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  1. Catholic

    Healthcare Policy

    Let's talk about something that Trump recently realized is complicated - healthcare policy. Currently, the US spends the most per capita on healthcare in the developed world and yet has some of the worst results. Some arguments suggest that capitalism does not work well with healthcare due to...
  2. Catholic

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    I am going to be busy next year and won't have the ability to video game much. Did it stop me from pre-purchasing and pre-loading the **** out of this game? Absolutely not. Deus Ex: HR pushed my interests in bioethics and biotech to a whole new level, so I'm extremely excited for this game.
  3. Catholic

    Let's Go to Space

    Let's discuss space. I'm very involved in my university's undergraduate space organization, and I've had the pleasure of attending the most recent Space Symposium (annual huge space conference in Colorado) and have had conversations with a lot of space startups in the Bay Area. It's a super...
  4. Catholic

    Bioethics Thread - Animal Rights

    I think a bioethics thread exists somewhere, but it is not found in the first four pages and I could not find it through search, so new thread it is. So I'm interested in the discussion of animal rights. It isn't a topic that is directly linked to bioethics (although futurist ideas suggest a...
  5. Catholic

    [BoP:1910] Main Thread, Year 1912

    With so many spiders, who makes the web? Welcome to Balance of Power: 1910. Never has the European continent been such a powder keg waiting for a match. With diverging interests over Germany, a French bitterness over Alsace-Lorraine, interfering powers playing the instability in the Balkans...
  6. Catholic

    [BoP: 1910] Signups

    With so many spiders, who makes the web? Welcome to Balance of Power: 1910. Never has the European continent been such a powder keg waiting for a match. With diverging interests over Germany, a French bitterness over Alsace-Lorraine, interfering powers playing the instability in the Balkans...
  7. Catholic

    Great American Train Trip

    Hey friends, I happen to have ten spare days between the end of the school year in June and the beginning of my research position, so I figured one cool way to spend those ten days would be to train trip across the United States and back. I will be spending a day+ in these following cities...
  8. Catholic

    Member-Moderator Interaction

    It's likely best that there is a place to discuss how interaction between members and moderators should occur that isn't just closed off to moderators. I have long admired Taleworlds for being a place where everyone is able to speak their mind, whether it is moderators calling users idiots or if...
  9. Catholic

    Paris Attacks, Terrorism in France

    At least 40 people are dead. Information still coming in, but 100 people believed to be held hostage. Damn.
  10. Catholic

    What do you do, Taleworlds?

    I'm kind of curious as to what occupation forumites have. I know there's some security guards, some military members, but I haven't the slightest clue about their experiences nor how they got to where they are. It would be fascinating to see what all of you do for a living. For a start, I'm...
  11. Catholic

    [Werewolf] To Kill a Kin, Traitor Victory!

    It was time to march. Onwards, towards Thermopylae marched the brave Spartan soldiers, commanded by King Leonidas. It was there that the Persians would be stopped, by an army of 300 Spartans and allied Greek troops. Among them were the travelers this tale describes, fifteen men and one woman who...
  12. Catholic


    Brave Spartan, it is time to defend against another Persian invasion. Xerxes I, anxious to conquer more land in the west, marched his troops through Thrace in an effort to seize all of the Greek city-states including those in the Peloponnese. Your king, Leonidas I, has called for you to report...
  13. Catholic

    [BoP:Serva] Unity Starbase

    U N I T Y  S T A R B A S E Commercial Hub Goal reached: yes Costs Industrial Capacity: 80 Energy:  100 Heavy Metal:      200 Ablatives:      50 Atmospherics:       50 Remaining resources we require: None, will be built starting today. Introduction: Greeting Pel's Aurora residents...
  14. Catholic

    [BoP: 1815] Main Thread - Year 1816, ORDERS DUE NOW

    Welcome to Balance of Power: 1815. The Congress of Vienna has concluded, and the consequences of the decisions made there have already arisen. Your 1815 World... October, 1814... Murat engages the Papal army. Before negotiations had even finished, Joachim Murat marched his troops...
  15. Catholic

    [BoP:1815] Vienna

    Welcome to the Congress of Vienna! This is the in-character discussion channel for your nation. Please start by introducing yourself, your country, and your nation's desires from the Congress of Vienna as well as what you prefer the post-war settlement to look like.
  16. Catholic

    [BoP:1815] Signup Thread - Signups Locked

    Welcome to Balance of Power: 1815. Napoleon, the biggest threat to the European status quo, has finally been defeated. The ideals of the French Revolution has been quashed after a short free reign, and the conservative order can once again be placed on the continent. There can be, however, no...
  17. Catholic

    Might and Magic: Heroes VII

    Yay! I was a huge fan of HoMM III, enjoyed HoMM V, and absolutely hated Might and Magic: Heroes VI. I really hope this one turns out to be good.
  18. Catholic

    [BoP: Serva] Innovaganix Biomebassy

    Year 197 January System Relations Report TO BE RELEASED TO THE PRESS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY DISPATCH FROM: Commander Vertalys, aboard the SYMBIOSIS To the people of the glorious Pel's Aurora, I represent CEO Deon Banner of the Innovaganix Megacorporation, the number one biotechnology...
  19. Catholic

    [Werewolf] A Statistical Analysis.. (Looking for Suggestions!)

    Werewolf is a fascinating game. The entire basis of the game is to draw conclusions from small links in human behavior, fabricating entire cases from marginal correlations that tie certain seemingly random human behaviors to alignment. Good werewolf players are separated from bad ones by two...
  20. Catholic

    [BoP: 1700] Battle of Vienna, Holy League Victory!

    After a long day of fulfilling his kingly obligations, August the Strong finally goes to sleep, only to awaken in a nightmare.... Only he isn't August II anymore. He is now John III Sobieski, the man who saved Vienna with the largest cavalry charge in history. He looks around him, sees...
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