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  1. Revan Shan

    Spectate Battle Option / Easy to implement Suggestion

    Sometimes you get near a big battle of 300 VS 300 or so, but you cannot participate because you don't belong to any of the sides. I would like the devs to add an option to spectate the battles. Not only from the air, but really getting a little bit near with your character. That's it. Nice and...
  2. Revan Shan

    Sea Battles and possible Expansion / Suggestion

    I saw that some people find the game lacking, but I really don't. I'm loving Bannerlord and can play all day long. Now. It is true that 1 or 2 additional revolutionary features would be nice. Mainly sea travel. Some mods in Warband did let you travel through the sea, and I found it surprising...
  3. Revan Shan

    Spanish Server - EJÉRCITO DE MAYORIA

    We want to open a new dedicated server for the Spanish Community. USnavy, please take a look at your PMs for further talk.
  4. Revan Shan

    Suggestions & Feedback from a Youtuber - MayorceteGamingTV

    Hi there. Some of you might know me as Revan Shan, oldfag user here in Taleworlds. Responsible for Star Wars Conquest, leader of Hiridia and Warhammer 40K: Galactic Glory, and proud exmember of the Europe 1200 dev team. Surprisingly enough I was also the responsible for the official trailer for...
  5. Revan Shan

    WTF French?

    What are the French doing in Guatemala? And why does the player start as a British soldier? It makes no sense
  6. Revan Shan

    Christmas mod?

    I remember there was a mod with Santas, living trees and snowmen. What was its name?
  7. Revan Shan

    ¿Lord of the Rings mods for Warband?

    Hi there, I've been off for some time in the forum and I was looking for a LOTR mod for Warband. I remember there were quite a lot of them, at least in the works. In fact, I did help at least one of them. The thing is that I don't remember any names, and that I lost any news out there. So, ¿can...
  8. Revan Shan

    Europe 1200 Gameplay Series

    Just to inform the rest of the team and Europe 1200 followers, I have some good news for the mod's community. Recently I started a gameplay series using Europe 1200 on my gaming channel. I have 10.000 subscribers, so I hope this gives the mod even more fame. It is called "Luchando por mi Reino"...
  9. Revan Shan

    Resident Warfare (HUMOR MAYORCETE)

    El tiroteo del siglo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs8shh3Vkpg
  10. Revan Shan

    eGAM3Rs Nvidia Game Show (HUMOR MAYORCETE)

    Nuevo Reportaje Mayorcete del evento en Madrid Xanadu !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXJASSRbnfA
  11. Revan Shan

    Explorer VS Chrome VS Firefox (HUMOR MAYORCETE)

      La elección más difícil de la tierra! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RXNQdGJ38o
  12. Revan Shan

    MAYORCETE GAMING - Gameplays y Análisis de Videojuegos!

    Queridos fans de MaB, soy Mayorcete, y puede que ya me conozcáis por mis videos de humor. Pues bien, os informo de que tengo no solo un canal de humor y crítica, sino también uno de videojuegos! Hago gameplays y analizo juegos de todo tipo, con especial predilección por Battlefield 3 y Space...
  13. Revan Shan

    New War of the Roses Trailer

    New War of The Roses Trailer! So basicly, this is how MaB 2 will look like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peG7-GKRcWE&feature=g-all&context=G2ca7c25FAAAAAAAAMAA I know it's the same publisher. But still it bothers me that it's not Taleworlds. But, fak! it doesn't matter, it looks awesome...
  14. Revan Shan


    Se ba a have un follónnn!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXlCTXmtjXc
  15. Revan Shan

    Keep hair with Helmet on

    Is there an itp value or somth for the code, so that a helmet item can be used without taking out the hair? I want it for a crown.
  16. Revan Shan

    Videoanálisis de Mount and Blade Warband (en Español)

    Análisis de Mount and Blade Warband en Mayorcete Gaming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LhQrVT5eao
  17. Revan Shan


    Lately a bunch of dicks entered Europe's 1200 page on ModDB and rated it with 1s, lowering the grade from 9 to 6. So please, if you don't mind, log in on ModDB and give a 10 to the mod to balance this sh*t. I don't want stupids to harm the mod's image while the team is going through beta...
  18. Revan Shan


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z9YiFdUr4Y Y FELIZ NAVIDAD! 
  19. Revan Shan

    VOTE FOR MaB WARBAND in the Mod DB Awards !!!

    Vote for Warband here: http://www.moddb.com/games/mount-blade-warband The more you vote and the more the game's page is visited, the more popular it will become in ModDB's rankings. That way we can get this community to grow even more, which is good to bring more modders and supporters.
  20. Revan Shan

    Problem adding Fog to custom battles

    I'm using this code: (store_current_scene,":current_scene"), (try_begin), (eq,":current_scene","scn_quick_battle_scene_1"), (set_fog_distance, 30, 0xFFAA33), (else_try), (eq,":current_scene","scn_quick_battle_scene_2"), (set_fog_distance, 14, 0xFFC64A), (end_try),         ])...
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