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  1. Яowan

    SP Native Soldiers of Fortune (More Mercs, Pool Injection, AI Recruitment & Configuration!)

    Soldiers of Fortune is a mod all about mercenaries and their ilk - it expands upon the vanilla tree, adding a variety of new mercenary troops, and introduces new (cultural/regional) mercenary troops. And importantly, it introduces new ways of hiring these mercenary units - and even gives the AI...
  2. Яowan

    [Maps] A Meagre Collection

    Just a quick thread with some basic information concerning some of my old maps, downloads and all of that. Oh, and some of the various versions of VoS used on RCC and then Nexus. Not all of them yet though, because I'm lazy (such as Marshlands and Andros) and/or haven't decided if I want to...
  3. Яowan

    Issues with shaders - FX & FXO files

    I've got an issue that appears to be a conflict between shaders from Napoleonic wars and shaders from Persistent World; I can't get shaders from both mods working at the same time, only one or the other; I've added the NW fx files (mb_2a.fxo, mb_2b.fxo & postFX.fx + postFX.txt) to the module...
  4. Яowan

    Novum Mundus - Alpha Test Over - [PW Submod / Spinoff]

    Novum Mundus (The New World) has finally reached alpha testing which will commence tomorrow; sign up for the alpha here The testing will start from 4 O'clock tomorrow BST (GMT +1 / London). You will require Napoleonic Wars to play this PW sub mod!
  5. Яowan

    Getting firearm sounds to be heard by all -Solved-

    Actually, sorry about this - a workaround was found, and so this wasn't needed. Sorry for the spam / pointless topic! Please remove if possible.
  6. Яowan

    [NW/WB][M] Novum Mundus - A Light Fantasy Multiplayer Mod - 1.2 Released

    Thread is undergoing changes to suit the change of genre, so please not the current information on this post is out of date A brand new mini mod built upon the amazing Persistant World V4.4 Module System based in a fantasy world. Brought to you by Uhtred & N0body. Requires Napoleonic Wars...
  7. Яowan

    RCC Server Main Thread [Beta 7] [Rules Translation/s added! - Swedish & Italian]

    Updated rules can be found @ Server Information Related Sites / Pages Our Donors Our Admin Team Our Community Support Team Our Aims We aim to provide the community with the following: A fast an efficient admin team. A fun and enjoyable gaming...
  8. Яowan

    93rd Sutherland Highlanders [Infantry] [EU] [Recruiting] [Sleeping/Inactive]

    Currently [Sleeping/Inactive], will come back in a few weeks. This thread is under construction - the images have yet to be optimised for faster loading (Compression) and there are most probably inaccuracies in the information or missing parts to the thread. Eh. Heavy work is still underway on...
  9. Яowan

    Marshlands Map [Exclusive to RCC]

    Here's your promised thread Calen ;) Featured factions: Nord Vaegir Rhodok Looters Townwatch Swadia Full map: The Town A large collection of random images from Big_Man: Some pointers on the town: (Showing off why we did the town the way we did.) Known bugs: You can access...
  10. Яowan

    RCC Persistant Guild System (Discussion) Purchase hideouts on this thread!

    (This thread is under construction, apologies to the size of images, I mucked up proportions to them.) The persistant guild system we may use on the server, or certain aspects of it... Link to Phoenix's thread:,190558.0.html We may use this...
  11. Яowan

    RCC Persistant World Server [Super old thread]

    Yes, it's back! Well, here you go:,201316.msg4844533.html#msg4844533 After seeing that, most of us made up our minds: We wanted to bring RCC back even more, so we decided we'd bring the clan and server back, in hopes that one or both would be...
  12. Яowan

    Scene Objects help (Crashing)

    I'm looking for a bit of help - for some reason on my modification (,173981.0.html) has been crashing when I place large numbers of props down on a scene, but I haven't been able to get my head around why. I have added around 150 new props, and when I...
  13. Яowan

    Difficulty / Strength problem

    I have two classes, one is a zombie class while the other a survivor class. ["vaegir_spearman_multiplayer","Tough Zombie","Tough Zombie",tf_guarantee_ranged|tf_guarantee_boots|tf_guarantee_armor|tf_guarantee_helmet|tf_guarantee_ranged|tf_guarantee_shield,0,0,fac_kingdom_2,  ...
  14. Яowan

    [Warband][MP] Persistant Zombies [1.3] (Dead)

    The mod is dead, because I don't have time anymore to work on it. I may pick it up again in the future, or maybe not. Who knows? This is my first mod - I've been producing it for a while, and have been testing it with my clan members. So please don't be too critical to certain features or...
  15. Яowan

    RCC Server Rules - Discuss Here

    This thread is about discussing the RCC Server and it's rules, so if you have suggestions about rules, post them here. (I have been working on ideas for the new server rules over the last week or two, which includes asking players about them) Current Suggestions (If there isn't a name, it's...
  16. Яowan

    [RCC Server RP Event] Roleplay Event - Today!

    The event will happen is 3 hours 30 mins upon posting this message. Now, the plot: Each player needs to assign to a faction. We need a king. We should all use mumble, listening is good enough, and if their is a language barrier, that is fine, and you can ask us to repeat things if needed. We...
  17. Яowan

    Ban problems and 'fake' admins.

    Luce is banned permanently by KoS_Laszlo. Steffan is banned permanently by KoS_Laszlo. 3eRGF_Netro is banned permanently by KoS_Laszlo. Warrior_Gentlycrasher is banned permanently by KoS_Laszlo. Arrow is banned permanently by KoS_Laszlo. Ezio_Auditore is banned permanently by KoS_Laszlo...
  18. Яowan

    [RCC] Ban Repeal thread!

    As the ban repeal isn't being used as much as it should, I'm putting a thread here just for it. So, If you've been banned, post a repeal by using the layout below the line. This is NOT a rant thread. Please do not rant about why you were banned ect. Thanks...
  19. Яowan

    WAR Event [RCC SERVER]

    The date / time: They'll be an event on saturday from 7pm BST (Which is GMT +1 right now) The event will consist of players going up against RCC. We'll have a mumble server up for the public, so players can use it during the event and during normal gameplay. The rules: 10 min NAP - allows...
  20. Яowan

    [RCC] New map? New rules? Post suggestions here!

    I've been thinking, and I want to know some ideas to help bring this mod alive through what I can do (Server rules and a map for the server) Suggest rules here, and a list will be built. Suggest ideas for a map, and how to make it balanced and encourage war and roleplay. Current map...