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  1. NeuD.ef

    [CIS] [Chat] Bannerlord Discord для русскоязычных игроков

    https://discord.gg/5f6EDwtMB3 дискорд для русскоязычных игроков в M&B Bannerlord :)
  2. NeuD.ef

    [BEAST#2] Division B - Week 1

    BST or CEST - that's the question...
    Maybe CEST will be the official time of the tournament as it is common for many countries?
  3. NeuD.ef

    RIP MP

    I just wanted to play now :sad:

  4. NeuD.ef

    Tournament in EU [brainstorming]

    good idea, we should do it faster
  5. NeuD.ef

    [DM] Destiny Masters

    DM congrats!
    I understood y win after 1st map.
  6. NeuD.ef

    Multiplayer is dying.

    TDM or Siege without FF is vodka without alcohol. :smile: Kids only.
  7. NeuD.ef

    [DM] Destiny Masters

    да кому вы будете нужны с такими правилами кв, господя, бест рассиан клан :smile:
  8. NeuD.ef

    [RU Community] Undead Empire Recruitment! / Набор в Империю Мёртвых!

    The thread was allowed to include russian translations, but since we're in the international forum you still have to converse in English. Otherwise create another thread in the appropropriate area of the Russian language forum.
    Sorry, mate, we met some fellow countrymen :smile: We won't do it again.
  9. NeuD.ef

    [RU Community] Undead Empire Recruitment! / Набор в Империю Мёртвых!

    вы, прям сука, опасные черти. собирайтесь быстрее - встретимся в скирмише. :smile:
  10. NeuD.ef

    [DR] Deutschritter [EU/DE] [Best Battle Clan] [Recruiting]

    when will you return to discord? we miss skirmish :smile:
  11. NeuD.ef

    Duel Server Information

    Perfect! we need duel'servers
  12. NeuD.ef

    Open letter to the developers

    I'm okay with that!

    Support this game since 2006 :smile: Mount&Blade1 owner
  13. NeuD.ef

    Patch Notes e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0

    I can imagine the horror of random players. Who will see our clan party and suffer destruction. Not be able to leave the match. We won't be interested in killing random players either.
  14. NeuD.ef

    Matchmaking Discord for Skirmish

    This method works now. Greetings from the RS!
  15. NeuD.ef

    e.1.0.x cavalry vs spearman

    Good idea, agreed
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