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  1. Resolution

    On my desktop (1920x1080) resolution text appears stretched and gives a headache. What's the best resolution for me to play on?
  2. How to disable cheat achievement?

    The one where you get warned for cheating and banned from cheating or winning the game if you do it 3 times. Because, you know, it's a single player game, it's kind of pointless.  There has to be a way to remove that.
  3. Music bug?

    I just started this mod, I'm playing england faction (or anglais whatever) and sometimes something weird happens with music when I enter a battle. Music plays on the campaign map and carries on into battle map, it turns off all sound effects in the battle. Only sound effect I can hear is when I...
  4. Crashes in multiplayer

    Crashes and shuts down after this error: 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade Warband\mb_warband.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way Please contact the application's support team for more...
  5. Assigning fiefs

    I'm a king who has 5 vassals(/lords). When ever I talk to them there is an option of asking them who they think should receive a fief. However there's no collective report on the lords attitude to the fief anywhere. Not after talking to the marshal, not in reports either. Hasn't this been...
  6. companion mission

    I send a companion on the scouting mission (the one to see if there are any bickerings amongst lords), he comes back but when I click on reports and then on companion missions, all I get is that they're at arms. He told me he gave me his report but I don't see it. I think i just don't know where...
  7. Frequent crashes

    Hi, I'm using version 1.132 and I'm experiencing crashes. These happen at random times. It happens alot on the campaign map whenever I go to someone (or an army). It also happens when I change some of the video settings. It's just a crash, involved with the exe program, shutting it down. specs...
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