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  1. Pallanza

    Gekokujo: FAQ, Wiki, and Quick Help

    Is there some sort of script which forces certain equipment onto fort troops? I made modifications to the troops.txt, specifically Tsushima gunners, using Morgh's editor. I gave them different body armor, removed the old one from their equipment list, and saved the changes. When I go into battle with them on a new game/save file made after the changes were saved, while a good number of them are wearing the new armor, the others are wearing the exact same equipment as from before the changes.

    I've double checked the troops.txt to make sure the equipment list has no mention of the old items whatsoever, but the result is the same; the Tsushimas insist on wearing whatever the hell they want, my orders be damned.

    Also, is there anything in scripts that would prevent a newly added pistol weapon from showing up? I've added in armor and it'll appear in the markets just fine, but I created a pistol and it doesn't show up whatsoever. I've checked that abundance is set to 100, and that the merchandise box is ticked off, and the troops in-game I gave it to use it with no problems or crashes.
  2. Pallanza

    [S] A New Dawn

    Why do my men retreat towards the enemy instead of the closest map edge when I order them to retreat, even when they're only five meters away from it? It's making it a pain in the ass trying to increase the levels of fodder-tier, non mass-recruitable units like townsmen/villagers when I try to get them to pull back and instead they decide to bumrush the better-armed, better-skilled looters like idiots.
  3. Pallanza

    [WB][S]Bella, Horrida Bella. My personal mod, searching for approval.

    It sounds interesting, although I'd try to flesh out the idea behind Conteratur a bit. If they think humanity is a mistake, how they maintain enough cohesion as a kingdom to go around killing people, flaying them, and eating their organs? How is it that their own subjects are immune from the idea of their being alive going against nature? Do they think that they have to kill everyone first, and then kill themselves? Are there nobles/peasants who dislike the idea of committing suicide eventually to fulfill their philosophy, and want to overthrow it? There's just something completely paradoxical and illogical about this kingdom's religion/philosophy, and that makes it hard to take them seriously. Instead of viewing them as some sort of barbaric, violent empire of darkness, the (sorry to be blunt) stupidity and hypocrisy of their ideas just makes me see them as the stereotypical "CRAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIN" middle-school edgelords who mark their wrists with lipstick to pretend they cut themselves, wear all black, and listen to Linkin Park.
  4. Pallanza

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 7 - Imperial Declines

    My personal wishlist for M&B consists of the following:

    Better sieges (Multiple paths of assault, siege weaponry, defense weaponry, options while starving out the garrison to do things like fire rotting corpses/sacks of filth into the castle to try and induce sickness in the defenders, sap the walls, try to send one or two troops in at night to raise the front gate, etc)

    Sea travel and sea battles. Pretty self-explanatory, maybe even allow assaults from the sea when sieging shoreline cities.

    Thrusting polearms (2H and 1H with shield) not useless compared to every other weapon. Multiple directions of thrusting so the AI doesn't just hold down the entire time and casually stroll into spearman blocks without a single casualty. Rhodok infantry really suffer thanks to this. In Warband, I can kill up to mid-tier units with a dagger that can't block more easily then I can kill them with a spear and shield just because the dagger has more than one attack.

    City/Village/Castle Growth. As a lord, I'd like to be able to invest heavily in my property, and see it grow accordingly. Being able to add additional farms to villages to up productivity, a garrison that can defend itself against bandits or generate a patrol that can take out small enemy forces, institute weekly/monthly militia training at the cost of some profit that results in my recruitments turning up low-tier soldiers instead of fresh recruits reliably and makes the garrison/patrols stronger (instead of the current high reputation, random chance system with no self-defense capabilities right now). Similar actions for castles and cities. I'd ask that the locations physically change with your upgrades, but that might take way more resources then necessary, so holding off on that would be completely understandable.

