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  1. Bitterbeard

    Unable to do any profitable trading

    That's great news @rektasaurus thanks for the reply!
  2. Bitterbeard

    Unable to do any profitable trading

    Thanks for the responses, I'll wait for 1.4.x and try again 🕸
  3. Bitterbeard

    Unable to do any profitable trading

    Going from Western Calradia to Aserai, buying grapes, hardwood, wine and attempting to sell them in Aserai towns has gone completely upside down and the prices never seem to increase in these massive cities where nobody is able to produce them locally. Same with buying Desert Horses in Aserai...
  4. Bitterbeard

    Loot after a battle and morale

    In previous games you could take all the loot, wouldn't change morale, in the vikings game the loot you leave your men would divide up and it would increase morale. How does it work in M&B2? Leaving 'loot' in the left menu and clicking Done leaves loot for your men to grab or it isn't working...
  5. Bitterbeard

    Largest Stable Companion parties chart please?

    Narrow Foe Minsk said:
    So, I made a thing. It's a spreadsheet of the relations and the largest no conflict parties. Unfortunately I just made this account so I can't upload or link the image. Just copy-paste and remove the spaces.


    I hate to dig up a zombie, but just wanted to post and say thank you to posters like you that take the time to make graphics like this and many others that help those who want to come back and play. Because a dev update gave them the wants to play this fantastic game again, hoping M&B2 has just as many fun moments as VC DLS has had, just a great way for this series to end IMO.
  6. Bitterbeard

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord at E3 2017 – Our Thoughts

    Jezze said:
    Seeing the multiplayer would be kewl.

    Can't say it enough, multiplayer display would be the best! Hopefully you can co-op and have friends play as captains in your army?
  7. Bitterbeard

    Hunt Down Fugitive Quest Bugged? (Fire and Sword)

    Was about to let a quest expire because I couldn't find the dude in town regardless of time of day.

    Read this, searched all the treeline and finally on the very far right side of town hiding in a fur tree, was my fugitive.

    Nice change.
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