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  1. scarface52

    Unresolved You can't sack the town if the army leader dies during siege assault

    If the army leader dies during siege assault, the game thinks that the player (and probably other lords too) is not part of the army that took it. As a result, you can't participate in the sack of the town.
  2. scarface52

    Old gameplay looks great. Archery model is better. What happened?

    What happened there? Did you kill the guy who attacked you? =)
    Not my video :grin:
  3. scarface52

    Old gameplay looks great. Archery model is better. What happened?

    Did you do what I said and load up vanilla Warband and use a bow for 20 minutes before you posted that? Your missing the whole point of the thread... Go and try it please :smile:
    I have played 25 hours of Warband last week. Are you not talking about this?

  4. scarface52

    Old gameplay looks great. Archery model is better. What happened?

    You can disable vertical aim correction from gameplay options.
  5. scarface52

    In Progress Cursor Flickering in menus and world map. Possible solutions in Replies.

    Generally I run at 2x my refresh rate because, for some reason, load speed is tied to framerate (go figure). I was just running it as fast as possible to show the extent of the issue. It was doing that on 120 - 150 fps.

    I hadn't noticed the whole "total freeze while cursor is on screen" bit until just before that video, which is why I recorded it and put the engine fps limiter to something crazy.

    At this stage, Scene editing is like torture and anything outside of a battle is wildly unfun FPS are about 1/4 what they normally are if you are moving the mouse.

    At this point the no-cursor fix might be the best option, and I am sure there is a program that can overlay a cursor over the game to make it simpler to use.
    Can you try lowering your mouse polling rate? It at least made it bearable for me.
  6. scarface52

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    That might be one mentioned - 'memory leak after conversations'.
    It still happens for me.
  7. scarface52

    TW please, please fix this.

    You don't have to choose as they are separate levels 150 workshop 175 caravan, but you will only currently be able to get the caravan one as the workshop one doesn't work at least in 1.5.7 according to villager connections (bannerlordperks.com)
    Villager Connections saves 50% more gold when 'you' get captured, not your workshop. redmark refers to the Rapid Development perk which returns 5000 gold when you lose your workshop and that perk is at 175.
  8. scarface52

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    We've implemented @scarface52 's suggestions on the party screen 1 2 3.
    Oh hey, thanks for considering. You also implemented this at 1.5.8.
  9. scarface52

    In Progress 1.5.8 wrong XP calculations

    You get raw XP from your actions which count for your overall level progression. This raw XP is multiplied by your learning rate for your skill progression. So your level XP and your skill XP don't have to add up because XP you get for your level progression doesn't get affected by your learning rate.
  10. scarface52

    In Progress Using the "Character Customization" menu changes character weight

    Summary: Using the "Character Customization" menu changes character weight. How to Reproduce: Open the "Character Customization" menu by pressing V and click done. Media: Before After
  11. scarface52

    In Progress Tooltips are broken for battle gains

    Summary: Tooltip for renown gains is bugged as shown in the screenshot. Influence and morale tooltips don't even show up if they are supposed to. Media:
  12. scarface52

    Need More Info Cavalry troops bend too much with new cheering animations

    Summary: Cavalry troops bend too much while cheering to the point it causes some unrealistic visuals. How to Reproduce: Won a battle and watch cavalry cheer until they do it. Media:
  13. scarface52

    Resolved String Error for "Enable Tutorial"

    This issue has been fixed. You may mark this as resolved.
  14. scarface52

    Resolved Damage Report Inconstancy

    The issue seems to be fixed according to this. You may mark this thread as solved.
    Fixed an issue with the combat log which caused extra damage from skills & effects to be reported incorrectly.
  15. scarface52

    Resolved Cancelling Caravan Trade Creates Free Loot Pop-up

    The issue seems to be fixed according to this. You may mark this thread as solved.
    Fixed a bug that caused the 'You're leaving loot behind' warning to show up in caravan trade inventory screens.
  16. scarface52

    In Progress Brigand parties cannot be engaged

    Are you holding the Alt button while clicking on them by any chance? That makes your party follow theirs but not engage.
  17. scarface52

    1.5.7...are those bugs in every campaign??

    1st bug is that when a lord creates an army everyone fast forwards and joins them...like a magnet pulling them..insanely fast
    Probably "Call to Arms" perk from Tactics tree caused this. It makes parties that are joining armies %1000 faster instead %10.
    and second bug is that when i recruit recruits they are ready to lvl up without doing anything
    The secondary effect of the "Famous Commander" perk seems to be bugged and works for everyone. It gives 200 XP to recruits.
    third bug is that sometimes the towns are having their normal garrison(300+ troops) but when you siege it it goes down to only the garrison..not the militia...that means only 80+ soldiers defending them
    Militia doesn't join defenders if the loyalty is low this might be the reason.
  18. scarface52

    In Progress Cursor Flickering in menus and world map. Possible solutions in Replies.

    What do you exactly mean by "mitigate the problem"? Does it remove it completely or just partially, or for a period of time?
    Partially. The cursor still flickers but much less and the menu lag isn't noticeable. It doesn't seem to get worse over time if it even does.

    For the record, I changed my mouse polling rate to 125 from 1000.
  19. scarface52

    Resolved Crazy fast parties on the map

    My guess is that the army leader had 'Call to Arms' perk from tactics tree which was supposed to do:
    Parties that you have called to your army moves 10% faster while moving to the army.
    Something might have gone wrong while implementing that perk. Just a guess though.

    Edit: Looking at the code, I think they made them 1000% faster instead of 10%.
  20. scarface52


    Here's a sneak peek for you. There will be an achievement for having high amounts of butter in your inventory. I could list you the rest but I wouldn't want to spoil it.
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