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  1. Vicmona

    I drew an alternative for faction symbol floating on soldiers. (Edit: Added one more picture)

    Faction symbol floating on soldiers looks awkward. It block vision and hard to see which symbols are there on it, too hard to diffirentiate between own party and ally party. - It is easier to diffirentiate between your party and ally party. - Enemy soldiers can be indicated with red arrow. -...
  2. Vicmona

    Unresolved [Exploit] If you dismiss your party and take them back immediately, they will gain xp out of nowhere. (With clip)

    I read known issues and couldn't find this. So here is a clip:
  3. Vicmona

    Siege weapons shouldn't be deployed automatically as soon as they made when attacking in order to prevent immediate destruction by defenders

    Siege weapons like catapults are deployed as soon as they made and they are destroyed immediately by defenders. On the other if you click on them and undeploy before defenders could destroy them, after you redeploy 3 or 4 of them simultaneously, you manage to destroy defenders' weapons and...
  4. Vicmona

    Only multiplayer and singleplayer subforums/categories are not enough

    For multiplayer beta, there was different kinds of subforums like combat, game modes, general feedback, suggestions, bugs etc. After early, acces we had only 2 subforums for excessive amount of threads. Only last hour, 3 page thread in singleplayer is made/interacted and it is hard to follow up...