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  1. Zidius

    Resolved Crashing on the Trade menu

    So when I enter a trade menu either with a Caravan or a Castle and press either "Done" or "Cancel" after I have done something or even nothing the game crashes. It is also not allowing me to send the crash files when that option comes up. I even crash if there is loot to be gained from a battle...
  2. Zidius


    Medals can only be obtained in Battles, not in Conquest or Siege Melee Medals [Bronze Melee Medal] get 4 Kills in a Round [Silver Melee Medal] get 7 kills in a Round [Gold Melee Medal] get 10 kills in a Round [Melee God] get 15 kills in a Round Recruiter Medals [Bronze Recruiter Medal]...
  3. Zidius

    The Iceni Tribe [EU/NA]

    W.I.P. The Iceni (or Eceni) were a Brittonic tribe of eastern Britain during the Iron Age and early Roman era. Their territory included present-day Norfolk and parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, and bordered the area of the Corieltauvi to the west, and the Catuvellauni and...
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