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  1. Riffraff99

    @Tale Worlds Problem with mad, toxic, offending Players in MP

    There is a huge problem with mad, toxic, offending players in MP wich bother other players in fact theyre new in a game mode, make their own thing, dont comunicate alot, this musst stop! This mad, toxic, offending players chase away new players from Bannerlord, i dont think this progression is...
  2. Riffraff99

    Is Sturgia the weakest Nation?

    Many say the troop tree of Sturgia is the weakest, is it really the weakest?
  3. Riffraff99

    How to modify existing vanilla Factions?

    I want to recreate some of the vanilla factions of Bannerlord with vanilla stuff but dont know how to do this, wich files do i have to edit, where are this files and are they at this point of development possible to edit? And are the Warband Modding tutorials still useful or completely outdated?
  4. Riffraff99

    What about a Bandit Kingdom

    I think it could be very funny when you could be also a member of a Bandit Kingdom wich is looting all the time and give a :poop: on their reputation :grin: Bandit camps can be used to sell your stuff or buy new.
  5. Riffraff99

    SP need Companion Spies

    I would like to see companions as spies in the SP. They must have good Tactics, Roguery, Charm and they can do espionage missions or tell you what a special person plan to do next, like war declarations or something like this.
  6. Riffraff99

    Campaign could be done better!

    The story of the campaign is "interessting" (i dont understand the part with the banner) but the connection of the gameplay and the campaign is too few, it looks to me like the campaign is supposed to be a seperated part of the SP just if youre interessted in dealing with it, its not a main goal...
  7. Riffraff99

    Why is the Capital Sargoth in Bannerlord on Veluca?

    I just dont understand why the capital of the Northern Empire is on the same spot in Bannerlord where Veluca should supposed to be?! 1257 M&B 1 1057 Bannerlord
  8. Riffraff99

    1257 Calradia MOD

    What about a mod wich put you in 1257 Calradia (M&B 1 setting)? It seems the base for the main factions still exist in the vanilla Bannerlord, like crossbows, longbows, chain mails, sparta swords, sabers, pot helmets (correct name?!), wolf skin shoulder stuff and northern helmets.
  9. Riffraff99

    Capital of the former Empire?!

    I like the story of the Empire and would like to know wich city was the capital back then?
  10. Riffraff99

    Gladius Sword into Bannerlord Vanilla

    Hello, the Gladius sword is a legend, the Gladius blade is part of Bannerlord vanilla but not as sword just the blade for smithing. Plz @TW implement the Gladius sword into Bannerlord Vanilla, we have everything for vanilla roman legions except a Gladius sword, so plz implement it :smile:
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