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  1. Riffraff99

    Weather on Campaign Map

    The effect of the clouds! I think that rainy weather (dimming the global map) will look great in the game. It became difficult to feel the pleasantness of the global map, as it is full of bright colors.

    This makes it clear that you can get tired of participating in the game for a year or six months (intermittently!). Because two months have already passed, and I feel that I am beginning to dissuade myself from entering the game only because of the imperfection of the global map (and, frankly, updates with big changes in other areas of the game will not give pleasure to the global map).
    Yup +1
  2. Riffraff99

    I simply don't want to play the game and that's sad.

    Holy **** the game is boring. I started playing Bannerlord way late cause I didn't have a computer but I was reading forum posts and took them as an overreaction. I genuinely thought people were just whining and when I was finally able to play I was very exited. First of all the base game is unplayable without mods. A few hours into the game I was so frustrated by the lack of options and content, I DLed maybe 15 mods. And these weren't mind blowing huge mods. They fixed simple ****. **** the devs really should be fixing. Seemingly essential features that modders create in their bedrooms aren't in the base game. That's ridiculous. I could go on about how the game runs like crap, the game design is retard and Muliplayer...*sigh*. But the main indictment of this game is that it's ****ing boring! Oh my god that really hit me. It's tedious, the quests aren't amazing, wars have no strategy, battles end in seconds, sieges that are supposed to be this huge climatic event are broken and short. I don't even play them anymore. Character progression is annoying and some perks make no sense. Clan controls are none existent and the whole influence currency is as arbitrary and gamey as I thought it would be when they first announced it. Upgrading your fief is soulless. In fact having a fief at all means next to nothing. It adds nothing to my experience. I just feel the game is lacking soul if that makes any sense. There isn't anything to do.

    Look I know this is an early access and blah blah blah but have some ****ing pride TW. Warband is maybe one of the best indie games ever made. Certainly the best I've ever played. You can defiantly do better than this. Modders shouldn't have to fix simple things that should be in the base game. How can you give the player the ability to create clan parties and then not give the player the option to control those parties. It makes no sense guys come on! The first time I played I did maybe 21 hours before I had enough. I booted the game up today and I couldn't play much cause I simply didn't want to play. A game I've waited desperately for, for damn near 8 years now. It made me sad to think about.

    There are some design decisions that screw the game up that are too late to fix. For example, the decision to scrap the system where castles were an upgrade to villages and villages had four plots to upgrage and build things. Whatever you built would show up on the map etc. That was a great dynamic feature that adds cool new ways to play and instead it was scrapped in favor of just copying and pasting warbands system with a new coat of paint. Such wasted potential. That's what the game is at the moment. Lots of opportunities to be great but never grasping it. There's good game in there somewhere and I hope TW finds it in the end. But right now, I only see our incredible modding community as the saviors of this franchise.

    TL;DR: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    Yes, the SP is very simple, not what i expected but maybe well have in one year a finished game with deep SP, its still EA and we should wait till EA is done.
  3. Riffraff99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    https://ibb.co/c6Ycxd6 bannerlord be like this in the future patches or not?

    I hope it will, not exactly because the names but because of the positions of the citys, Sargot musst be in the north 🥶
  4. Riffraff99

    Resolved game crashes e1.4.3 (on version 1.4.2 everything works)

    I have win 10 and it crashes ...
  5. Riffraff99

    Resolved game crashes e1.4.3 (on version 1.4.2 everything works)

    Same here, even new campaigns crashing.
  6. Riffraff99

    @Tale Worlds Problem with mad, toxic, offending Players in MP

    The in-game report function was introduced with yesterday's patch. In addition to this, you can mute the offending player.

    We are also looking at other ways to deal with disruptive behaviour.

    These are the steps to take to report a player. When making your report you can select from a number of pre-defined reasons and leave a short description of the incident. Your report will then be attached to game logs from that match for us to investigate.

    Thx for the answer :smile:
  7. Riffraff99

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    When i try to load my old save game with e1.4.3 the game crashes, when i start a new campaign it also crashes, looks like i have to play a bit longer e1.4.2 :/
  8. Riffraff99

    @Tale Worlds Problem with mad, toxic, offending Players in MP

    There is a huge problem with mad, toxic, offending players in MP wich bother other players in fact theyre new in a game mode, make their own thing, dont comunicate alot, this musst stop! This mad, toxic, offending players chase away new players from Bannerlord, i dont think this progression is...
  9. Riffraff99

    Is Sturgia the weakest Nation?

    Many say the troop tree of Sturgia is the weakest, is it really the weakest?
  10. Riffraff99

    How to modify existing vanilla Factions?

    You don't need modding tools to get things done. I've learned to mod the game myself using notepad+ and other people's work to reverse engineer. I'd suggest looking into Calradia at War, and building from that.

    Yup i thought the same, looks to me atm like you just need correct folder path and the edited .xml in them.
  11. Riffraff99

    How to modify existing vanilla Factions?

    I think i got it, its the spnpccharactertemplates.xml.
  12. Riffraff99

    How to modify existing vanilla Factions?

    I want to recreate some of the vanilla factions of Bannerlord with vanilla stuff but dont know how to do this, wich files do i have to edit, where are this files and are they at this point of development possible to edit? And are the Warband Modding tutorials still useful or completely outdated?
  13. Riffraff99

    We need more new content instead of fixing details

    What many people also don't notice is that it will be a lot harder to find Bugs when you have more content so the amount of time you need to fix a single bug can grow with it. And at some point there are so many bugs that you can no longer ignore them and have to fix them but wen you wait for this point many people will complain about the buggy mess they get and you have to stop development for a significant time to fix all the bugs. On the other hand when you fix the bugs when you notice them it may slow down development in the short term but overall you will need less devtime to fix it. So it is perhaps a good idea for the next 6 months to stop fixing bugs but overall it will be more expensive and timeconsuming for the studio and also unpleasant for the players because they get less effective worktime in the finished product or the time to finish it gets longer.
    Yes, thats right, implementing alot of content and fixing afterwards the bugs is much smarter as fixing stuff wich could after the next release bugged again.
  14. Riffraff99

    On Monday we will have the new patch !!!

    It literally says coming monday in the picture

    Sorry, i got used to ignore pictures on twitter, my mistake xD
  15. Riffraff99

    What about a Bandit Kingdom

    I think it could be very funny when you could be also a member of a Bandit Kingdom wich is looting all the time and give a :poop: on their reputation :grin: Bandit camps can be used to sell your stuff or buy new.
  16. Riffraff99

    Bannerlord: Napoleonic Wars

    A Fire & Sword 2 would also be fun.
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