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  1. LtSpearing

    Legio X Fretensis [NA/EU/Everywhere]

    Placeholder for future information. Linked directly to the current MnG clan: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,271126.0.html XFret[Rank]Name Necessary information~ Legate[Legate] (Col)~ Spearing Praepositus [Praep] (Special Apprentice Rank with no real powers tbh) ~ Matt Praefectus...
  2. LtSpearing

    Map: (Working title) Mt. Marcy ~ 5th Update ~

    [size=34pt]Update No. 5 The Grand Unveil Colour Codes: Blue ~ Team 1 Spawn Red ~ Team 2 Spawn White ~ Mt. Marcy Yellow ~ Tom's Farm Teal ~ Ragnarson's Hill Green ~ Hundred Acre Wood (Re-named for the lols, formerly known as Telegraph Forest). Purple ~ New Area! Rachel Run Brown ~ Hussar's...
  3. LtSpearing

    A most Gentlemanly Huzzah!

    I must say a most gentlemanly "Huzzah!!" to you fine gents. The congrats thread up is not enthusiastic enough to explain my happiness at your new sub-forum/ full release status. I therefor must supply you gentlemen with the following wood-cut:
  4. LtSpearing

    Generals in Linebattles

    Linebattles have gone on since the dawn of BG2. They have defined MM, and are the prime-time sports of NW. Now, they are what makes N&S one of the best games out there. Many of us, if not all of us, have attended at least one big event linebattle with over a hundred players. Not many of us...
  5. LtSpearing

    [U.S] The 124th New York Volunteers, "The Orange Blossoms"

    The 124th New York "Orange Blossoms" Infantry The 124th New York Infantry, Commonly known as the "Orange Blossoms" due to the fact that the county they came from was named "Orange County" and because they would often tie pieces of orange cloth around their neck or uniform as a form of a sash...
  6. LtSpearing

    Boarding Action Battle ~ Event time: 29th Sept, 2:30 EST. Signups avail. OPV2

    THREAD DETAILS: V2 So long story short, this event is hosted by the most Glorious DDA (Det Danske Auxiliærkorps) on their 200 slot, EU located server on most Saturdays at about 2:30-ish EST/ 3:30ish. The event itself is administrated by myself, and my assistants, TkTom & Skriver. The event is...
  7. LtSpearing

    Elverumske Skieløber Compagnie (NA-EU)

    -Thread is a WIP- In a nutshell, this thread is just here as a placeholder for some future graphics and such, but i'll be updating it sporadically. General information- The ESC is a group of gentlemen from all over the world, some EU, some NA, who have come together just for the sheer fun...
  8. LtSpearing

    Interesting Youtube video....

    Thought you gents might enjoy it. Recently found by a Viking enthusiast friend of mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-CU29pEb3I
  9. LtSpearing

    The XI Masterpiece Theatre

    The XI legion, specifically the 24th Warwickshire, have a habit of getting bored with ourselves, with this eventually leading us into our server, setting up some commander battles, and re-enacting some historical events. Most of these bouts are recorded. Seeing as the majority of these videos...
  10. LtSpearing

    Brilliant Soundtrack

    I would first like to say not only my congratulations to Vince & Company for getting this off, congrats on a smooth release, but also a very special "Good show" to whomever either created the soundtrack or got it all together. It really is an amazing one. Now then, my question: Is there any way...
  11. LtSpearing

    Rocket Teamkills

    Okay, so I know I'm not the only one who has been tk'd by a rocket, but honestly, look in the logs of most servers, they kill more teammates than friendlies. In a battle, all TWENTY-FIVE of my men got blown to hell from a single rocket, and funnily enough AT SPAWN. And then, next map, a stray...
  12. LtSpearing

    Regimental History Thread

    Hey budding NW community, I've been seeing a lot of regiments being made, especially the ones with rich, unique, and interesting historical backgrounds. Some, interestingly enough, I have never heard of or seen, so in an effort to pool together some cool little information about each regiment...
  13. LtSpearing

    ♔ The 24th (Warwickshire) Reg't of Foot ♔ Happy Retirement Spearing~!!!

    Check out our Youtube Channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/XILegionProductions His Brittanic Majesty's 24th RSW (Royal South Wales Borderers) is a regiment of Foot, raised to defeat "Boney the Ogre" on the fields of glory, on peninsula or mainland areas of active Service to His Majesty, or...
  14. LtSpearing

    The Spearington Intelligence Agency (SIA) [NA + EU]

    THE SPEARINGTON INTELLIGENCE AGENCY The Spearington Intelligence Agency, also known informally as the "SIA" for short, is a company of for-hire spies, marksmen, and generally paid informants. We pride ourselves on keeping the group up-to-date on the most current news and information. The SIA...
  15. LtSpearing


    Are there any?
  16. LtSpearing

    Minecraft: Adventure Maps

    So I recently started hosting a server for my friends based upon the popular demand for a strictly adventure-map-only type server. Anyway, in the past few days we've had such a run through them that I'm finding it hard to find actually good ones, and I always hate maps where the spawns are...
  17. LtSpearing

    "The Great War" reading material

    So recently I've been snooping around for some well-written, historically accurate, world war 1 books. I've come across a couple gooduns', such as "Her Privates We" by Frederic Manning, as well as some of his other writings like "The Middle parts of Fortune". Another goodie but oldie is "Le Feu"...
  18. LtSpearing

    *National congrats to Shredzorz on the mod thread*

    Title says most of it folks. post your first impression of the mod when it was announced too, for some nostalgic moments :3 mine was this: LOL cowboys and PWW... *Sniff* Hmmm..... The good, the bad, and the randomer.
  19. LtSpearing

    Full Invasion: Zulu

    Full Invasion: Zulu Full Invasion: Zulu is a modification built on the same codes as the already popular mod, Full Invasion. Utilizing FI's system of Wave-After-Wave gameplay that inspires teamwork, skill, and a certain level of bravery (If not foolishness) to overcome waves of zombies...
  20. LtSpearing

    Possible AoFI Event on the 41st Server~

    Contact me in my teamspeak 3 channel: ts.22nd.eu Port: 9987 41st Channel Anyway: The event is going to be 30 people on each side since our server hosts 60 slots, so make sure you attend! Ill be writing up a list of attendee's shortly The event itself is going to be a simple 30 v 30. Maybe...
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