    Not stealth. The focus of Warband has always been on commanding troops and raising armies. Certainly, players fighting alongside their army is a core part of the game, which is what draws me to it over pure RTS games. However, a stealth system would be meaningless in regards to armies, given you can already maneuver out of the range and sight of enemy armies so long as you invest in Pathfinding, Spotting, and tracking. And no commander would be dumb enough to send themselves in as reconaissance or scouting, since getting captured or killed would mean the immediate loss of the command structure for their troops, as well as a major morale boost for the enemy. Adding stealth for the sake of "individual" activities like pickpocketing or assassinating would just result in more time being taken away from the core gameplay: recruiting troops to build armies, conquering kingdoms, and building up an empire, as well as unnecessarily complicating combat. I also refer to jacobhind's post here for further support
    jacobhinds said:
    redwood36 said:
    This combined with a stealthy /army mechanic would allow for resourceful commanders to take on larger forces if played correctly.

    The problem is that you've got to balance it so that the AI does it as well, which (in games) usually means an annoying popup saying you've lost x amount of troops to an unavoidable logistics sabotage. It's one of the reasons why I hate the agents in the total war series so much; they're unavoidable and you/the AI can just churn them out and deal nation-destroying damage for practically zero risk.

    Given that in warband (and in the middle ages) most armies wouldn't have supply lines that were very long, a scorched-earth mechanic would make more sense. There are plenty of occasions when the enemy would be able to utterly screw me over by siphoning off the food in nearby villages (even with the ability to feed an entire army for weeks from an impoverished village's dregs). At least that way, there'd be a huge risk involved with sending the regional harvest up in flames.

    Battlefield awareness of the A.I. It'd be good if we could maneuver using terrain in the field to slip around the enemy without them rotating in place and being hyperaware of our location even when we're completely out of sight in an area that provides multiple hiding places like hills or ravines. This is the one form of stealth I'd be okay with, since it's less about "You are a super awesome ninja that can kill entire armies by hiding behind trees and popping out every so often", and more about good combat tactics and positioning your forces.

    Bigger battle sizes, while preserving the size slider. I sympathize with the people who want giant battles, and it would certainly allow for more engrossing combat. At the same time, one of the draws of Warband is that it can run on "toasters", so to speak. Keeping the size slider would allow both parties to be satisfied.

    I am ambivalent about dual wielding. As long as its weaknesses are properly represented in that you don't have the same strength behind your blows as holding a weapon with two hands, you can't defend yourself from arrows like you could with a shield, and blocking attacks takes more precision and maneuvering then with a shield, making it more troublesome to use in anything other then small scale battles against mostly close-combat opponents, I'd be fine with it. But given how most games (especially Skyrim, the game most people who suggest stealth and dual-wielding seem to want Bannerlord to turn into) make people who fight with two weapons into some sort of superhuman tornado of blades, there's a sense of unease about the entire thing.

    I don't give a **** about romances, and to be frank, romances draw writers away from stuff like lore, backgrounds, and quest plotlines just so people can get their jerk on. The current romance system is fine as it is, especially since it's fairly close to what feudal courting was like anyways. Maybe named companions can get more intimate romance systems, but I don't really see how making them your bed buddy would provide any benefits in battle or commanding armies that would counter the drain of time and resources from core gameplay.
  5. Pallanza

    Too Quiet

    Epicrules said:
    Mod boards never die, the players just unite to form a hive-mind in order to achieve a higher efficiency in intercommunication. That's why the PoP board has been looking so empty lately as well, everyone has posted so much that their knowledge has been spread through osmosis and they all conglomerated to form a single entity.

    It was inevitable.
    It was terrifying.

    I can only imagine how much screeching of "MEDDLING WITH THE OCCULT" tears at the collective consciousness whenever someone posts a modification or submod that improves on or adjusts the features of PoP.
  6. Pallanza

    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    jacobhinds said:
    In feudal japan such an offer would probably get a bunch of laughing samurai farting in your general direction.
    I mean imagine the frustration if there's some nice juicy castle you really want, but mid-siege some random lord pops out and says "i'm at a huge disadvantage but we'll fight on terms decided by me" and if you decline you lose honour. Dunno about you but I'd catapult feces into his castle for that.

    You know what we need? The ability to catapult feces into enemy lord's castles and towns. Or send agents into their towns at night to drop feces into their wells. Or lighting bags of feces on fire and leaving it on their doorsteps so then they have to stomp it out and then all their soldiers laugh at them because they got poop smeared all over their geta.

