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  1. StrikeQ

    Player Faction Troops

    I'm wondering if someone can help me out with a simple way via the .txt files to make custom units recruitable for the player faction in villages owned by the player. Essentially I made 28 new units, basically condensing the best Tier 7 troops from each faction into 1 tree to create the player...
  2. StrikeQ

    Battle Size Changer + Vista/Steam

    So I use Vista 64 bit and purchased Might & Blade via steam. As such the options.dat file is saved in a AppData\Roaming\Might&Blade\ direction instead of the steam\common directory (Irregardless of what I do. I don't install games/steam in program files to avoid that type of behavior and works...
  3. StrikeQ

    Swordsman creation (Sword + Shield)

    I just stumbled across this game on Steam this evening. Downloaded the demo and played for awhile then went right back to purchase the full version. I'm very much enjoying it (not that I've done much more that a few training grounds sessions). I still have much to learn, but I'm wondering if...
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