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    OSP Kit Battle of Europe - Source Pack

    Nemerius made those.
  2. _Sebastian_

    Dedicated Server Files / Hosting Guide

    Update v0.720 just landed.
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    OSP Kit Battle of Europe - Source Pack

    Bump for v0.720.
    A small patch has been released.
    (Sebastian) Fixed great bascinet costs 0 gold.
    (Sebastian) Fixed forcing troop specific items didn’t sync to other players when using the server command.
    (Sebastian) Fixed several spawn point issues on “River Fort” siege map.
  4. _Sebastian_


    A small patch has been released. (Sebastian) Fixed great bascinet costs 0 gold. (Sebastian) Fixed forcing troop specific items didn’t sync to other players when using the server command. (Sebastian) Fixed several spawn point issues on “River Fort” siege map.
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    Guide, FAQ, Game Mechanics

    They're mentioned in the "Cavalry" and "Dress" section.
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    Milites Fortunae Sunday Mod Events -Bear Force II

    For those of you who use Warband on Steam can also use the workshop to easily install and update the mod;
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    OSP Kit Battle of Europe - Source Pack

    Bump for v0.717.
    Yet another update.
    (Sebastian) Fixed stamina recover limit issues.
    (Sebastian) Start gold, tick- and score-gold bonuses are now changeable via server commands.
    (Sebastian) Forcing players to use troop specific items only can now also be done with a server command.
    (Sebastian) Stamina consumption has been increased by 50% when sprinting and decreased by 33% when running.
    (Sebastian) Disabled all http requests to our old abandoned web service by default.
    (Sebastian) Fixed clan chat not sending to other players using the same banner.
    (Sebastian) Fixed clan chat broadcasts to players in a different team.
    (Marko) Implemented “Flodden Field” battle event map.
    (Marko) Implemented “River Fort” siege event map.
    (Marko) Altered english and scottish faction troops and added more selectable items to them.
    (Sebastian) Reduced plate and mail armour values by 33%.
    (Sebastian) Tweaked prices of several items.
    (Sebastian) Fixed round starting gold is only applied for the first round/spawn, it can now never go below the defined staring gold minimum.
    (Sebastian) Changed default tick gold bonus from 150 to 100.
    (Sebastian) Added 9 new clan banners.
    (Marko) Took away churburg armours from infantry, added equipment to support classes and crossbowmen.
    (Marko) Sped up the bill by 2 points, increased pike damage by 8. Increased engineer build material from 30 to 60.
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    Yet another update. (Sebastian) Fixed stamina recover limit issues. (Sebastian) Start gold, tick- and score-gold bonuses are now changeable via server commands. (Sebastian) Forcing players to use troop specific items only can now also be done with a server command. (Sebastian) Stamina...
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    OSP Kit Battle of Europe - Source Pack

    Dedicated server files got added to the repository aswell.
  10. _Sebastian_

    Dedicated Server Files / Hosting Guide

    Server files got updated to v0.700.
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    OSP Kit Battle of Europe - Source Pack

