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  1. KevinRudd

    I'd like a refund.

    I don't understand why so many people are against requests for refunds. The game is clearly broken to a point where many people can't play with enjoyment due to the game crippling bugs. If people feel like the product they bought is not in a playable state they absolutely do deserve to receive a refund.  I already know that GOG is handing out refunds to those that ask, but I suspect that Valve won't follow their lead due to their status as an extremely anti-consumerist company. Valve will hand out refunds to those that ask if the developer gives them permission to do so though, so the ball is in the developers / taleworlds court.

    Mr.Milker said:
    Ah yes, the fabled stability and bug free state of any Mount and Blade game on release. Yes.
    The original Mount & Blade and Warband were actually stable upon release. There were some bugs that escaped the QA testing but the titles did not exhibit the degree of crippling bugs (memory leaks, ctd, etc) that Viking Conquest is showing. The only MB titles that were released as shoddy pieces of work upon release were developed by third party developers (Fire & Sword and Napoleonic Wars).

    ntblood said:
    Waa! Waaa!    stop complaining and go ask Steam for your small refund. One of you said you are married?! Really, and you have nothing better/more important to do than complain/*****. To raise such an issue without any patience for a patch is just silly. Have a little patience why don't you and stop acting like a little kid who just dropped his ice cream cone on the sidewalk, is my humble suggestion.
    If you can't discuss the matter civilly without resorting to ad hominem attacks on people you don't agree with, don't post at all.
  2. KevinRudd

    I want an explaination by the developers.

    MadocComadrin said:
    Non-sequitur. A string of mistakes can be simply a string a mistakes.

    I agree that it's possible for this to simply be an oversight, but for the same problem to happen several times in a row is rather concerning. I would've thought that TaleWorlds would have been extra careful after all the criticism they received for allowing Fire & Sword to release in the state that it was.

    MadocComadrin said:
    Likewise, do remember that M&B had early access and Warband had a closed beta followed by a free beta. The games for which Taleworlds had sole control were very play-test oriented. Likewise, since Bannerlord is essentially a new engine, some sort of large-scale beta testing should be expected.

    Taleworlds took a good direction in ensuring that original M&B and Warband were released in an acceptable states, and I do hope that they approach the QA of Bannerlord in a similar way. I'm not saying that Bannerlord will be a horrible mess on release, just that people should be extremely careful in pre-ordering Bannerlord. Even though these commercial mods were developed by third parties, I'm sure TaleWorlds had a clause in their contracts that gave them control over the release date. Considering their reputation are intertwined with these mods, they could've taken the time to ensure that Viking Conquest wasn't released in the broken state that it is currently.
  3. KevinRudd

    I want an explaination by the developers.

    Pharaoh X Llandy said:
    Whether you do or do not pre-order Bannerlord is your business but M&B2 is being developed by a much larger, established company who've already gone through 10 years of game creation and design from the ground up.

    I actually agree with him. The though of pre-ordering Bannerlord when TaleWorlds has repeatedly shown that they're not interested in undertaking proper QA control on their products is pretty mind boggling. The fact that this trail of broken commercial DLC (Fire & Sword, NW to a much smaller extent and now this) were developed by third parties doesn't matter... What does matter is that it implies TaleWorlds now valves money over player experience. If TaleWorlds still had integrity they would've checked the release candidate of these DLC mods (or whatever you're willing to call them) and stopped them from being released until they were at a state in which they ready for the public to play. The fact that they're not willing to do that should be extremely worrying as to what state Bannerlord will be in on release.

    Armagan said:
    This was our first release as an independent developer and apparently we still have a long way to go and much to learn. I want to apologize to our players and especially the Brytenwalda team for this problematic release. It was our duty as Taleworlds and of course my duty as the manager to make this release as smooth and satisfactory as possible.

