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  1. Captain

    saturday 3pm ... 20 guys play captain mode ..... because of the 2hands ...sure
  2. Menavlion in Multiplayer

    Oil & NRA ?
    WoW u hero
    They are OP & point.
  3. Voulgier

    is OP
  4. Berserker

    is OP
  5. Khan's Guard

    Is OP (with the 2hand)
  6. Menavlion Infantry

    is OP
  7. Savage

    is OP
  8. Guard

    is OP
  9. 2 Händler OP//CaptainMode

    Wer weis warum es niemaden interessiert das die 2händler so unfassbar krank OP im CaptainMode? Kann man da nichtmal eine Art Kommentaration starten um zu zeigen das eig keiner mehr CaptainMode zoggt weils kein Sinn macht mit den 2händlern so. Das geilt mich asi ab. Interessiert mich doch nicht...
  10. 1,2,3 // 2Hands are OP & point!

    1. We have to be able to communicate with 1,2,3! (the calls) At this moment you can also spam, but nobody does it. So no argument! 2. Nobody wants to play CM because the 2 hands are absolutely OP. Right now 8 people are generally playing the CM ... Do you really think they just don't feel...
  11. Shields are op and there aren't enough skills to open up an opponent

    mhh ... shilds are OP but 2hands not mhh ... sure .. wow ... 8Player play at the time ... mhh yeahr u right
  12. Captain

    We have to be able to communicate with 1,2,3!
    At this moment you can also spam, but nobody does it. So no argument!
    2. Nobody wants to play CM because the 2 hands are absolutely OP.

    Right now 8 people are generally playing the CM ...
    Do you really think they just don't feel like it?
    I say no!
    They feel like it but nobody wants to support this two-handed OverPower ****!

    It's not even the damage, but the armor absolutely OP.
    Nevertheless all infantrymen die after 3-5sec vs 2hands. This is neither realistic nor funny, nor tactical, nor role play styles.

    For whom ?
    For 5 people who write to you in the forum that 2Hands should be stronger & stronger & stronger?
    Was that the same 5 people who said North was OP without talking to the berserkers?

    I am very disappointed.
    I will definitely not spam Archer or the like just to defeat the 2Handers. I'd rather not gamble any more! then you still have 7 players!

    But heyyyyy, the 5 favorites are still there:wink:

    So bots are coming soon mhh
  13. Menavlion in Multiplayer

    2 hands are generally much to OP.

    It is absolutely irrelevant whether the player can i-what or not.
    Each unit loses against the 2-handers in 5 seconds

    You are the captain. The player must & may not have to kill everything & everyone otherwise you don't play Captain Mode.

    A naked 2 hanger comes and you have to hit him 3 times.

    Yes, you can then spam Archers .. nice CaptainMode

    It's just gross.
    Where are the tactics, where is the fun, the team play?
    all gone. only rush & "what you have no 150Kills you noob, just take two-handed"

    Everyone knows it but in the forum it is always pretended that it is wrong.

    That's the reason why nobody actually plays CaptainMode anymore.
  14. Captain

    Always the same people. Nobody wants to be slaughtered by OP 2 hands [...]

    Which archer is showing off the hits?
    Which infantryman is showing off with the arrows on his shield?

    But as a 2-hander you feel like OP that [...]
    You don't have to do anything = 80kills directly.

    You also have to hit the naked 2-handed at least 3 times.

    & it seems as if all the skills of the AI are needed for the two hands.
    As an infantryman, you HAVE to do almost all the kills yourself, because your AI is handicapped like ****.

    So are the archers. stand 10m behind the enemy = 2kills.

    .... That's why nobody wants to go into Captain Mode.

    These two hands can make a server for themselves, but the official ones should be designed differently.

    / NoVoiceChat. Allows players to summon all troops.
    1, 2, 3
  15. Captain

    0 with crits. & in 90% 4-5 twoHands in my & the other team .. .........
    its cool.......
  16. Formations bug/unplayable

    How few play with formations? Did you still notice that the formations are now broken? almost always .. I like you, but how can you release such a patch? Or the main thing, the shock troops of the Northmen no longer have shields mhhhhh almost 1 week ... The singleplayer is now unplayable...
  17. Captain

    You sound exactly like my ex-girlfriend.
    Eternal the fast one :wink:
    haha ..
    good Joke
  18. Captain

    Not sure if this is the right place to write this, but I think we NEED a captain battle custom server, just like in warband TG_Captain_Battle server. I find captain mode is the greatest thing ever. I prefer the slower longer rounds of the above mentioned server. I like it to feel like a long war, whereas the current captain mode system, although awesome, was clearly tailored to a demand for a faster pace. To each his own, but I wish we could have a "long war" captain mode dedicated server where a round might take 12 whole minutes, and a man might have to wait 11 minutes if he "****s the bed" so to speak. The sentiment echoed often on the above mentioned server was "it's worth the wait." Additionally I feel the 3 flag system works as a method of reducing the round time, and I feel one flag appearing at the end of a match was perfect for a more realistic life-like captain battle mode. In my mind it could be thought of asna strategic point which determined victory according to who possessed it at the end of a battle. Lastly, not to complain, but as constructive criticism, the "morale" system works, again, only as a method of reducing the round time. Morale is simply the will to fight, which would not necessarily be determined by who is currently holding an objective, and again one final flag appearing at the end of a round was for me the most perfect system devised for the purpose of ending a round of captain battle. Keep up the great work Taleworlds on the best game series ever.

    that its what i want say with my bad english xD thx Vandal_Aelric HAHAHA
  19. Captain

    u need 30sek.
  20. Captain

    my good statistics have been getting worse since yesterday.
    easily lost 8 games with 0-3. Almost in a row
    I know, idiots now call me Noob.

    It just can't be what you're doing.
    Nobody cares that the two-handers are Owerpower.
    It is said: the team is bad or the faction is OP.

    & how do you do it with the AI, sometimes it's good & sometimes bad.
    & the flags, why is the game even shorter now but the warm up longer? who wants such changes?
    It just plays like a first person shooter, take the best weapon, rush straight to B and you win.

    and why nobody cares about the call bugs ...
    Why am I captain when I'm the one who has to kill everyone?

    I understand WHEN KillCountHunter writes the most here, but still the community consists of more players than killcounthunter

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