    Update v0.700 is live!
    Check out the GitLab repository for the latest source files.
    Hello again old friends.
    In preparation of an upcoming event we decided to work on another update which implements many features that never made it into a public release and to fix game breaking issues which came up after we turned off our services for the persistent online character development.
    To put it short: We made the mod worth playing again without all the persistent stuff, so you can temporarily earn gold and buy equipment again.
    Many features, improvements and fixes made it into the update.
    (Sebastian) Fixed clan chat doesn’t work.
    (Sebastian) Added more lightning strike effects.
    (Sebastian) Fixed firearm damage was still affected by strength and weapon proficiency.
    (Sebastian) Horse Archery skill no longer effects ranged damage.
    (Gothic Knight) Added a new rapier.
    (Sebastian) Added half-swording modes to all swords, it now also includes side swings.
    (Sebastian) Removed items that don't fit the mod’s timeframe.
    (Sebastian) Melee weapons will no longer be carried on the characters back.
    (Gothic Knight) Added a two handed raven’s beak.
    (Sebastian) Renamed several items.
    (Sebastian) Implemented a dynamic shader based sky.
    (Sebastian) Enhanced many shaders.
    (Sebastian) Tweaked and improved parallax mapping.
    (Sebastian) Attacking/blocking is now possible while sprinting and jumping.
    (Sebastian) Tree trunks are no longer affected by wind in order to prevent visual and hitbox issues.
    (Sebastian) Surgeon kit’s now restore 25% of the health per usage.
    (Sebastian) Disabled bleeding systems.
    (Sebastian) Reworked fog for better quality, it now also affects clouds and the sky.
    (Sebastian) Implemented a more physically based damage/armor system.
    (Sebastian) Damage modifiers per body-part are now applied after armor reduction and are changed as follows; head = 200%, torso = 100%, limbs = 50%.
    (Sebastian) Removed online level progression bar when using faction troops.
    (Sebastian) Re-implemented the banner selection screen which allows to select all banners from existing online clans.
    (Sebastian) When reloading cannons, the info box now shows which ramrod/refiller weapon mode is required on each reload-step.
    (Sebastian) The surgeon hud now indicates health of wounded troops via colored icons, the icons now scale properly with distance.
    (Sebastian) Nights are now twice as bright for better visibility.
    (Sebastian) Added ladders, grenades and firepots to engineers inventory.
    (Sebastian) Increased round shot ammo for cannons from 18 to 24.
    (Sebastian) Doubled bullets per grape shot and halved the spread radius for more effective long range engagements.
    (Sebastian) Decreased destructible wall hit points, so walls can be destroyed with fewer cannon balls or grenades.
    (Sebastian) Implemented basic gold earning and equipment buy systems for players (when using faction troops). Gold earnings occur once per minute and include a fixed amount of gold + a bonus depending on score.
    (Sebastian) Players using faction troops are now allowed to buy any game item by default. A server option can turn that off to only allow troop specific items.
    (Sebastian) Optimized several systems for better performance.
    (Sebastian) Item balance.
  12. _Sebastian_


    Hello again old friends. In preparation of an upcoming event we decided to work on another update which implements many features that never made it into a public release and to fix game breaking issues which came up after we turned off our services for the persistent online character...
  13. _Sebastian_

    Warfare Evolved | 16th Century Combat/Warfare | In Development

    Tech demo features taking precedence over actual gameplay? You have my attention.
    Yea I can sell you some clouds if you need, starting from only 10€ each. The higher their altitude the higher the price ofc. ☁🌧🌩
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    Warfare Evolved | 16th Century Combat/Warfare | In Development

    So I can't play this on my CRT?
    That must be a brand new technology, will it be available to the public before the so called internet hit's the market?
  15. _Sebastian_

    Warfare Evolved | 16th Century Combat/Warfare | In Development

    Looks like I haven't posted in a while eh?
    We mainly post our updates on our Discord, so I highly recommend you to join it.
    I'll try to sum up what progress has been made since last October (yea it's been silent around here).

    Pre-October Progress Log (detailed info also on Discord)
    - Switched from the default render pipeline to the new High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)
    - Converted existing systems to the new high-performance multithreaded Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS)
    - Changed the physics engine from PhysX to new Unity Physics for DOTS

    - Reworked two handed weapon wielding, it now perfectly aligns with both hands position and rotation, which feels more intuitive.
    - Re-implemented quadratic drag for linear and angular movement to the new physics engine.

    - Added an option to switch between VR- and Flatscreen mode.
    - Implemented keyboard controls for basic player movement.
    - Implemented mouse look controls.

    - Reorganized and optimized flora assets.
    - Cleaned up unused game files.
    - Set up a first test level for showcasing.
    - Fixed delayed hand movement when wielding a weapon.
    - Increased base energy for weapon wielding, maximum swing speed is faster now.

    Looks like we got the first moving pictures here...
    The time has come to show you guys certain features step by step.
    We start small this time and show off a little test-level, current visuals, melee weapon handling, basic movement and some physics interactions.
    Keep in mind that this is the very first footage of our prototype, but atleast it gives you a glimpse into our early stage project.

    - Optimized grabbing and wielding systems.
    - implemented an archery system.

    The archery system is now properly working ...kinda. Hand animations are not a thing yet, but the main mechanics are working great so far.

    - Fixed flipped body orientation when both hands are located behind the head.
    - Improved several item materials and textures.
    - Implemented a more detailed character model.
    - Character movement is now driven by physical forces instead of fixed velocities, which makes it much more fluid and realistic.

    - Friction forces are now applied as impulses to the "center of surface" of each object, resulting in more realistic flight paths for missiles like arrows and bolts.
    - The friction system now simulates spinning due to drag on missiles with flights/fletching, mainly used for arrows and bolts.
    - Re-implement jumping and ground/support check for agent movement.

