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  1. Aggrobiscuit

    Hostile faction during peacetime, bug or feature?

    Started a new save, Southern Empire this time. I haven't had time to make any enemies and I joined during peacetime. War has yet to break out, but I've come across Apys of Eletheroi's party which is patrolling around in Empire land hostile (red). I went over to talk to him out of curiosity, and...
  2. Aggrobiscuit

    Resolved Missing daughter quest bugs

    Daughter often does not appear in her village after the missing daughter quest is completed, even though the quest log says she has returned. This leads to the wanderer never being able to be recruited. Also the daughter has zero in all stats and skills, so all her skills cap at 1, meaning she...
  3. Aggrobiscuit

    Resolved Visual glitch with armours

    Wearing gloves with Studded Steppe Leather, and also Reinforced Suede Armor causes a visual clipping bug.
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