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  1. Sreaction

    What type of Ram?

    Hey, I just got a new AMD RYZEN 7 3700X and I am looking to pair it with a MB. I am trying to figure out what type of memory I can get. This site : says it supports DDR4-3200. However, lookng at the MBs the specs say this: 3rd Gen...
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    Free Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is doomed, pseudo state within a state experiment is over. Might makes right, unfortunately, this can be confirmed by numerous colonial examples. Its sad though. FREE TIBET! Oh wait they are still not free.
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    How large should my castles garrisson be in order to be safely protected enough?

    I assume your starting your own kingdom, as you've found out your limited in how many units you can use for castle garrison by your income. Obviously, the more the better. You might have to do as you say, disband some units. In my current game I started out with 80 units to defend my castle and...
  4. Sreaction

    AI Lord/Kingdom Management is Broken

    I am deep into a long single player vanilla game past 800 days, and I am noticing how dysfunctional the AI is regarding kingdom management. I started my own kingdom and now have 5 towns, multiple castles and around 20 lords under my banner. Near the beginning of the game it becomes apparent...
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    Since youve used cheats to get where you are your game may be out of whack. The way ministers work is like this. You take a castle or town as an independent lord, then you have the opportunity to start your own kingdom. You then come to a screen where you are given the choice to hire a...
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    Best Defendable Castle or Town?

    Just like the title say, what is the best defendable castle or town. I noticed their is a marked difference in defense capability between castles/town. Praven seems to be the worst town to defend in recent memory. I haven't had the opportunity to defend many other towns recently, but Praven, has...
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    The Windows 10 Thread

    As soon as support ends for Windows 7, I am switching to Linux... "flips double bird to Microsoft" :wink:
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    Egads, those are some manly looking women! I just bought and played VC. Fookin ugly broads, is there a mod to rectify this.
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Um, is it any good? I Have M&B Warband and zero DLC. Fire and Sword nor the Napoleonic version interested me. I am thoroughly bored with Warband single-player. I play plenty of multiplayer which is always fun. Is Vikings worth my while?
  10. Sreaction

    Sound Issue

    I did some trouble shooting: uninstalled & and reinstalled the game- no change uninstalled recent win 7 security updates - no change opened rgl config txt file and changed some settings - gods no it made the sound worse! fiddled with some of the sound settings on my sound card - made it a bit...
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    To the Dungeons with Ya

    I am playing vanilla so no constable for me.
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    Sound Issue

    As the title says, I am having a sound issue. During battles, the combat sounds are slowed down. The sounds are slurred. The death sounds are the most noticeable, but generally the male voice sounds i.e. yelling, are compromised. I've only noticed the issues recently. I haven't made an major...
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    To the Dungeons with Ya

    After having defeated the Vaegirs, I have King Yaroglek and a number of other captured lords in my town prison/s. I have good relations with some of them and wouldn't mind recruiting them into my Kingdom. However, there isn't anyone who will ransom them so... Its a life sentence. Seems a bit...
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    -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    I started my own kingdom: is there a way to check the status of my relationship with my vassals. I know you can check all the current relationship values (too cumbersome because its a list of all the lords in the game) and you can also look at the notes/lords tab and get a general value i.e...
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    Mount & Blade Warband Strategy Questions

    A cheesy way of weakening a castle/town: Order all your troops to follow you hide the whole body of troops in a draw/behind a hill to avoid enemy archers *some towns or castles offer no good place to provide cover for your troops so be careful* Take a shield and crossbow and snipe away at...
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    Mount & Blade Warband Strategy Questions

    Short description of tactics I use to conquer castles: Choose a castle with a low number of defenders Designate 2 followers with high surgery skills to minimize casualties     Order them to a safe position i.e. behind a hill or wall etc. Order infantry up the ladders/ramp 1st Order cavalry...
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    Mount & Blade Warband Strategy Questions

    A relationship value of 5 is good enough to get a lord to let you see his daughter or sister. It doesn't guarantee success, since other things factor into it. For example, a lord may decline your request, but upon gaining more estates i.e. castles, towns, cities, and probably gold, they will...
  18. Sreaction

    Things in Warband you hate.

    Capturing multiple prisoners and being unable to find a Ransom Broker after going to 5 or more towns. Not an exaggeration... Also, traveling all over feck's creation to find one. :facepalm: Betting 100 denar in each tournament round and losing in the last round. Also, winning 5 rounds in a...
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    Courtship: Permission to Court

    I am almost certain she is not betrothed. I am still able to see her but I have to sneak in dressed up like woman! I have had a courtship and the woman said she betrothed, but I think I challenged the suitor to a duel and ended that.
  20. Sreaction

    How to conquer world as own faction?

    The way rebel works is: You have to PERSONALLY SEIZE (either as Marshal or on your own) an enemy castle or town, then REQUEST it be awarded to you (a dialog is triggered once you capture a city/castle). If, later on, the King denies you the fief another dialog comes up and you can decide to...