have been staying tuned for awhile now...
    So unless you have some insider information or have a tweet or some sort of post from a developer, please share your source.

    Yes even for the announcement of the announcement trailer that announces the date that the date announcement of the release date will take place. (I've lost track there myself... I don't know)
  20. The Government, Senate, Political Rivalry, Policies, Laws

    I doubt something like this would be in the Fame, but I hope modders will implement this and expand it. I really like the idea.

    I am curious what the diplomacy and ruling (kingdom, clan, village/castle) features consist of.
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