    Seriously though, just send your agents to poison their water supply, maybe give them a nice big canteen of medieval laxatives for extra effect, and it can reduce the siege time or even knockout a portion of their troops from the fight while they're recovering from illness.
  7. Pallanza

    Sword Sisters

    Dawg, any news on your updating of female meshes and variants for armor?
  8. Pallanza

    Tools for modifying this mod?

    No, it's a race from a fantasy mod that I saved files from, but can't remember the name of. When you say module_skins.py, do you mean the module.ini text file or the skins.txt file? Because I don't see any .py files in the folders. For that matter, I've never worked with python files when doing my modifications, it's been purely Morgh's and changing lines in the .txt documents for me.
  9. Pallanza

    Tools for modifying this mod?

    Would you know how to go about adding an additional "gender" onto the slider for character creation? I'm looking to play as a character that uses non-standard skeletal meshes, pulled from a now-dead mod, but the usual steps for adding a third race as a character creation choice in non-WSE mods doesn't seem to apply here.
  10. Pallanza

    Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    When I play Gekokujo, I actually find myself more attracted to the jingasas then the helmets proper, to the point that I handicap myself by continuing to wear them even as a general or enlisted samurai. While looking up jingasas on google, I found some more uniquely shaped ones that would be pretty cool to include in the mod

    Plus, comparing these to the other jingasas shaped like the ones in the mod, these seem to be a bit tougher in construction, and the ones in the sloping side would probably find it easier to deflect blows compared to the full dome ones (excluding the first cloth one, which maybe could be a stepping stone between sugegasas and jingasas). Maybe we could intersperse these into the high tier ashigarus so they're wearing a mix of regular helmets and "elite jingasas"
  11. Pallanza

    My Observations on the New Version

    UniversalWolf said:
    Windyplains said:
    UniversalWolf said:
    I do get crashes occasionally when lords get kicked out or defect.  I'm not sure what causes this, because lots of them faction shift with no problem.  In fact, it happens constantly now that the rival kingdoms are in the (mostly) dismal state they're in.

    One thing I've really enjoyed is the item repair system, although I've yet to see an item become better than normal, even with a level 20 smith (and I've put lots and lots of items through the repair queue).
    Can I get you to create a bug ticket on the item repair system with a copy of your save game attached?  If you attach your wse_crash_log.txt (WSE folder) along with it that will help me find out what might be causing the defection related crashes as well.
    I've been keeping an eye on the hostile party sighting UFOs too.  I believe I have seen unpledged lords moving around the map.  They use the same grey color as bandits, so maybe they're registering as bandits.

    Unidentified Factionless Objects?
  12. Pallanza

    My Custom Knights

    UniversalWolf said:
    Leifdin said:
    Perhaps if they were added into mod as mercenaries? (as long as you wish to share)
    I'm perfectly happy to donate anything I've done, which amounts to a re-colored Rus Scale Armor texture, a very simple re-coloration of the Rus Cavalry Boots, and a new texture, normal, and specular map for the steel shield (although I don't consider that finished).

    Mostly what I've done is just cobble together a bunch of disparate pieces.

    UniversalWolf said:
    Got a few more shots to add.

    Another warhorse I made by re-coloring the red tournament horse and giving it a decent specular map:

    A shot of my re-colored texture for the Rus Scale Armor next to the regular version.  My PC sits higher up on his giant warhorse:

    Same, with boots:

    I made a re-color of the vanilla Warband Scale Armor for my lower tier troops.  Here it's modelled by Ymira in victorious pose:

    After trying numerous swords I wasn't happy with any of them, so I decided to use the vanilla Morningstar.  I think it fits.

    Would you be willing to upload a rar with those changed armors and shields? After leading a group of Southward Cataphracts, it's made me want to start my own Byzantium-like nation.
  13. Pallanza

    General Feedback & Venting

    Windyplains said:
    skyfaller said:
    Its still rather gamey and too fantasy-like in my opinion though.
    Morale handling on the battlefield could use some work, but it would fall more in line with a talent like discipline.  The next issue with having troops flee is that many players really wouldn't appreciate me applying those same rules to your own army and having them flee on you when you believe you could have won the fight.  As I generally prefer to have the player and AI run by the same rules I try to steer away from things where I take away your control over your character or your army.

