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  1. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Wood elves are absolute cancer and need fixing. They get a good troop of every class (including mounted lancer's and horse archers) and most of their units have dodge. They are so incredibly anti fun I auto resolve when I have the troops for it. It is not fun to swing a sword at a dude 10 times in a row and have every swing say (he dodged). Especially when half of their damn army is dodgers. Even worse, they are often accompanied by mages that spam dodge increase magic. I don't get why they not only are the best at archery, horse archery, and shock infantry, when they also get to avoid attacks. Not to mention they attack WHILE DODGING, making them impossible to hitstun. Chaos is pretty op but I never felt so bored and irritated fighting them, or any other race.
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