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  1. eddiemccandless


    I used to play chess competitively around uh 15 years ago. Slightly terrifying that it was so long ago. Anyway, being stuck at home with not a whole lot to do for entertainment led me to renew my interest in it, and I was wondering how many here share the passion, if any.
  2. eddiemccandless

    Equipment value is incredibly high when compared to other items

    Summary: price for equipment is very high when compared to other expenses/sources of income. This has two main side effects: 1) Loot from battles makes all other forms of income (except smithing) largely irrelevant. 2) Smithing is incredibly profitable once the right components are unlocked...
  3. eddiemccandless

    For the people who hate walking in town...

    You can not take your own horse, but you actually can ride horses that you find in the scene. I suspect many have noticed that by now, but I honestly didn't think you could that myself until today, so I thought I would share.
  4. eddiemccandless

    Please change tier 1 perks for Leadership to make them meaningful

    Right now, both Combat Tips and Raise the Meek are meaningless. Raise the Meek gives a flat 30 xp each day to tier 1 to 3 units, Combat Tips gives 15 xp to everyone. This amount is largely irrelevant, and if you want to raise an army you have to go out hunting for looters. Instead I suggest...
  5. eddiemccandless

    Vlandian Levy Crossbowmen = prisoner galore

    So on my new playthrough I have decided to give crossbowmen a try, which I hadn't really done before. So I went to Vlandia and presto, I have a small group of Levy Crossbowmen. I figured I would engage in actual battles with them against small groups of Sea Raiders to see how they would fare...
  6. eddiemccandless

    Killing lower tier units gives more xp than killing higher tier units?

    It has been my experience that for what concerns combat skills you get more experience the more damage you deal. I haven't been able to test this properly, and I am not even sure how one would go about doing this in a controlled manner, but that seems to be the way it works. If that is true...
  7. eddiemccandless

    Difference between shields?

    I have been wondering about this, and haven't seen it discussed anywhere else. Anyone noticed any significant difference between shield? As far as I can tell the tooltip only shows a difference in speed and hit points, with the latter being largely irrelevant since I never had a shield break...
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