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  1. SeanBeansShako

    Red Wars Now Open Source

    Odd this hasn't been mentioned in this forum, so I guess I will do so. http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-red-war-12/news/red-wars-is-going-open-source The module is more or less open source now. Both versions. Enjoy.
  2. SeanBeansShako

    Dedicated Coder Needed For Warband single player project!

    Posting here for a friend who isn't registered on these forums, but is working on a 18th century era Calradia mod and is in desperate need of a coder to help him match and merge a few things together. He asked me to pass on his STEAM details so just hit him up here, if you are interested :)
  3. SeanBeansShako

    SAdraGoons American Saturday Event! Starting on the 14th of September!

    Presenting a new North And South event as an attempt to revive the post NW mod scene with a multi regiment approved rule set tailored for both the era the mod is set and the mechanics read for the community to enjoy! I always thought it was sort of sad how the enthusiasm over North And South...
  4. SeanBeansShako

    [WB][S] Calradia Imperial Age: Napoleonic Era Inspired M&B! BETA 3.1 OUT PAGE 31

    Have you ever wondered what Calradia could be like if time was advanced forward from the Medieval Fantasy setting to the height of the Gun Powder era of our own world? Well, wonder no more and welcome to the Imperial Age! CIA is a long standing attempt to inject the gun powder cloaked brightly...
  5. SeanBeansShako

    [NW] An Officer And Gentleman: A Client-side Bicorn Officers Hat Replacement Mod

    DAMN YOUR REGULATIONS SIR, I AM AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN AND I WILL KEEP MY HAT! This mod does (mostly) what it says, replacing the slightly tarted up regulation Shako head gear of most line and light to medium cav for all the nations in Napoleonic Wars. Skirmishers, Grenadiers and most...
  6. SeanBeansShako

    Officers and Regimental Field Tactics For Line Battles (Line Battles 101) 2.0

    Congratulations! If you are reading this I’ve expected you’ve just formed your first Napoleonic Wars regiment out of a circle of internet friends or you’ve volunteered to be one of the few Officers to lead your men into battle. That is a very wise choice. Because appearances can deceive being an...
  7. SeanBeansShako

    Line Battle Map Project Thread

    Okay guys, lets all be honest here. The novelty of having to suffer the horrors of Warbands slightly broken random map generation has gotten a little stale for all of us at this point, and talking with my regiment and other members of the community I've discovered the most fun line battles wise...
  8. SeanBeansShako

    North And South Line Battle Rule Set Discussion

    Me and my guys had a pretty horrible time as Cavalry in a line battle, and it really has sealed the deal in my opinion that porting most of the Napoleonic Wars line battle rules is not going to cut it. Lets get this out right now, guns have better accuracy for pretty much everyone, the Cavalry...
  9. SeanBeansShako

    The British Cavalry Questions: Hussars For The British?

    Lets not beat around the bush, playing about in public or line battle play compared to the rest of the nations with British Cavalry isn't that fun or balanced against other nations now (the Rifles argument no longer works due to the fact they the Baker no longer has a bayonet fixed) and quite a...
  10. SeanBeansShako

    A Call for Open Beta Multiplayer for Napoleonic Wars!

    This melee nonsense has gone on long enough. Team Fortress 2, Red Orchestra 2, Super Monday Combat, War Of The Roses and numerious recent MMOs including to this date Planetside 2 and Guild Wars 2 have held Open Betas to to gather proper information instead of developers reading through hundreds...
  11. SeanBeansShako

    Organised European Line Battles: A sudden lack of them! PLEASE READ AND DISCUSS

    These last few weeks seem to have been quite a struggle in both organising and attending the currently established European line battles of these forums for all of us. Now I know it is the late summer and since the community is quite young many of them are enjoying what time they have left...
  12. SeanBeansShako

    NW along with other Mount and Blade Products on Sale for the next few days!

    In the next few days the Mount and Blade series is on sale on STEAM 75% off. Now is the time to either pursuade or gift a friend a copy of Napoleonic Wars maybe ;).
  13. SeanBeansShako

    SAdraGoons North American Sunday Line Battle Event: Gone But Not Forgotten

    Presenting The SAdraGoons North American Line Battle Event! Hello there, we've recently picked up a 200 slot NA based server from BlueFang solutions and decided it is time to give back to the community for the many hours of organised entertainment we've got since we started playing the past...
  14. SeanBeansShako

    Napoleonic Wars Mentioned In Rock Paper Shotguns Flare Path Article!

    It is here towards the end but it is more or less half an article of words and both the DLC and line battle community has impressed Tim Stone. Fingers crossed this gets more people playing the DLC and staying for the line battles.
  15. SeanBeansShako

    Guide to Organizing and Overseeing a Napoleonic Wars Line Battle Event

    Hello there, I’m assuming you are reading this because you want to know how host a Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars Line Battle Event. First off a little background about me the writer, SeanBeansShako AKA Nurdbot in the game and mod has been playing these things since the start of the year in...
  16. SeanBeansShako

    SA DraGoons NW Battlefields: Battle, CTF, Conquest and Siege server!

    Thanks to SA forum member MC2552John and NW Forum memeber Nettelbeck we SA goons have finally got access to  two 200 slot player servers of our own, and I personally have decided that when we're not using it to train every now and then we'll let the community play the less standard game modes of...
  17. SeanBeansShako

    Paradox Stuff Discounted on STEAM Including DLC!

    Just a quick heads up to all players who want to get some new blood in with friends but they've been on the fence or wanting you to gift the stuff to them cheap in the next few days before the sale ends.
  18. SeanBeansShako

    Unban SA_draGoons Tables

    With due respect to the server owners I'm trying to get one of my guys unbanned once more. Your in-game name at the time: Unban SA_draGoons Tables Who banned you? When were you banned? A few weeks ago. Why were you banned? Minor griefing on an officer doing line battle training. Why should you...
  19. SeanBeansShako

    The Ultimate Modding Question: What era would you like this DLC to be in?

    Lets talk the future of Napoleonic Wars mods people. I've noticed quite a huge amount of confusion and division over the modding future of this DLC. Seeing as this is now an international pay to play product instead of a simple made for free mod it is understandable anyone whos nation was...
  20. SeanBeansShako

    Galloper Guns: The missing link to the DLC?

    Now that I've been lurking for around 2-3 weeks longer than usual in these forums I appear to see quite a lot of discontent aimed at some of the semi realistic tweaks cav have had due to the era this DLC is set. Cav in the Napoleonic era is a mobile light force, in which a small group of...
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