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  1. natschko

    [WRL] Server Admin List


    Denied. If you want to add Luca, you have to remove one of your current admins.

    Understood the regulation but it is asked in need of catching up with the "new" maps and vacations will interfere with Dodo and me alone most probably in the following weeks.

    Wanted to address the problem in the right place and Vincent told me to reply here. Anyways, I would appreciate to overthink allowing a 3rd person per team especially for the old teams coming back from inactivity. My bad if this thread is the wrong one to discuss this matter, in our special situation a 3rd admin would help us tremendously regarding the server usage for intern trains.
  2. natschko

    [WRL] Server Admin List

    Team Name: DAM
    Assign: Luca, 670107

  3. natschko

    [WRL] Division C - Week 2

    Die Acht Monuren 1 - 12 Warriors and Champions

    Im sorry, i forgot to take the ID's.


    The match was played on WRL_GER_9, as there was a changed password on WRL_GER_1 and we couldnt enter.

    Only got IDs at the finish, sorry for that! Will talk to others regarding it.
  4. natschko

    [WRL] Captain Map Vote

    Team Name: DAM
    Closed Map Vote: Legacy Town
    Open Map Vote: Ruins
  5. natschko

    [WRL] Servers & Booking // (powered by bullez and CCC)

    Team you are from?: Die Acht Monuren
    Teams involved?: DAM & Le Lutel's Guards
    WRL Match?: Yes
    Server Location: GER
    Date & Time: Sunday 19/07 - 20 BST
  6. natschko

    [WRL] Division C - Week 1

    Match : Die Acht Monuten vs Le Lutel's Guard
    Date : 19/07/2020 at 21 CEST

    Sorry for our late reply!
  7. natschko

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    We didnt add the teams yet, but I guess Ossi und seine Gang wont work. Maybe you use underscore between each word? :grin:

    same for Preuße I guess

    My bad, please take Ossi and his gang just as Ossi and ofc Preuße going to be Preusse. :fruity:

    Could have waited for an own thread for the team rosters but meant to report regarding our divison choice.
  8. natschko

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Team Name: Die Acht Monuren
    Team Tag: DAM

    Preferred Division: give me some days :party: baked

    Just back active since Monday, we'll need some time to rebuild hence we would prefere to play in Division C.

    Adding the IDs of
    Vincenz - 1030226
    Dodo - 145928
    Balian - 148159
    Adrian - 1137657
    Eric/Cpasby - 1320707
    Gnorrk - 1320707
    Schwubs - 225451
    Preuße - 382141
    Anna - 1662246
    Ossi und seine Gang - 2197991
    Xenon - 3104405
    Junkey - 1332535
    Avantro - 1091985
    Luca/Nici - 670107
    Schnuffel - 1116075
  9. natschko

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Thats actually pretty cool, maybe we can have some more old clans reviving?🤪

    Spread the word on Steam! There should be lots of people and teams who might have time during these summer days for some old school competitive. Would make sense to even lengthen the sign-up window. To be honest, would have preferred a 6 vs 6 or 5 vs 5 since it could get hard to get eight players but 8 vs 8 always had the best outcome regarding the skill and feeling of a gold warband battle.

    Thanks a lot for hosting! After the, my opinion, disappointing release of Bannerlord this seems like the natural consequence - love it.
  10. natschko

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Team Name: Die Acht Monuren
    Team Tag: DAM
    Contact 1: Vincenz https://steamcommunity.com/id/DAM_Vinz/ | Contact 2: Dodo https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030228092

    Ossi und seine Gang
    Preferred Division: give me some days :party: baked
  11. natschko

    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Will there be an ECL?
  12. natschko

    [ECS3] Qualifers Team Rosters and Substitutions

    Clan Name: Die Acht Monuren
    Name of player(s) submitted, and IDs:
  13. natschko

    [ECS3] Qualifers Team Rosters and Substitutions

    Clan Name: Die Acht Monuren
    Name of player(s) submitted, and IDs:
  14. natschko

    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Since the admins already talked about making a ECL, I wanted to ask how high the chance of actually doing one is? The ECL was an exciting tournament with in my opinion some better and more fair matches than in the ECS! Since some people are saying this may be the last tournament till Bannerlords, it would be a shame, if the rest of the teams and clans who signed up would just play three matches in the qualifier.

    With only trainwars and without any tournaments for the last few months it is of course hard for the admins to pick the top teams for the ECS but I think that some changes would make the qualifiers more fun and exciting, the ECS more fair and the whole tournament alot better! There is enough time for the admins to consider making some changes.
    No, I am not saying that my clan DAM should be in the ECS right away but some teams shouldn't too or at least top teams from the qualifier should play in the ECS!

    Thank you for your work admins anyway!!  :party:
  15. natschko

    [ECS3] Information & Qualifier Sign Ups

    Team Banner: (can't find it right now, not at home for one week)
    Team name: Die Acht Monuren
    Team Tag: DAM
    Team Location Germany
    Team TW thread/steam group/twitter https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DieAchtMonuren
    contact 1: name - TW profile - Steam Vinnie: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DAM_Vinz & https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?action=profile
    contact 2: name - TW profile - Steam DouDou: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030228092
    contact 2: name - TW profile - Steam Balian: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022965262
    Roster: (I will post the rest when I'm at home)

    DouDou         145928
    Balian             148159 1211942
    Schwubs         225451
    Preuse           382141
    Vinnie              1030226
    Patrick           1103711
    Adrian           1137657
    Eric               1320707
    Junkey           1332535
    Bonebreaker 1546199
    Medusa            1662246
    Tim               1696176
    Jonas             1728285
    Ossi                  2197991
  16. natschko

    [WNL5] Closing Thoughts and Thank Yous

    Thank you for another great tournament! I hope it will keep getting better :party:

    To all the flamers: Don't annoy anyone involved, appreciate the great work of all the people behind this tournament! Thank you for this WNL!
  17. natschko

    [WNL5] Server Bookings & Admin Mod

    Team you are from?: DAM
    Teams involved?: DAM vs Swadia
    WNL Match?: No
    Server Location: NL
    Date & Time: 04.11 at 19:20 GMT
  18. natschko

    [WNL5] Week 6 Fixtures - Deadline 01/11

    Ceasar said:
    after all, im quite a good archer.

    GG DAM

    Good luck :party:
  19. natschko

    [WNL5] Livestreams

    Hippotitis said:
    BRO to steam DoF vs Sith today. Is 3 hours before a match early enough?


    They even made a helloween map intro and it's night ingame! Go watch the stream :party:
  20. natschko

    [WNL5] Server Bookings & Admin Mod

    Team you are from?: DAM
    Teams involved?: DAM vs Ex
    WNL Match?: Yes
    Server Location: Netherlands
    Date & Time: 1.11 at 19:30 GMT
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