    It is also a good idea to consider that as a mod developer, I cannot create a mod specific to one person's skill level within the game.  What I have been attempted to do is provide the tools so that you can customize your own difficulty to suit your playing style.  A talent such as hardy was designed specifically to help folks who have a really hard time staying alive (even on 25% damage) or to soften the difficulty scaling when you move to 100% damage.  If someone wants to combine bloodlust (+damage), berserker (+max health), hardy (+% regen on kill), haste (reset sprint on kill), boundless endurance (+speed / duration of sprint) and charging strike (+damage on sprint attack) they could make a melee powerhouse on foot that would likely make the game feel too easy, but that's definitely an option I'm making available for them.  By going that route they miss out on the ability to use talents that enhance their allies or their ability to generate income through trading.

    There's a lot of things that could be done to reduce the fantasy-like qualities of Warband, but as a community you may not appreciate the gameplay it would create.  Imagine continually bleeding wounds sapping your strength, location based damage where an injury to your leg severely limits your movement speed or one to your head has a tendency to just straight knock you unconscious.  All of those are things I can implement, but I don't think they'd be overly popular additions for the majority of players.

    Thank you, especially regarding the morale thing. I don't know why so many people think that your army automatically turning around and fleeing without listening to you when the enemy outnumbers you by a mere 2 to 1 is a great idea when it's just aggravating, especially when you have a tactically-sound plan and realistically, you would have explained to your troops just how you were overcoming the numerical difference. It only makes the game more focused on "blob armies" where you gather as many low-tier, village recruits as you can to avoid auto-routing by low morale rather then armies built around troop types, formations and strategies.

    And given that this is ultimately meant to be a game and not a "cinematic mod" or "realistic history simulator", I'm fine with some stuff being "gamey". I'd rather a game try to be a game, and not a movie.
  14. Pallanza

    Khergit suggestion

    Being the person who suggested the idea of an onnabushi-inspired female Khergit infantry unit, I don't think it's necessary to do a complete cultural revamp of the existing Khergit faction; Mongolian Horde is already a cool army to be based off.

    The units of a faction don't have to completely follow the tenants of the historical kingdoms/empires they were based off. The Vikings, for one, never used crossbows (as far as I know), but we still have a unique unit in Jelbegi Castle that is basically a viking with a light crossbow. Keep in mind that ultimately, these factions have been at war for ages, and thus learn and take some influences from their opponents while still preserving their central philosophies and ideas. Hence why we have mounted archer unique units in the Rhodoks despite them being primarily foot and crossbow based, the Nord crossbowmen mentioned earlier, the Vaegir Curaw Town Guard which draws inspiration from the Norse by using giant, axe-like 2-H weaponry and light armor. The idea that the Khergits would look at how medium/heavily armored infantry with strong weapons are easier to storm towns and castles with then soldiers who only primarily fight from horseback and then go "Hey, that's not such a bad idea, let's get a few of our people to emulate this so we don't get our asses kicked every time we siege someplace." isn't a farfetched idea.

    The wife thing is just because the topic was in relation to the complete absence of female troops. If the mod designers decide to go in the route of a non-factional female merc troop tree instead of factional female troops, then these could easily just be Khergit tribesmen who elected to become infantry over cavalrymen as opposed to most of their brethren, an event which is already recognized in the Halmar Spearsman (who unfortunately, are incredibly low-level and poorly equipped that they may as well not even exist).
  15. Pallanza

    Sword Sisters

    Dawg of War said:
    UniversalWolf said:
    Rus Scale Armor doesn't have a female mesh.  I wish it did because it's my favorite.

    It has one now, I just have not finished my to-do list and hasn't been uploaded yet.

    Are you doing the Kuyak too? Combining that with that one Vaegir chainmail mask that completely drapes over the head is my ideal setup for my next playthrough as a Vaegir archeress and her militia company comprised entirely of archers and spearmen.
  16. Pallanza

    Sword Sisters

    I agree about keeping chainmail bikinis out of the game proper (even though I myself mod in chainmail bikinis for the more fantasy-oriented mods from Chinese sites/really old OSPs on occasion). However, I would like to make sure that all the armors used for the female troops have female meshes. They shouldn't be wearing thongs and high heels on the battlefield, but they also shouldn't be as bulky and huge as regular male troops either.

