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  1. Thyr

    [DR] Deutschritter [EU/DE] [Best Battle Clan] [Recruiting]

    hey, because the skirmish just finished when you asked the question - CoR isn't active per se (afaik), but a lot of us have started playing Bannerlord. Good luck!
  2. Thyr

    Speculations and warmongering.

    Individual skill might win the battles indeed, but there's one universal truth: The Austrian-German-Swish coalition will obviously win. I mean seriously, it's not like we've EVER lost a worldwide war of any significance.  :D In fact, I think it was just ironic trickery by archer to make us...
  3. Thyr

    "Camping is gamey"

    Those guys camping the castle in Siege are the most annoying, by far.  :evil: :wink:
  4. Thyr

    A Mighty Challenge to shake the foundations of Calradia - Act 2

    I'm all for it, I'm still so annoyed that I missed the first one by half an hour :D
  5. Thyr

    Is it fine to raid caravans of nations you are not at war with?

    Hiho, I'm sorry but I don't recall where we know each other from - can you tell me your ingame nick (or just send me a personal message please)? I'm better at remembering ingame nicks/situations than forum nicknames :) On topic, if you actually do raid the caravan and a personal crusade...
  6. Thyr

    Is it fine to raid caravans of nations you are not at war with?

    Well, the faction you're robbing won't be too pleased as you can imagine, if you can handle the backlash it's just fine. Just make sure you don't exaggerate or there will be a personal crusade against you by the other faction, and in that case you'll be on your own (your faction won't help you...
  7. Thyr

    Trial Version Online?

    Yup, I doubt that's intended.
  8. Thyr

    [0.80X problem] Great weapon balance broken due to polearm changes?

    I was already wondering why fighting Great Long Axes was feeling harder all of a sudden - they could outswing me even while using a swadian Twohanded Sword and moving into a quick strike straight after a block, which never used to happen before. It might have something to do with the left-right...
  9. Thyr

    [Suggestion] Block Delay

    Ping depends mainly on your/the server's location, not your download speed...
  10. Thyr

    Call for Character Bios for Custom Battle

    Couldn't pass on a contest like this, here's my character (the whole backstory is way longer but I shortened it to meet the requirements - 799 characters now ;) ) Originally my character was supposed to be a Rhodok, later a character driven away from the Khergit homelands outside of Calradia...
  11. Thyr

    [Suggestion] Swadian "Light Crossbow"

    I really miss the "replace the siege crossbow with the light crossbow for Swadia" option, It'd set Rhodok and Swadian xbowmen further apart. (Swadian crossbowmen should be allowed to buy saddle horses then ofc) And, mounted crossbowmen aren't useless if you play them smart, you just have to use...
  12. Thyr

    [question] Dying enemies now soak up attacks for a short while??

    It's basically a feature that was added on request for friendly fire servers. The problem was that, when two people were striking at a foe at once from two directions, and one of them killed him, the strike of the second person would just go through the (now killed) enemy and hit/kill his...
  13. Thyr

    [Request] Make Long Axes Polearm-Only Already

    Concur in the hope that it might get some attention this time.
  14. Thyr

    0.701 - Period of mourning declared for lost banners

    As two of my favourite banners were removed, I concur with the suggestion of increasing the banner cap rather than arbitrarily removing banners people have gotten fond of.
  15. Thyr

    Enough with the rearing already

    Sounds like a stuntman jumping out of a car, your horse won't explode when it hits a wall  :D
  16. Thyr

    Enough with the rearing already

    Well there is the stumble animation that's used when a horse is moving too slowly, but it only kicks in if the horse is indeed just strafing you - you should stumble when a horse hits you frontally at lower speeds as well, instead of sometimes causing the horse to rear. I hardly ever play cav...
  17. Thyr

    [Suggestion] Reflect stun time back to the attacker on a successful parry

    I always wondered why it wasn't like this in the first place, thus \agree that there should be an option to fight back against stun. Though personally I'd already enjoy it enough if parrying at least negated the stun, for me mirroring it back isn't really necessary, but meh. Just worried about...
  18. Thyr

    [SUGGESTION] Shield System Reform.

    Agreed, making shield combat a bit more active and skill-based would be awesome, and the forcefield is indeed somewhat annoying. I'd love if the old manual shieldblock-suggestion mountnhoof (I think) suggested a long while ago was implemented, but this would already be a step in the right...
  19. Thyr

    Best horseman

    Indeed, I'd nominate MaieTrifo (as annoying as he/she can be sometimes, I'd rather avoid that rider unless dismounted :P ), RussianLiberation and Hethwill (for playing cav really smart and team-focused - and for saving my arse a bactirillion times  :wink: ).
  20. Thyr

    [Suggestion]percentages for melee and ranged ff should be set separately.

    Totally agree, would be a very nice option since melee FF and ranged FF have completely different attributes to balance them out.