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  1. Menelaos16

    Battle of the Nations [American Event @ Thursday - 8pm EST]

    [center] The main thread is on the FSE forums, you can find it HERE The 44th Regiment is proud to present it's first event, the Battle of the Nations (based off the historical battle of Leipzig). Every Thursday, the linebattle will happen at 8pm Eastern on the NW_44th_East_Essex server. We...
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    44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot "The Fighting Fours" [NA]

    Who are we? The 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot is a North American (equally composed of Canadians and Americans) regiment based on skill, activity, and discipline. We are a community that plays games together, fights in line-battles and conquests, and finally consider each other more as a...
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    Thursday Line-battle [NA]

    Reformed into the 7NA Event
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    [NA] NW_60th_Server

    60th Royal American Regiment of Foot We are recruiting, find our topic Here! Greetings community! I have recently purchased a server for the 60th NA lot and I hope to help those in need of a proper training server. You will apply for a time and wait to see if you are rejected or accepted. I...
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    Regiment List

    Note: The regiment list has moved to Here. I am going to keep an updated version on Taleworlds but if a name was claimed on the other forum consider it taken already.
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    ⚜ 93ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [NA] (Recruiting) ⚜

    About us The 93e is a regiment dedicated to playing Napoleonic Wars community hosted events in the North American region. Formerly known as the 1teSchls, we aim for historical accuracy in our gameplay as we reenact how the famous French regiment fought in formations. We are actively searching...
  7. Menelaos16

    Lutow's Free Corps (1813-1815)

    I made this some time ago for a unit in NW, this section just goes over the Freikorps under Lutzow in the late Napoleonic Wars. The Uniform As the volunteers often had to dress himself, was for the infantry, the volunteer riflemen Detachment and later for the artillery, the tunic - the...
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    1. Schlesisches Infanterie Regiment [1teSchls][NA][Recruiting]

    If are looking for a mature North American regiment, then the 1tes is for you! The 1tes is a regiment dedicated to playing Napoleonic Wars community hosted events. We aim for historical accuracy in our gameplay as we reenact how Prussian Fusiliers fought in formations. The 1tes is actively...
  9. Menelaos16

    Unban Request

    Name under which you were banned: 1stFKI_Fw_Menelaos Server(s) you are banned from: US 1 What was happening when you got banned: I was enjoying myself in US 1 and the moment I joke around with a person in the same TS in chat with the word ,"Fag" and I receive my first ban ever in MM/NW. Time and...
  10. Menelaos16

    [Map] Menelaos' ****ty Map Collection

    Training Map Train in melee, shooting, and enjoy the French countryside! Shooting Range Populated Areas Download Link (Click me!) 0x000000023360000000000000000041ef00005ae800003c55   0   0 outer_terrain_plain Groupfighting Mapping Series Egyptian Battle The first one is based on...
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    WarZ - DayZ's Standalone!

    From the creators of DayZ, their standalone game on the Cry Engine. The first map will be almost a full sized Colorado and open Alpha was released yesterday. For more info check the website out:
  12. Menelaos16

    Uniforms / Paintings From the Civil War

    Similar to Rogov's Music Compilation I want to see if we can get a good thread of Illustrations from the time and some done later on. I'll get started with a few of mine. I plan on updating but here you guys go, feel free to add. These photos are not mine, they are from the Warrior series from...
  13. Menelaos16

    [N&S] 33rd Virginia, Rockbridge Artillery Battery [Recruiting North Americans]

    This famous battery fired the first cannon shots in the Shenandoah Valley at Hainesville on July 2, 1861. The Rockbridge cannoneers shed their first blood in the Confederate victory at Bull Run. Under Stonewall Jackson they endured the Bath-Romney campaign during January 1862. In the Valley...
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    Community Teamspeak List

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    POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS [Ban Request]

    Name of the server you were on US 1 Name of the person causing trouble POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS, Multiple others if you think they are applicable Nature of their offense Offensive language and spamming Time and date of their offense 10:25 ish If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in...
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    ♦The 1tes Schlesisches Infantrie Regiment [DISBANDED] [THREAD GIVEAWAY]

    1tes Schlesisches Infantrie Regiment 1. Musketier Kompanie Pro Gloria et Patria! Silesian Musketeers in battle formation [center]Overview [center]The 1tes has disbanded and I'm giving away parts of the thread to help others. The 1tes is a regiment dedicated to playing Napoleonic Wars...
  17. Menelaos16

    Minor Modifications [Update: Now with Irish Units and Sounds!]

    Hello everyone, I would like to start a community dropbox for any sound or crosshair modifications et cetera. Please submit your own compilations! [center]Crosshairs [center]Reticle, Shows dots only and is most helpful Unsure of Author but Khan shared it [center] Arrow reticle, has 3...
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    I'm sorry if this thread appears pointless but I had an idea to ease the amount of time it takes to analyze all of the events posted and decide for newer leaders. I suggest that tags be mandatory. Example: European Event=[EU] North American Event=[NA] Conquest=[Conquest] Siege=[Siege] And so...
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    Ive had this problem since release. Basically my audio becomes static sounding at a certain part of the game, maybe an hour in or 20 minutes in. I have reason to believe it is because I alt-tab a lot. But recently I downloaded a sound modification to try it out and the issues went away. Any...
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    9te Silesien Landwehr Commander Battle Server

    9te Silesien Landwehr Commander Battle Server This server almost has administrators online and is owned by the 9te The 9te Landwehr is now hosting a commander battle server which hosts special events with an active staff of administrators. The server capacity is suitable for commander...