    - Implemented a basic ingame menu.
    - Implemented Havok Physics.
    - Added a complete set of modular stone building parts.
    - Implemented super efficient triplanar mapping methods to several shaders.
    - Implemented parallax offset mapping as a cheaper fallback version for the inbuilt (raymarched) parallax occlusion mapping.
    - Implemented several new shaders.
    - Updated light and sky conditions to match real-world lighting, light sources now use realistic light intensities and a physically based sky has been implemented.
    - Implemented a basic dynamic day/night cycle system which simulates sun/moon movement.

    There we go...
    The Enviroment simulation now features a dynamic day/night cycle, the atmosphere (and ofc realisic atmospheric scattering), a sun + moon and it even simulates a simplified globe and outer space.

    Some progress on the cloud shaders, it's far from being finished, but it already looks quite decent. They also behave in a physically based manner ofc.

    - Implemented a dynamic cloud system and it's correspondending shaders.
    - Rewrote terrain- generation/paint/populate tools, optimized them and made them all multithreaded.

    - Implemented PBR water shaders (featuring realistic reflection/refraction, under water light attenuation/scattering, dirt particles, shorelines/foam, 3D waves, local flow directions/strength) and created prefabs for all sorts of water surfaces.
    - Implemented dynamic outer terrain meshes and shaders for large scale landscape and ocean rendering.
    - Wind strength is now effected by height in a logarithmic manner.

    Some more environmental stuff I've been working on.

    The water shader is fully physically based and features; reflection/refraction, under water light attenuation/scattering(varies per color channel), dirt particles/fog, shorelines/foam, 3D waves, local flow directions/strength controlled by flow maps.

    I've been working on procedural lightning which actually travels through 3D space using particle trails. The following pictures show the exact same lightning bolt from different view angles. Start- and target positions are fully configurable and it's light emitting is done by a tube-light which extends across the whole length of the lightning bolt.

    - Implemented a procedural lightning system.
    - Added LOD meshes for bows and arrows and fixed some related mesh issues.

    - Rewrote and optimized many systems.
    - Implemented the new DOTS multiplayer framework.
    - Started converting essential game systems to work in multiplayer.
    - Created a test scene for multiplayer prototyping.

    - Added support to read/write game settings from/to local config files.
    - Restructured and rewrote the input systems.
    - Implemented multiplayer frameworks to handle players with different input modes such as VR headset + hand controllers, VR headset + (mouse+keyboard)/gamepad or just (mouse+keyboard)/gamepad.
    - It's now possible to play in different VR modes, sitting, standing and full room-scale.
    - Converted player movement systems to work in multiplayer.
    - Converted item grabbing- and wielding systems to work in multiplayer.

    - Converted the archery system to work in multiplayer.
    - Added a new longsword.
    - Implemented systems to handle destructible environment in multiplayer.
    - Reduced network traffic.

    - Optimized day/night circle and weather systems.
    - day time and weather settings are now properly synced to clients.
    - Reduced network traffic of players input stream.

    - Rewrote item multiplayer management systems to be much more modular and universal.
    - Fixed several player/item spawn and despawn issues.
    - Implement a system which replaces pre-placed scene items with usable items in multiplayer.
    - Fixed camera lagging behind actual player position.

    Working on multi layered particle clouds with physically based shading and scattering. It's way faster than real volumetrics and visually you can't really tell a difference unless you're really close up to them. The following clouds are up to 8 kilometers in height. The lower clouds are already in the planets shadow (sun is below the horizon), but the upper clouds are still illuminated by the sun and appear in red- to orange- to yellow colors depending on the light scattered by the atmosphere. It's all in a very early stage, but already looks appealing.

    - Remodeled many modular wall pieces for a much more "atomic" layout which allows more flexibility to build any kind of stone building.
    - Added a new side sword.
    - Implement a new volumetric cloud system.
    Now there's movement...
    A longsword and side sword based on early 16th century originals, modeled by @Gothic Knight These models are done using the face weighted normals- and beveling workflow instead of using per mesh normal maps. Materials are not yet done and look quite generic atm (well in fact they are universal), but that will change once the specific shaders are finalized which will add details dynamically, like edge-wear, dirt, corrosion etc (using per vertex color data).

