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  1. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    maybe it can prevent the start of snowballing because they have more or less the same amount of towns. and when one is taken, the loyalty mauls will prevent the new faction from making full use of the town taxes (maybe tax cuts due to loyalty can increase?). giving an opportunity for the...
  2. Unresolved Why i dont have the option to play campaing?
  3. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    most of their troops. ~75%. sieges will be the most important and kind of deciding because the garrison can't rout. it can be done so when a lord dies or gets captures, his troops become deserters/bandits or there can be a chance for them to join a garrison if a friendly fief is nearby. so...
  4. Suggestion for avoiding defeated armies getting completely WIPED

    yes. battles should revolve around morale mainly. routed troops that fled with their lord can stay as a party. troops that got their lord knocked out or dead should have a chance of transforming into deserters and a chance to join the garrison (and wait for a member of that clan to take them...
  5. On Rebellions

    i think i ran into a bug. i was sieging a town and it only listed the garrison at the top bar in the wolrdmap siege screen. but in the actual fighting scene, the militia was with the garrison. it listed them as two parties (does it normally do this?). so i think militia in low loyalty towns...
  6. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    photo 1 14 cav 32 horse archers 46 total horse troops 113 total troops 46÷113=0.407 0.407*100%=40.7% horse troops second photo 30 cavalry 7 horse archers 37 horse troops 130 total troops 37÷130=0.284 0.284*100%=28.4% horse troops
  7. Castles value

    those are good suggestions. please post them in the suggestions section. it seems devs do go through them.
  8. What will sally out mission battles be like? (edited, they are planned)

    please add to your post and ask about a special scene for when an army comes to relieve the besieged. getting caught beneath the walls should be super deadly. one is basically caught between a hammer and an anvil. the auto calculation for AI battles should reflect this. also, the scene should...
  9. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    yes. herd penalty is pretty hard too. he's talking about it before the change. it was not even close to current herd penalty.
  10. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    please keep in mind that loot is the only real source of income currently. other sources give peanuts. if you want to nerf it, you need to buff some other income source. imo, taxes should be buffed significantly. in warband, one town was enough to cover a late game party wages. if you have...
  11. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    have you tried joining an army? this was in the early access from the beginning. and lords already seek defensive positions on the map. the thing that isn't yet in the game is personalities affecting commands.
  12. What the hell is this new command system!!

    you could have rebound alt to mouse 5 or something.
  13. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    that's really good of you! i just thought that devs don't respond because it doesn't work that way and there is a huge amount of suggestions. i thought the guys responsible for collecting bugs collect suggestions from the forums and show it to the devs on a regular basis. idk if it's your code...
  14. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    go here and make a suggestion. this is the closest thing for some dev to see it. don't expect an answer though. their UI sucks compared to warband. our only hope is mods.
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6
  16. barter with lords to join my empire with millions of gold??

    if they have a town, they ask for millions. if they have a castle, they ask for ~650k if they have nothing, they ask for ~350k. go for clans that have no fiefs. take the fiefs of a specific clan (that you have high relations with) then offer them to join you for 350k.
  17. any mods so prisoners wont escape??

    but right now. clan members form a party when you take a lord prisoner so they need to lower the escape chance.
  18. Law Speakers - Your Vote

    i think current policies are just placeholders