  17. Pallanza

    Sword Sisters

    Perhaps we could have one "female peasant" troop/troop line per kingdom, based off female figures of their respective cultures. For the Swadians, we could go with a lancer cavalry, Joan-of-Arc styled line; maybe the pre-existing Swadian Lancer could be changed for that, with the regular male veteran recruits becoming the heavy cavalry Praven Knights, Dhirim Captains, and Men-at-arms.

    The Nords obviously have their Valkyrie troops, leaving the matter of them being either foot-based or one of the few cav units Nords have to the developer, who'd be better at balancing it.

    The Rhodoks could have a "Home Guard" unit; given their mountainous terrain makes me think of settler families, and the hardy women of such families who were just as used to swinging an axe or hunting game as keeping the house clean and cooking. So these would be light skirmishers using the hunting/light crossbows and 2h-axes, complementing the heavier regular infantry of their armies, maybe a foot-based version of the unique mounted-crossbowmen on the border of the Rhodok and Sarranid empire.

    The Vaegirs could probably end up with something similar to the Rhodoks; a light skirmisher unit, but with a focus on archery over crossbows perhaps. I think there are plenty of people here in this sub-forum that could come up with a better idea then this, though. The entire Vaegir infantry is based around light, hard-hitting infantry anyways, so maybe we could go in the opposite direction and give them an angle of hardy, turtling troops. In essence, the Rhodok women would be Vaegir-ish, and the Vaegir women would be Rhodok-ish, if that makes any sense.

    The Khergits already suffer from a lack of diversity, more so then Nords and Rhodoks who have a wider access to different types of troops; crossbowmen, archers, light cavalry, throwing weapon troops, 2-handers, etc. What if we have a hypothetical situation, the Mongolian equivalent of Japanese onnabushi? So Mongolian warrior women who tend to the horses of their husbands to keep them ready for war, and then on the battlefield follow in the steps of their husbands on foot, using either archery or polearms (possibly both?) to act as support infantry and give the Khergits more of a fighting chance in sieges as opposed to their single dedicated infantry unit, the low leveled, poorly armored spearman.

    The Sarranids... my immediate thought is of those belly dancers, but armed with swords. Except I'm trying to be as grounded as possible, and women running into battle wearing nothing but silk veils and expecting to put up a good fight against their primary opponents, men armored in chainmail with pikes and crossbows or men riding horses and firing arrows and bearing lances is a really dumb idea. Definitely need more thought on this.

    Of course, we could always just have one neutral Sword Sister line; that worked out fine in the base game, and there's no reason it wouldn't work out fine here.
  18. Pallanza

    Creating your own Culture of troops?

    Leifdin said:
    Really? Hm, I must have been getting blind lately...or I just assigned wrong equipment.
    Edit: Indeed. Thanks for pointing that out! Though I would suggest changing armour instead. Perhaps to Aketon.

    Changed the Blue Gambeson for an Aketon and restored the Woolen Hose with Kneecops, looks pretty good.

    Edit: By the way, the Swadian Crossbowmen are meant to go from Tier 3 to Tier 5, right? I'm a bit worried that exchanging the Gambeson for the Aketon might have pushed them up a tier.
  19. Pallanza

    Creating your own Culture of troops?

    UniversalWolf said:
    Just a note for anyone attempting this, since I've done it successfully in the last version of Silverstag: in order to change the stats of a troop type you edit with Morgh's tool, you have to start a new game BUT you can change their names and equipment without restarting.  Decide what kind of soldiers you want and what their proficiencies should be first.  Worry about the equipment after.

    I noticed this when I was editing the Swadian Crossbowmen to use regular hose instead of woolen hose with kneecaps, as the latter armor goes above the knees and clips right through the leggings of the gambeson they wear. It was a nice surprise that I didn't have to restart to change equipment loadout for troops.

    Speaking of which, you might want to keep that in mind for future release, changing the shoes for the crossbowmen so it doesn't interfere with their body armor.

    Edit: Spelling error, writing nazi within me demanded I rectify my mistake.
  20. Pallanza

    Sword Sisters

    It just came to me while playing that the Sword Sisters line of mercenaries is no longer in existence in the mod. Is there any plan to bring back female troops in any shape or form for the game, or are we sticking with just the male mercenaries for now?
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