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  1. TheImmortalGrenadier

    MP Musket Era Napoleonic Wars REDONE

    Hi everyone!. I've recently released a mod called: Napoleonic Wars REDONE which changes the Napoleonic Wars DLC and makes it look like a completely New mod. Mod Features: -All units in game have reskinned uniforms (Except some Rheinbund Units) -New Fire effect -New animations -New loading...
  2. TheImmortalGrenadier

    Can someone explain me why every evening warband servers are down and i cant play multiplayer?

    So it's about 2 weeks now or more that me and my regiment can't play warband multiplayer because servers arent showing up and when they show up after multiple attempts,an error pops up saying: unable to connect to server. hey its ****ing annoying. But i think i know why this is happening because...
  3. TheImmortalGrenadier

    Ma c'è ancora qualche Italiano che gioca a warband?

    Una semplice domanda, sono molto curioso, perché giocando a warband è da anni che non trovo più italiani. O comunque molto raramente. Se c'è qualcuno cosi gentile da rispondermi e farmi sapere gliene sarei grato (Ah e che sia chiaro, non cerco nessun reggimento tipo 2 Piemonte o altro.) Cerco...
  4. TheImmortalGrenadier

    Can someone make an italian war of indipendence mod?

    Hello, so warband is full of mods for almost every historical period. But no one never made a mod about the italian wars of indipendence. So i made this thread here because i think it will get more views than  a steam group discussion. It would be very cool if someone would make a mod like that...
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