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  1. BL Other (Created) items appearing in shops

    I've noticed that expensive items only appear in shops of towns with a high prosperity. But there is still a lot inconsistent. With the help of a mod you can see what item is where to buy. when looking at the native items, some are not buyable at all despite them having the exaxt same...
  2. Damage calculations throwing

    Can anyone tell me how throwing damage is calculated? throwing daggers with much less shown damage than a javelin does a lot more damage than the javelin. Is the throwing damage specific to weapon type (throwing dagger/ throwing axe/ javelin)?
  3. Throwing skill effect not correct

    leveling the trowing skill does following: Thrown weapon speed +0.07% per level Thrown weapon damage +0.06% per level Thrown weapon accuracy +0.06% per level but the weapon speed does only increase fo a small part of the animation. As I can see it, the Animation consists out of the following...
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