    Alright, you acknowledged that the title is extremely bad in its current state. I'm not personally interested in bothering over a $12 refund, but would you be willing to provide refunds for those individuals that actually ask? We already know that digital distribution vendors such as steam will provide refunds if the developers give permission, and I've already been told that GOG has refunded at least one person due to the release state of this DLC. I think that your "new" studio has already been hit pretty badly in terms of reputation over this fiasco, so I'd imagine that you would be able to recover some of that reputation by displaying that you're willing to put your (or should I say our?) money where your mouth is.
  4. KevinRudd

    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    dimos1 said:
    Hey guys my First song is nearly down and will be put on youtube Real soon few Moore days as a Treat i have the lyrics to my new song here it is enjoy

    Someone needs to submit this masterpiece to the National Gallery of Australia so it can be preserved...
  5. KevinRudd

    Communities fight we should all unite.

    God dammit. Now everyone is stuck with playing under the silly settings that MOV assign to their servers. Are there any Australian NW battle servers left that use medium combat speed?

    Son0fApollo said:
    Basically LCC changed the people who run it, and the server providers left the community so the now there needs to be a way to fund new/carry on funding the old servers.

    I don't think anyone cares enough to bother reviving the LCC at this point. It hasn't helped that from what I've been told Matt (who is supposedly employed or in an internship with glovine) disagreed with the decisions that the new admins were discussing and ended up permanent deleting all the forum files and the database. Considering that Matt has officer privileges on the steam group, I guess that explains why everyone other than admins have been kicked from the group...
  6. KevinRudd

    Hacking in Warband

    Vincenzo said:
    Frankly, there is not much that can be done because there is no way for the server to know there is a slightly modified client...

    My memory may be a little bit fuzzy, but doesn't CRPG have some sort of automatic hack detection script? I remember there was quite a bit of controversy in the Australian community when a few long-standing players were automatically banned (with no human intervention) for using block hacks. 
  7. KevinRudd

    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    pewpew said:
    " i`m  from pertTh ." -big_kev

  8. KevinRudd


    Axeuurr said:
    When will the server get updated to the new patch?

    It'll be uploaded to the server on Monday.
  9. KevinRudd


    Server Name: AUS_Commander_Battle Status: Offline until further notice! Server may temporary be changed temporary to other game modes or locked on certain occasions. Problems/requests should be directed to OldPeasant via steam. (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tyrx) No Harassment/Disrespect...
  10. KevinRudd

    Why did Oceania get screwed out of an official server?

    rejenorst said:
    Well I noticed today on the other server that there was some bad blood or something, dunno about what but its nice to have more than 1 server since AUS_NW_server fills up at about this time.

    I'm pretty sure the bad blood is due to the fact some select people were repeatedly spamming the AUS_NW_server with "join now bettar servar!" messages despite getting told that they shouldn't be advertising other servers by the admins.

    I don't understand why the boycotters are taking the actions of a few players against the entire server though.
  11. KevinRudd

    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    Player Name: OldPeasant
    Screenshot of player:
    Length of play: I'll never admit to how long I've played.
    Weapon preference: Heavy Bastard Sword.
  12. KevinRudd

    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    I was just kicked from the server three times in a row during my duels with N_Word_Ex and promptly banned for no apparent reason.  :neutral:
  13. KevinRudd

    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    Player Name: OldPeasant
    Screenshot of player:
    Length of play: I'll never admit to how long I've played.
    Weapon preference: Default Swadian sword.
  14. KevinRudd

    Fixing screen tearing without VSync?

    Hail, I recently upgraded from my 17" CRT dell E711P monitor (1024 x 768) to the 23" Samsung S23A700D 120hz (1920x1080) monitor and I'm now encountering screen tearing with the new Samsung monitor. I've fiddled around with the graphical settings without any success and I don't want to enable...
  15. KevinRudd

    Incorrect serial number

    Karl De Bourl said:
    putting it on top again..

    You downloaded the client off taleworlds correct? http://beta.taleworlds.com/download.aspx
  16. KevinRudd

    nK Website.

    I'm not a fan of the static homepage and the color difference between the forum and main site, it makes my eyes bleed. It would be much better for everyone if you used a CMS and integrated phpBB/MyBB into it.
  17. KevinRudd

    Oceanic Servers play 8pm weeknights

    Just banned off games_on_net_4 because I was an archer, while I understand people can be pissed when there are only five people in the server the nice thing would have been to ask for me not to be an archer before banning.

    I assumed they were fine with it because they didn't mind the Calvary running around killing everyone.  :roll:
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