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  1. Resolved adding a quartermaster lowers party size

    in the early game, no quartermaster party size is 25, as soon as i appoint anyone it becomes 20. This can't be intentional right? Having no quartermaster is MUCH better than having a quartermaster?? that makes no sense
  2. Can we just get dialogue options??

    There are a lot of posts that talk about a swath of things missing from the game. I'm not hating, I just want to try to focus our wants one at a time to finish the game where it is. I honestly think, if they fix the dialogue options, the game will feel a lot more whole. If you agree, just post...
  3. game runs computer very hot

    i have a gaming laptop that i use to play many games, and never has my computer ran so hot as when i'm playing bannerlord. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. Resolved since update, game is no longer in fullscreen (work around found)

    game loads up in this weird configuration where it isn't fullscreen, but taking my mouse out of the game window doesn't allow me to click on other things. game wouldn't change to full screen through game options no matter how i tried. Restarted the computer and started in safe mode, it then...
  5. meet with arzagos / istinia and banner quest, description of what to do is extremely wrong

    the banner quest SPECIFICALLY says DO NOT decide which direction to go until you assemble the banner, but to forward EITHER of the other quests you have to tell that person "i've decided to destroy the empire" or "i've decided not to destroy the empire". So you've got the banner quest...
  6. load game with different modules

    i know this was caused by the recent patch, only asking here if we need to start a new campaign to see the new modules, or if the popup when loading a saved game should just be ignored
  7. new update is 12 gigs???

    Is the new update seriously 12 gigabytes??? wtf