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  1. JakobvanBicke

    How's yer kingdom doing?

    So... for the first few days most of us played a lot of SP. Most of us already got their own kingdoms (if games didn't crash all the time). How's yours doing?
  2. JakobvanBicke

    Where should I buy the game?

    I know this sounds dumb, but hear me out. Usually, when publisher sell their games on steam, steam gets like 30% of the money made by sales. As @Callum already confirmed that the keys sold on the Taleworlds website will be steam keys, does it make a difference for Taleworlds (in terms of...
  3. JakobvanBicke

    Who do I have to suck off to get my clan's post approved?

    So... I've been preparing my clan's post for quite some time. Two days ago I was finally able to finish it. Ever since then it's been waiting for approval before being displayed publicly. How long does that approval stuff take? Do I have to suck off a mod / admin of the forum? I mean I kinda...