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  1. KidKiedis

    [Suggestion] I want to marry my wanderer companions.

    Yes. They look way better than nobles. But local traders and gang leaders look just like some local model agencies and with better params. =)
  2. KidKiedis

    Weird battlefield AI behavior.

    Well, it looks like your troops are doomed due to incredibly stupid behavior with all that turning their backs on enemy archers. So it seems like character is way more important in that case. Maybe it's a great idea after all. You should get the best armor and stay safe?!

    Still it should not look like a suicide =)
  3. KidKiedis

    Need More Info Switching through companion roles disables roles of other companions (Clan tab)

    You can work around this by setting clan roles via dialogs. Or just being careful with the sequence of role assignment. Very cumbersome - I know
    You can just click on the roles list object, and it will show all options.

    Still cycling with arrows drops all roles to None.
  4. KidKiedis

    Weird battlefield AI behavior.

    Yep. That's why Im here too.

    AI is a total CRAP right now.
    Infantry moves forward and then turns their backs on arrows.
  5. KidKiedis

    Lords and bandits should not carry all their money with them

    10k is nothing in mid-late game.
    10k is a cap player can loot from one lord. It was much more before one of a first patches.
    10k is not much, but what if you're in battle with 10 lords?)
  6. KidKiedis

    Lords and bandits should not carry all their money with them

    That could be modded
    Sure, still it breaks the balance of the core game.

    I'm trying to kind of fix my own game. Not taking all loot, leaving prisoners and so on. Made it much tougher in early game, but once you get to bigger politics, gold starts flowing in vast amounts and mostly from battles.
  7. KidKiedis

    Resolved Large bag of barbed arrows has same amount of arrows as simple one.

    Large bag of barbed arrows has same amount of arrows as simple one. Large one weights 2.5 and common 2.0 UPD And it seems like Heavy Ranger Bow has same parameters as Ranger Bow. Weights + 0.5 Version: 1.2.1
  8. KidKiedis

    Need More Info Switching through companion roles disables roles of other companions (Clan tab)

    Once you select a companion and cycle through his roles from None to None it resets all companions roles you've set before. Guess it's made to prevent player from having 2 surgeons but now to set a role in a middle of a list is quite a task since half of your roles will be reset. Guess that's...
  9. KidKiedis

    Lords and bandits should not carry all their money with them

    Noticed a few times that player plunders 10.000 dinars from defeated lords after victory. So lords keep incredible amounts of money with them. Same for looters and bandits. Seems like everyone has more trust in roads than in chests behind castle walls or in some hideout. =) There's no logic in...
  10. KidKiedis

    Why equipment pricing should dramatically drop

    **** than i need to quit my job as the party leader and get a merc job myself haha, so a lord can pay for my gear.
    Hah.. guess some of them were captains who thought so.

    Don't forget about loot they get after the battle.
  11. KidKiedis

    Bug Report: Kranirog Castle

    Still happens in current update. (1.1.0 i guess)
  12. KidKiedis

    Why equipment pricing should dramatically drop

    so that still doesn't explain why my troop with a 40 denar daily wage can afford better armor and weapons than me
    Mercenary unions? =)

    Actually not only player loots the battlefield. Guess he's the last who gets his hands on all that swag.
  13. KidKiedis

    Unresolved Siege problem in Ustokol Castle and Kranirog Castle

    Same issue still present. Units don't climb ladders on the right side and behave strangely at all. I'am on 1.1.0.
  14. KidKiedis

    Why equipment pricing should dramatically drop

    Then why does it cost under 1000 denars to upgrade any peasant to use them?
    Because they own their stuff. They're all mercenaries and you pay for their work, not their equipment. They want more salary? They get better, buy better sword and gambeson and approach their lord with "how about 10 denars a day, mlord?")
  15. KidKiedis

    [Diplomacy issue] Kings are suicidal

    That's because Raganvad is a ****ing moron, he will hoard fiefs for himself and do all kinds of dumb things, playing for Sturgia right now is a waste of time sadly.
    lol Sure he's an ******* but same happened when I played for NE in previous session. Now I just have the numbers.

    Seems like factions are just targeting exact settlements for the next attack and don't care much about declaring war on a few superpowers.
  16. KidKiedis

    Wars declaration


    Sturgia just declared war on SE and Khizaits while being at war with NE and having only 3 cities left.
  17. KidKiedis

    [Diplomacy issue] Kings are suicidal

    Playing for Sturgians this session, but I've noticed that behavior quite a number of times. Sturgia (~2000 Strength) has only 3 cities left and at war with NE (4000S), then it declares war at Khuzaits(4000S) and then on Southern Empire (4000S). Khizaits have peace with all other faction, i.e...
  18. KidKiedis

    Why equipment pricing should dramatically drop

    Looks like OP removed the poll, which means that majority of users voted against cheaper prices.

    There're no helmets for 1million denars in Bannerlord and Warband had a bunch of armour and horses for >20k. Not to mention difference in economy and daily income in Bannerlord. And you can't buy towns in Bannerlord. And wtf are you talking about? =)
  19. KidKiedis

    Infinite income issue and solutions

    Just started a new playthrough, where I leave most of my loot, don't take prisoners excerpt potential recruits, no workshops or caravans and no traiding. And it seems like in that case early-game economy works quite well (only needs more quests).

    Problem is in mid-game, where your money start rocketing with successful campaigns. Each defeated lord gives you loot-money, high tier prisoners and gear. So poor mercenary gets about 10-15k per battle plus free equipment and troops.

    So I think removing plundered money at all or significantly reducing them should help a great deal!

    First of all players don't loose money if defeated, so why AI lords should? And why do they need so much gold with them?

    Why do you even oppose my suggestion of splitting it into different difficulties?
    Don't think anyone would say anything against difficulty levels. 😉
  20. KidKiedis

    Settlement development and upkeep

    But I think there's no need to add more tiers. Increased building terms will make players choose priorities instead of just building all there is. 3 tiers would be more than enough in that case.

    Those ideas and features are obvious. Actually, I think devs just removed building costs due to EA and testing.
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