    Super early test of the dynamic destruction system in multiplayer. The wall is again just a dummy prop and will be replaced with a more detailed version. Once a wall/structure has been hit with enough force (cannon ball, explosion, etc) it will be replaced with a second version of it which is made of little blocks. Each block then can be damaged separately. The system checks for structural support of each block (checking it's neighbor blocks) and if there's not enough support it collapses certain blocks or even the entire wall + neighbor walls/blocks in some cases.
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Barabashenko said:
    kalarhan said:
    Barabashenko said:
    Hi. How can I set "agent_set_speed_modifier" for the specific animation (for example - "reload_musket")? I need to make agents walk instead of running while reloading muskets, as they do in WFaS or Gekokujo. Thanks.

    those are different things. The operation is used to control run speed, not the animation that is in use.

    You can download the modsys from WFaS and see how they used the flags to control reload as well. It is public like Warband and Viking Conquest.

    Already did that before posting my question here, but no luck. I have no idea which script responds for this function, I even thought that it's hardcoded, but Gekokujo has the same feature.

    There's no inbuilt function for that, you have to create a trigger that periodically checks if an agent reloads a musket and then set the speed modifier accordingly.
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    OSP Kit Battle of Europe - Source Pack

    I added all source files to our GitLab repository, so no annoying zip packages any longer.
    Just download the files you really need, or simply review the source code directly.
    There we go; https://gitlab.com/bad-bug-busters/battle-of-europe
  18. _Sebastian_

    Warband - Sending Message to Player on Server based on player text chat

    Your server module requires to run on WSE in the first place.
    Only WSE provides scripts to fetch the hardcoded ingame chats and operations to process string data.
  19. _Sebastian_

