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  1. Sreaction

    What type of Ram?

    Hey, I just got a new AMD RYZEN 7 3700X and I am looking to pair it with a MB. I am trying to figure out what type of memory I can get. This site : http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Zen/AMD-Ryzen%207%203700X.html says it supports DDR4-3200. However, lookng at the MBs the specs say this: 3rd Gen...
  2. Sreaction

    AI Lord/Kingdom Management is Broken

    I am deep into a long single player vanilla game past 800 days, and I am noticing how dysfunctional the AI is regarding kingdom management. I started my own kingdom and now have 5 towns, multiple castles and around 20 lords under my banner. Near the beginning of the game it becomes apparent...
  3. Sreaction

    Best Defendable Castle or Town?

    Just like the title say, what is the best defendable castle or town. I noticed their is a marked difference in defense capability between castles/town. Praven seems to be the worst town to defend in recent memory. I haven't had the opportunity to defend many other towns recently, but Praven, has...
  4. Sreaction


    Egads, those are some manly looking women! I just bought and played VC. Fookin ugly broads, is there a mod to rectify this.
  5. Sreaction

    Sound Issue

    As the title says, I am having a sound issue. During battles, the combat sounds are slowed down. The sounds are slurred. The death sounds are the most noticeable, but generally the male voice sounds i.e. yelling, are compromised. I've only noticed the issues recently. I haven't made an major...
  6. Sreaction

    To the Dungeons with Ya

    After having defeated the Vaegirs, I have King Yaroglek and a number of other captured lords in my town prison/s. I have good relations with some of them and wouldn't mind recruiting them into my Kingdom. However, there isn't anyone who will ransom them so... Its a life sentence. Seems a bit...
  7. Sreaction

    Courtship: Permission to Court

    I got permission from a lord to court his daughter. I have visited multiple times and got the dialog "the guards wink at you... etc". Now, I tried to visit her and I have to clandestinely met her since "my father will not permit me to see you...etc". What gives, I got permission then it was...
  8. Sreaction

    Question about Simple Tweak

    How do I remove head-wear from npc's in the game, specifically npc women's' head-wear?. This link shows that you can remove your wife headdress by tweaking the open conversation.txt https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=153903.0 So I know it can be done, also per game it is random...
  9. Sreaction

    AMD Ryzen

    So, anybody get one yet? Lets here it...! I am excited, though I will probably wait a good while before I upgrade. For those of you who don't know, AMD Ryzen is the brand name of the much anticipated next generation of microprocessors by AMD. Expectations have been high and AMD has aimed for a...
  10. Sreaction

    CPU upgrade

    Hey what the hell I thought I'd ask what others opinions are about a CPU upgrade. First here are my system specs: Phenom II x4 945 Asus M5A97 R.2 motherboard 8 Gb DDR3-1333 RAM MSI HD Radeon 7850 Antec 550 watt PSU Basiq Win7 64 bit OS I want to keep the price well below $200. Lowest price =...
  11. Sreaction

    M&B Warband: Install non-steam version

    Hi, I am wondering how to install a non-steam version of the game. I messaged tech support, but its seems they don't answer inquiries (not even an auto-mated response that the message was received). So I decided to bring my question here. I looked on the forum, but found nothing helpful. First...
  12. Sreaction

    Minor Graphics Problem: Anyone seen this before?

    The Kingdom background is shaded when I click on the Faction link. If I click on another kingdom the error corrects itself. Also, "Khergits Declare War on..." prompts have a similar glitch. It also happens when my fief is raided. Not a game breaker but definitely annoying. Hopefully, its a...
  13. Sreaction


    I started my own kingdom, " The Tyrannical Kingdom of Bastard"  :twisted:. I am 1000 plus days into the game. A weak Kingdom of Swadia declared war on me and I subsequently defeated most of there units and captured a good portion of its Lords including King Harlus. Swadia was reduced to two...
  14. Sreaction

    Ransom a Vassal

    I have created my own kingdom and one of my vassals was captured and is now a prisoner. How, if i can, do I ransom him. The Ransom broker cant do it, speaking to enemy vassals gives no option and there is no option to do so with my minister. The AI arbitrarily makes ransom offers why cant I?
  15. Sreaction

    Script Error

    Script Error Division by 0 line No 35; I get this error in the "notes" tab in game. Not sure if this is common or not.  Does anyone know what this means? Also I did some minor tweaking of the files mostly modify bandit party sizes and spawning time not sure if that would affect it. The problem...
  16. Sreaction


    If I raid a village I am unable to move my party until the raid is complete. The AI can stop mid-raid then come back and resume a raid, within a certain time frame. Or is there something I am missing? Can I call off a raid once its started? If so how?
  17. Sreaction

    Inventory Question

    Do heroes, for instance Katrin, in your party affect inventory? Since Katrin has a 7 Inv. management skill, does it help expand my inventory? I would assume so, but if it doesnt there really is no point in using skill points on inv. management for heroes.
  18. Sreaction

    Bandit Settings?

    Is there any way to adjust the # of bandits? I ve found that at higher character levels the number of bandits increase. Also, they tend to mob together to increase their numbers. Is there a fix, tweak, workaround to keep the bandit party size to a minimum? I find it tedious and frustrating to be...
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