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  1. Kulgrinda Košmarjus

    Party chasing mechanics

    Lately I have been having some grudge with the never ending party chasing mechanics and it got me thinking. The current system is really annoying, because you (say an army of 50 units, 10 cav, 20 inf, 20 archers) can chase a party of looters (say 8 inf) with the same speed for an eternity all...
  2. Kulgrinda Košmarjus

    Marrying BL to CK3

    So... a lot of frustration reading the forums and missing features in Bannerlord had a better hold of me and I had a dream last night. In that dream Bannerlord married Crusader Kings 3 (or the other way round), and the resulting child was CK3 campaign map with all of its features, and BL...
  3. Kulgrinda Košmarjus

    Virtual money and instant news

    Dear community, Firstly, it's been suggested already, but I remind again to rid of the instant access to all of our remote virtual bank like holdings and make our money a lootable item. For this to work properly, we need an ability to store items in a chest in our "homes", so that all of it...
  4. Kulgrinda Košmarjus

    Resolved Companions suddenly became scarce

    In my new campaign I decided to go for a sturgian smith-warrior, and while pumping my smithing over 200 and crafting javelins for >30k/piece I was slowly traveling the world looking for a surgeon companion. However at some point I could barely find any companions - all of the taverns are empty...
  5. Kulgrinda Košmarjus

    Need More Info Choppy visuals on beta branch MP

    Summary: There is an issue with choppy visuals - felt more when moving fast (i.e. riding) through the battle map while getting a constant ~50-55 fps, and I even lowered my settings which are now on medium/high mostly, but it increases my fps, but the choppiness remains. Non beta 1.2.1 does not...
  6. Kulgrinda Košmarjus

    [BUG] Character not getting experience after getting to level 10

    (1.0.2 and probably prior to that version too) After I reached character level 10 I am getting 0 xp in trading (currently at level 41) regardless of what I do. Made 5k in profits alone (not turnover) - 0 xp .Usually after selling a large bulk of goods I'd gain a few levels, now it's 0.