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  1. Cray-Z

    Attaching cannons to ship in napoleonic wars?

    Like, is there any way to attach a cannon to ship making it move together?
  2. Cray-Z

    The Village RolePlay - NW heavy TownRP server. @The perfect mix of RP & [email protected]

    Steam group The Village RolePlay Introduction Greetings everyone, and welcome to The Village RolePlay's server forum thread. I'm glad that you reading this text and maybe already interested. Let me tell you a little about this server and...
  3. Cray-Z

    Looking for a new server idea | Warband Hunger Games

    Greetings, dear users and players. So, as at the moment I'm not holding any active server, I'd like to fix it. I'd like to do something new, or simply revive some of the old projects. At the moment, I'm thinking about reviving my old project "Warband Hunger Games," but I'd also like to hear your...
  4. Cray-Z

    How to make scene object light work?

    How to put light at the map on Napoleonic Wars module? ;p
  5. Cray-Z

    How to get agent's bone position on NW?

    How to get agent's bone position on Napoleonic Wars? I tried agent_get_bone_position, but it works only on Native. Help plox
  6. Cray-Z

    Hunger Games on Native module

    Hunger Games Previously, there was a Hunger Games server on Native module, but now it's closed, and many players still want to play this gamemode (we too). We do not intend to endure and wait any longer, we are opening our own, new Hunger Games server! Steam group -...
  7. Cray-Z

    Need a help with code.

    Hello! This is my code: script_player_joined_common (store_script_param, ":player_no", 1), (player_get_unique_id, ":player_unique_id", ":player_no"), (eq, ":player_unique_id", 123456), (str_store_string, s4, "str_ownerjoined"), (call_script, "script_multiplayer_broadcast_message"), I am...
  8. Cray-Z

    How to give item to the player when he spawns?

    Good day! I am working on the server and scripting it. And... I have a small problem. Question: "How to give item to the player when he spawns?" Thank you. P.S: Your nickname will be on credits :3
  9. Cray-Z

    Where is mistake in the my code?

    ("ze_treasure", spr_use_time(2), "chest_b", "bo_ze_treasure", [     (ti_on_scene_prop_use, [ (store_script_param, ":player_no", 1),     (store_trigger_param_1, ":var0"),       (store_trigger_param_2, ":var1"),       (prop_instance_get_variation_id_2, ":var2", ":var1"),      ...
  10. Cray-Z

    How to rotate props?

    Hello. Would to ask, how to rotate props? I am try to do it by (position_rotate_x, pos3, -80), but its not working. Please help me :( P.S: please, with code.