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  1. Ahri

    [Trailer] Rus' Velikaya - 1257 AD Machinima

    Rus' Velikaya Set in 13th century Russia, Rus' Velikaya follows one man's rise to power and fame in a time where only the strong survive. >>>TRAILER<<< Play in 480p or 720p Your input is appreciated as well as crucial to the future of this project, which means that if there is no interest...
  2. Ahri

    Need help on how to command troops properly.

    Hey, folks. I picked up M&B three or four days before V1.0 got released, and I'm enjoying it a lot. As of now, I'm basically letting all of my men charge, regardless of the situation and location mainly because I've got no idea how to command them other than simple 'Hold' or 'Charge' commands...
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