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Dj_FRedy said:
    I tried to adapt the script to multiplayer mode, now it works in agent_bots this way:
    multiplayer_agent_hp_bar = (
    	0, 0, 0,
    			(start_presentation, "prsnt_multiplayer_agent_hp_bar"),
    	("multiplayer_agent_hp_bar", prsntf_read_only, 0,
    					(set_fixed_point_multiplier, 1000),
    					(get_max_players, ":num_players"),
    					(try_for_range, ":player_no", 0, ":num_players"),
    						(player_is_active, ":player_no"),
    						(neg|player_is_busy_with_menus, ":player_no"),
    						(player_get_team_no, ":player_team", ":player_no"),
    						(lt, ":player_team", multi_team_spectator),
    						(player_get_troop_id, ":player_troop", ":player_no"),
    						(ge, ":player_troop", 0),
    						(player_get_agent_id, ":player_agent", ":player_no"),
    						(ge, ":player_agent", 0),
    						(try_for_agents, ":agent_no"),
    							(agent_is_human, ":agent_no"),
    							(neq, ":agent_no", ":player_agent"),
    								(agent_is_alive, ":agent_no"),
    								(agent_get_team, ":agent_team", ":agent_no"),
    								#hp bg
    								(create_mesh_overlay, ":agent_hp_bg_overlay", "mesh_white_plane"),
    								(overlay_set_alpha, ":agent_hp_bg_overlay", 0x44),
    								(overlay_set_color, ":agent_hp_bg_overlay", 0x000000),
    								(create_mesh_overlay, ":agent_hp_overlay", "mesh_white_plane"),
    								(overlay_set_alpha, ":agent_hp_overlay", 0x44),
    									(eq, ":agent_team", ":player_team"),
    									(overlay_set_color, ":agent_hp_overlay", 0x00FF00), #green
    									(overlay_set_color, ":agent_hp_overlay", 0xFF0000), #red
    								#size & position
    								(agent_get_position, pos1, ":agent_no"),
    								(agent_get_horse, ":horse_agent", ":agent_no"),
    									(ge, ":horse_agent", 0),
    									(position_move_z, pos1, 280, 1),
    									(position_move_z, pos1, 180, 1),
    								(position_get_screen_projection, pos2, pos1),
    								(position_get_x, ":head_x_pos", pos2),
    								(position_get_y, ":head_y_pos", pos2),
    								#base size
    								(copy_position, pos6, pos1),
    								(copy_position, pos7, pos1),
    								(position_move_z, pos7, 100, 1),
    								(position_get_screen_projection, pos6, pos6),
    								(position_get_screen_projection, pos7, pos7),
    								(position_get_y, ":screen_y_pos_1", pos6),
    								(position_get_y, ":screen_y_pos_2", pos7),
    								(store_sub, ":base_x", ":screen_y_pos_2", ":screen_y_pos_1"),
    								(val_clamp, ":base_x", 20, 161),
    								(store_div, ":base_y", ":base_x", 20),
    									(is_between, ":head_x_pos", -100, 1100),
    									(is_between, ":head_y_pos", -100, 850),
    									(agent_get_position, pos3, ":agent_no"),
    									(agent_get_position, pos4, ":player_agent"),
    									(get_distance_between_positions_in_meters, ":distance", pos3, pos4),
    									(le, ":distance", 80), #distance limit for showing HP bars
    									#agent no
    									(agent_get_horse, ":horse_agent", ":agent_no"),
    										(ge, ":horse_agent", 0),
    										(position_move_z, pos3, 280, 1),
    										(position_move_z, pos3, 180, 1),
    									#player agent
    									(agent_get_horse, ":player_horse", ":player_agent"),
    										(ge, ":player_horse", 0),
    										(position_move_z, pos4, 280, 1),
    										(position_move_z, pos4, 180, 1),
    									(position_move_z, pos3, 50, 1),
    									(position_move_z, pos4, 50, 1),
    									(position_has_line_of_sight_to_position, pos3, pos4),
    									#hp bg
    									(assign, ":x_offset", ":base_x"),
    									(val_div, ":x_offset", 2),
    									(val_add, ":x_offset", 1),
    									(store_sub, ":hp_bg_x", ":head_x_pos", ":x_offset"),
    									(store_sub, ":hp_bg_y", ":head_y_pos", 1),
    									(position_set_x, pos1, ":hp_bg_x"),
    									(position_set_y, pos1, ":hp_bg_y"),
    									(overlay_set_position, ":agent_hp_bg_overlay", pos1),
    									(store_add, ":bg_width", ":base_x", 2),
    									(val_mul, ":bg_width", 50),
    									(store_add, ":bg_height", ":base_y", 2),
    									(val_mul, ":bg_height", 50),
    									(position_set_x, pos1, ":bg_width"),
    									(position_set_y, pos1, ":bg_height"),
    									(overlay_set_size, ":agent_hp_bg_overlay", pos1),
    									(overlay_set_alpha, ":agent_hp_bg_overlay", 0x66),
    									(store_add, ":hp_x", ":hp_bg_x", 1),
    									(store_add, ":hp_y", ":hp_bg_y", 1),
    									(position_set_x, pos1, ":hp_x"),
    									(position_set_y, pos1, ":hp_y"),
    									(overlay_set_position, ":agent_hp_overlay", pos1),
    									(store_agent_hit_points, ":agent_hp", ":agent_no"),
    									(store_mul, ":hp_width", ":agent_hp", 50),
    									(val_mul, ":hp_width", ":base_x"),
    									(val_div, ":hp_width", 100),
    									(val_min, ":hp_width", ":bg_width"),
    									(store_mul, ":hp_height", ":base_y", 50),
    									(position_set_x, pos1, ":hp_width"),
    									(position_set_y, pos1, ":hp_height"),
    									(overlay_set_size, ":agent_hp_overlay", pos1),
    									#text (disabled) showing hit points relative
    									# (assign, reg7, ":agent_hp"),
    									# (create_text_overlay, ":agent_hp_overlay", "@_{reg7}_", tf_center_justify|tf_with_outline),
    									# (overlay_set_alpha, ":agent_hp_overlay", 0x44),
    									# (try_begin),
    										# (eq, ":agent_team", ":player_team"),
    										# (overlay_set_color, ":agent_hp_overlay", 0x00FF00), #green
    									# (else_try),
    										# (overlay_set_color, ":agent_hp_overlay", 0xFF0000), #red
    									# (try_end),
    									# (position_set_x, pos1, ":hp_bg_x"),
    									# (position_set_y, pos1, ":hp_bg_y"),
    									# (overlay_set_position, ":agent_hp_overlay", pos1),
    									# (position_set_x, pos1, 400),
    									# (position_set_y, pos1, 400),
    									# (overlay_set_size, ":agent_hp_overlay", pos1),
    									(overlay_set_alpha, ":agent_hp_bg_overlay", 0),
    									(overlay_set_alpha, ":agent_hp_overlay", 0),
    I have removed the slots in case you want to delete them from 'module_constants'.
    You only start that presentation on the server machine itself, which makes no sense as you want to display it on client's.
    When you host a server from within the game, you're the server and client at the same time, that's why it works for you, but for all other players it won't work ofc.
    So make sure that you only start the presentation client side;

    The player loop in your presentation code is totally pointless and will create health bars for all agents multiple times (as many times as players are on the server).
    Remove the player loop, you don't need it at all.
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