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  1. Revan Shan

    The Sturgians look ridiculous

    As everyone has already said they are inspired by the Kevan Rus but Taleworlds wanted to mix even more Nord elements into them, they even went to put the lore to justify it. What is came out to be was a hodgepodge mess. I believe that they will be getting a more Slavic look and many of us on the threads think that a DLC of the nords would be great as many of us just want some proper Vikings and other a great Slavic kingdom.

    You mean that Sturgia is a mess?? LOL

    What about Battania then? They are gauls, dacians and britons all mixed together
  2. Revan Shan

    Spectate Battle Option / Easy to implement Suggestion

    Sometimes you get near a big battle of 300 VS 300 or so, but you cannot participate because you don't belong to any of the sides. I would like the devs to add an option to spectate the battles. Not only from the air, but really getting a little bit near with your character. That's it. Nice and...
  3. Revan Shan

    Sea Battles and possible Expansion / Suggestion

    I saw that some people find the game lacking, but I really don't. I'm loving Bannerlord and can play all day long. Now. It is true that 1 or 2 additional revolutionary features would be nice. Mainly sea travel. Some mods in Warband did let you travel through the sea, and I found it surprising...
  4. Revan Shan

    SP Native Advanced Custom Battle

    He people! Can anybody tell me how this dude sets the mod to field several regments and even start as defender?
  5. Revan Shan

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    kraggrim said:
    Revan Shan said:
    (CHAOS DWARF COLONIES? I mean... what??).

    Chaos Dwarfs rule, that's what. 

    Estalia are extremely unlikely to be added.

    Hmmm. But why? There are conquistador assets out there. It wouldn't be difficult.

    Plus. You could add estalian cities at least, giving them to beastmen. spotting new places feels weird as a Warhammer fan.

    And yes. Chaos Dwarves are awesome, but they have their place already.
    Keep reporting bugs guys, they're being noted. Feedback too.
  6. Revan Shan

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    I still don't get why we can find new settlements over at Estalia which are anything but Estalia.

    Will all this change in the future? Encountering Nippon at the New World also looks weird.

    It is strange, because there are parts which are nicely than (canon wise), and other just feel like random invents (CHAOS DWARF COLONIES? I mean... what??).

  7. Revan Shan

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Nah. Tried redownloading already and didn't work.

    Chriss39 said:
    Unzipped just fine with 7zip.

    Thanx for making me think about using that program. It finally worked. Dunno why it didn't with winrar though.
  8. Revan Shan

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    I tried downloading the mod, but winrar gives me an error with it. I don't understand. It seems a lot of people are getting the same from downloading at moddb.

    Is the .rar corrupted or what? How have you fixed this?
  9. Revan Shan

    Spanish Server - EJÉRCITO DE MAYORIA

    We want to open a new dedicated server for the Spanish Community. USnavy, please take a look at your PMs for further talk.
  10. Revan Shan

    Suggestions & Feedback from a Youtuber - MayorceteGamingTV

    By the way, I wen't on stream yesterday and got up to 80 subscribers playing on one of the servers. Awesome, check it out:

  11. Revan Shan

    Suggestions & Feedback from a Youtuber - MayorceteGamingTV

    usnavy30 said:
    Hello, glad you enjoy the mod :smile: As for the load times and crashing please see this thread for tips on how to prevent/diminish that.

    hahaha So the answer to all this is disable stuff from the game...? Come on... XD
  12. Revan Shan

    Suggestions & Feedback from a Youtuber - MayorceteGamingTV

    Hi there. Some of you might know me as Revan Shan, oldfag user here in Taleworlds. Responsible for Star Wars Conquest, leader of Hiridia and Warhammer 40K: Galactic Glory, and proud exmember of the Europe 1200 dev team. Surprisingly enough I was also the responsible for the official trailer for...
  13. Revan Shan

    ++ MAGNA RENOVATIO ++ Europe 1200 Reloaded.

    hahaha I have another channel in English as well (TheMayorcete) but I don't upload much videos there.
  14. Revan Shan

    ++ MAGNA RENOVATIO ++ Europe 1200 Reloaded.

    Antonis said:
    Well, new factions will be added, from what I know as soon as we stabilize and run without problems the latest files sent by Korinov. As for desert territories, if the map has them, I think it's just easy to expand it in order to have them. If the map doesn't have them, we will see what can be done.
    For diplomatic messages, it's a very good suggestion, but I will have to research it, because I don't know how it can be done so.

    Now, for the Crusades function, there was, I think talk of such an event and I have shared my thoughts on it before. Generally, it'll be easy to call such an event in a specific date, involving certain functions or creating new ones after that is called. Adding a random Crusade, in random dates or after something we set as parameter is achieved is also doable, but of course, it will not be historically accurate.

    Also, you have a YouTube channel? I want to subscribe.  :smile:

    I'm about to stream Europe 1200 right now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XImXsUlwQg
  15. Revan Shan

    ++ MAGNA RENOVATIO ++ Europe 1200 Reloaded.

    Just to let you know, I'm playing Europe 1200 on my channel and it's getting 10.000 views per episode, so I'm really interested in Europe getting new updates.

    Main stuff to get done:
    - Adding the Eastern Roman Empire
    - Adding the Crusader States
    - Adding some muslim factions on Middle East
    - Adding the cumans
    - Adding Knights Templar, Hospitaler and Teutonic, just like the ones we have in already: Aviz, Calatrava and Santiago
    - Enabling some desert territories on the map

    Code suggestion:
    - Make it so that the diplomatic messages only appear if the related factions are near to you. It's a little bit annoying to be fighting in Spain and get diplomatic events from Poland for example.
    - Crusade / yihad mechanics (?) like on M2TW
  16. Revan Shan

    WTF French?

    What are the French doing in Guatemala? And why does the player start as a British soldier? It makes no sense
  17. Revan Shan

    New Version Released: 0.22 (September 11th 2013)

    NikeBG said:
    It is. What makes you think otherwise?

    As far as I know a new version was planned for Feb... I'm still waiting for the new one to appear and continue my gameplay series.
  18. Revan Shan

    Screenshots & Videos

    First Gameplay in Spanish:

  19. Revan Shan

    [WB][B] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

    I see a lot of work on Chaos, Empire and Kislev. Will we see the rest of factions of the Warhammer Fantasy world?
  20. Revan Shan

    [Warband] HIRIDIA: Ungovernable Lands - BETA OUT

    Belendor said:
    Well, that was unexpected. Congrulations Shan.


    mike56 said:
    Great! Finally!

    I have taken some nice captures:







    Good pics
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