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  1. Lesbosisles

    Need More Info [e1.5.5 Beta] Crash when entering "Del" button on a barter screen

    So, recently a pleasant change has been made to a barter screen - a player now is allowed to type the amount of money he wants to get/give by hand. But there's an unpleasant moment - when entering the price, try deleting something with the "Del" button - you'll get an immediate crash. I use...
  2. Lesbosisles

    Noblemen(and women) personalities affect their wish to fight with you over time

    I don't know the developers' plans for such a thing as traits - right now I feel like they affect little to nothing in the game. It doesn't matter if a lord or a lady brave or a coward - even with 2 men in their party they will say "There can be only one!" to your 300+ men party. So here's my...
  3. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.5.4 Beta] Wrong scene for the Stathymos village

    Stathymos village has a wrong scene template - the village is situated somewhere in the mountains, but its scene is for the villages situated near the sea shore (check screens for a better understanding). I use only Settlement Icons mod.
  4. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.5.4 Beta] Dead gang leader still counts as a living one

    During the "Rival gang" quest I've managed to kill the rival gang leader. However, if you look at the town's notables list, the exact same dead gang leader is still recognised by the town as a living one. If you look an encyclopedia entry, though, his portrait will be greyed and the note says...
  5. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.5.4 Beta] Prodigal son: can't open the door to the gang leader's house.

    I received a quest Prodigal Son, and went to Epicrotea to save the hostage noble. However, I can't open the door of the gang leader's house, hence, I can't complete the quest. I use only Settlement Icons mod, it shouldn't be the reason of such a bug. However, I've uploaded a save file to...
  6. Lesbosisles

    Are there any modders, who's trying to create scenes for vanilla game world?

    Hello, everyone! Any modders here who's trying to add new scenes to vanilla game map? From what I can see now, modders create maps (and a pretty good ones), but they make them for multiplayer or for custom battles. For a vanilla singleplayer I see only mods for weapons/armour (some of them are...
  7. Lesbosisles

    What is the probability for lords and ladies to die in battle?

    Greetings, everyone! I've heard that recently devs have decreased the probability for nobles to die in battle. As far as I remember, it was 10% and happened only when the player is involved in a battle - they never died in auto-calculations or in battles NPC vs. NPC. Right now, in 1.5.3 nobles...
  8. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e.1.5.3]Flying stuff in Aseria villages

    The Aserai village Fanab, and every other village with the same scenario is broken - there are things floating in the air. The problem exists since 1.5.1, I think, it's strange that it hasn't been reported yet. Screens
  9. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.5.3] Game crashes after losing a siege battle

    Game crashes every time I lose the siege battle and get captured by enemy. Note, that the game crashes ONLY if a actually play the battle - if I use an auto calculation for a fight, no crash follows. I was using a mod "Settlement Icons" mod and when I got crash, I tried to play the battle...
  10. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.5.2 Beta] Gang leader always needs one handed axes

    Wherever I go (Empire, Khuzaits, Aserai, Sturgia - matters not) and wherever I get the 'Gang leader needs weapons' quest - they ALWAYS want one handed axes. I remember that at first versions of the game they asked for different types of weapon, not only axes, and the only thing that was excluded...
  11. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.5.1 Beta] Every captive or enemy in general is smiling

    Like why do they smile at all? Are they so glad I've caught them or are they mocking me? But, being serious, this looks strange, it was fixed before and now the bug is ressurected. Fix please. Screens
  12. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.5.1 Beta] Horsemen are spawned outside of map causing massive stuttering

    There is a battle scenario, looks like a creek or something, it is long and I would've set a perfect ambush here (I hope the description is enough, becasue I've no Idea if battlefields have any names). Anyway, when playing this scene and you and your enemy both have many men in your party, your...
  13. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.5.1 Beta] Sestadeim castle still has a city scenario

    One of the patchnotes mentioned that Sestadeim castle (the Imperial one) has finally become a castle, not the city. However, I've visited the castle recently and guess what - it is still have an Imperial city scene! I guess, no other comments needed. Fix it please, or make Sestadeim a city :D...
  14. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.5.1 Beta] Ulethaim castle terrible siege performance

    I've mentioned this problem before in another topic, but I wasn't sure if it was a one-off or not. Today I've played a siege scenario for Ulethaim castle and I can confirm with 100% assurance - the performance during the siege is TERRIBLE. 20 FPS at the starting (though I have like solid 60 in...
  15. Lesbosisles

    What are the terms for noble units to appear in the village?

    Howdy, everyone! I'm sure this question has been discussed more than a thousand times but I couldn't find a topic with an answer.... So, what are the terms for noble units to appear in the village? Are they bound to some particular villages which names I must learn or there are some terms like...
  16. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.5.1 Beta] One and the same model for every soldier in settlements

    In settlements with soldiers there's one model for every soldier. Patrolling soldiers, soldiers in tavern - they are all one and the same person! (Look screenshots). Happens in every settlement, but only in peaceful scenarios. In battles soldiers differ in their look. Screenshots These fellas...
  17. Lesbosisles

    In Progress [e1.5.1] Summer tree LODs in winter scenarios

    Summary: In winter scenarios a summer tree LOD is used. When you get close to those trees, they turn into winter leaveless normal trees. How to Reproduce: Go into any scenario, look at the trees that are far away from you (they should be LODs, not actual 3D models). You'll see them as green...
  18. Lesbosisles

    Need More Info [e1.5.1 Beta] Noble Imperial women title is bugged in Encyclopedia

    Summary: Instead of actual title there's a technical error written in encyclopedia for noble Imperial women How to Reproduce: read the encyclopedia Media (Screenshots & Video): Screenshot as an example Version: e1.5.1 Beta Installed community-made modifications: None
  19. Lesbosisles

    Could anyone please explain me how does the new leveling system work?

    Hey, everyone! So, the name of the topic is pretty self-explanatory - I can't understand how does the new character development system work? An early version of it was as simple as a stick, but now I can't understand it.
  20. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.5.0 Beta] Quest "Family feud" - the game says "Failed" though the quest is completed

    Summary: If you complete the "Family feud" quest by persuasion (this is important!), you'll get the notification that the quest is failed. However, the game responds as if it was completed, so it's only a visual (and sound) bug, but it's a bit annoying anyway. If you complete the quest through a...
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