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  1. Riseaus

    Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    Any word yet? Community is dying more and more every day, I'm even taking an indefinite break until we get servers, whats the point in playing and practising boring game modes if we never get to play something more competitive? OCE Skirmish is essential, please just tell us one way or another...
  2. Riseaus

    OCE Servers all down?

    Still not up, what's happening? :(
  3. Riseaus

    Duel Server Information

    Thank you so much! This is great, something more competitive, really really appreciate your efforts to also accommodate us! :)
  4. Riseaus

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Thank you for shedding some light on the matter, the lack of transparency was frustrating, we just want to know whats happening. Majority of the OCE community is not even playing the game anymore and just waiting patiently for OCE matchmaking servers, doing anything to waste time until that day...
  5. Riseaus

    Need More Info Colourful dust/smoke bug

    I've been getting this weird bug where there's red/green/yellow dust/smoke below peoples feet, while it looks nice, it's not practical and really annoying Maps I get this issue on: - Current TDM map - Small green village Skirmish map (the one that's not that great for cav and you can...
  6. Riseaus

    Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    @Callum Are we able to get some sort of update or ETA for when/if we're going to get OCE matchmaking servers? I want to state again thank you for TDM & Siege servers and that was a huge thing for us knowing you guys will support us, but many of us are dying for the more competitive mode, Skirmish.
  7. Riseaus

    Embracing Clans and Expanding Semi-Competitive Potential

    +1, great idea! It would be great if something like this could be implemented before we get our own community hosted servers, it'll make grinding Skirmish much more competitive and enjoyable.
  8. Riseaus

    Quick play is cool but... :P
  9. Riseaus

    Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    Yeah exactly, well there's already 10+ clans on LoC discord alone, plus many more clans out there, so having 6 player teams is not hard, not to mention all the people solo queuing. There would definitely be consistent games on Skirmish, if we were given the chance...
  10. Riseaus

    Oceania/ Australian Servers

    A lot of us played like 95% of our time on MP playing battle with our clans, duels, scrims etc, was so fun. I can't wait for when Bannerlord lets us do that again.
  11. Riseaus

    Oceania/ Australian Servers Yeah I feel you, I'm literally not even playing the game anymore because there's no competitive mode.. TDM and Siege so boring, SP was never my thing. It's sad... As soon as we get servers for Skirmish my...
  12. Riseaus

    Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    Many of us don't even want to play MP anymore right now because it's only TDM and Siege... we're desperately awaiting Skirmish before we can jump back in and take it seriously, please help us out.
  13. Riseaus

    Matchmaking servers for OCE region

    +1 Yes please!! TDM & Siege are already boring, while I appreciate having those servers, I am craving something more competitive like Skirmish. TDM & Siege are just a cluster where everyone spams and there’s no fear of death since infinite respawns, and no one plays careful since no team damage...
  14. Riseaus

    Patch Notes e1.0.1

    Please give us Oceanic match making servers so we can queue skirmish, tdm and siege are already boring and way too casual. :(
  15. Riseaus

    In Defense Of The Class System

    That's honestly a huge problem, each role in Warband felt unique and there was real class identity especially with hidden stats. But in Bannerlord, basically anyone can do anything.. It's just a matter of looting the right items/getting a horse..
  16. Riseaus

    Poll: Community Dedicated Servers

    Yup, that's why I'm asking that question, because we desperately need them to release the servers files as soon as possible.
  17. Riseaus

    Poll: Community Dedicated Servers

    The question isn't do we want community dedicated servers, it's why are TW's not releasing the server files now? They have said we'll get them eventually, closer to the full release I assume (end of early access).
  18. Riseaus

    The M&B MP 'feel' from a veteran

    +1 agree with basically everything you said, I hope TW's reads it and takes note of our concerns and requests.
  19. Riseaus

    stop same faction vs same faction

    I've always hated mirror match ups in every game I've played, but the faction imbalance is really big right now in multiplayer that mirror match ups are at least balanced, which is nice.. I would love them to balance the factions better then eliminate mirror matches personally.
  20. Riseaus

    Balancing Multiplayer. PLEASE READ

    I was going to respond talking about Skirmish, but since this is primarily about Captains mode I won't bother going into great detail.. I will say though for Skirmish, Asari are by far the worst faction, not Battania. Khuzait are bad too unless you go mass horse archers lol.