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  1. Hawkes

    No guns in bannerlord for the love of sgdfkmfmdgksdmf

    Surely having a toggle option for firearms could be viable?
  2. Hawkes

    Groupfighting Server

    Name of the person causing trouble: SS_Sapper_GunZo
    Nature of their offense: Shooting a player intentionally, with full knowledge of server rules.
    Time and date of their offense: 20/03/2013, 18:04 GMT
    If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question: Witness.
    Any proof if you have it, For instance screenshots (use spoilers!):
  3. Hawkes

    War of Rights - announcement

    So it's going to be like Battlegrounds but in... Civil war?
  4. Hawkes

    Groupfighting Server

    I love the new maps - my cardboard box of a computer can run them smoothly.  :grin:
  5. Hawkes

    How to become a melee master!

    Glad I made a few laugh lol. I'm planning now on either making - visual represenation of EU1 chat, an interactive video on 'Life of a Musician' or as one suggested here - an instructional video on how to shoot.
  6. Hawkes

    Groupfighting Server

    Graf_Zahl said:
    Community name: 5th_TFF_Maj_Graf_Zahl

    Steam Name: brassder

    Age: 20

    Location/Timezone: GMT+1

    Regiments: 5th_TFF

    About yourself: I am the founder and the leader of the 5th_TFF playing this game since mm_russia3. Sometimes I can even get some of the bad-asses of melee :wink: .

    Why you would be a good admin: I know the rules and totally agree with them. Also I know how to handle trolls as I have and had to handle them a lot.

    Previous Experience (if any): I know how the adminpanels in warband work as i´m using them daily on our server.

    On a badass scale of nub to nub, how badass are said people?
  7. Hawkes

    How to become a melee master!

    Marshal Kristov said:
    Liked it. The old fashion style suited it very well, Now how do I aim a gun?  :lol:

    Challenge accepted.  :cool:
  8. Hawkes

    How to become a melee master!

    Ililsa said:
    Melee in first person?

    Discounting this video, clearly some pubber scrub.

    NO U
  9. Hawkes

    How to become a melee master!

    If you try the FSE thread, the youtube video can be played via that.
  10. Hawkes

    How to become a melee master!

    Lol. Glad I made somebody laugh. :smile:
  11. Hawkes

    How to become a melee master!

    I've decided to help teach players how to expand their skills in melee. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAT5ycOFh_8&feature=youtu.be
  12. Hawkes

    Clarification of some community issues

    Thundersnow said:
    What does kl stand for?

    Archaeologists and Historians are still trying to find out to this day.
  13. Hawkes

    Groupfighting Tournament XIV - Dawn of the Sword

    If I have time and permission I'll record dis shizzle.
  14. Hawkes

    A visual representation of FSE forums

    Oh yeah lol.

  15. Hawkes

    A visual representation of FSE forums

    Aksei said:

    Thanks.  :grin:
  16. Hawkes

    Swords or Bayonets?

    I'd choose a sword over a bayonet anyday, as you can pull off a few more fancy tricks with one - the sword is not 'better' than the bayonet because it has 2 extra swing directions. It's not the swords fault if you can't use your left and right blocks - it's also much easier to follow feints with a sword, and block a sword imo.

  17. Hawkes

    Bans/Mutes/Warnings on FSE

    FSE are worse than godzilla.
  18. Hawkes

    A visual representation of FSE forums

    I was bored last night, so I made this. http://youtube.com/watch?v=iEc-dS8TB_g
  19. Hawkes

    Groupfighting Tournament XIV - Dawn of the Sword

    James Stewart said:
    A 91st one but no bans on our current servers will be withstanding come the tournament.

    Great to hear.  :grin:

    I'll get a team up shortly.

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